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Auto Hotkey

Whether it’s work or gaming, you must have been in the position, once, if not more, where you had to click repetitively. The one who performs repetitive clicking daily knows the importance of an automation tool. Clicking repetitively can become very tiring and frustrate anyone. We live in a competitive world today where clever work is essential. We rely on a lot of shortcuts and smart ways out.

Our everyday work is based on the use of computers. We live in a world where gaming, typing, and clicking works are common. Shortcut keys can be convenient in completing everyday tasks. Knowing the hotkeys will help you in getting your job done quickly.

Auto Hotkeys and Their Functions

Auto hotkeys are open-source and free automated tools that help simplify your everyday tasks. In technical terms, these tools can be explained as an interpreter and scripting language. This AutoHotkey auto-click script can be used to make your clicking tasks easier.

Auto hotkeys are used for multiple purposes for simplifying different tasks. With these tools, you can create macros and shortcuts. Automate your data entry tasks and online form fillings as well. Expand abbreviations and control your mouse with a joystick or keyboard.

Auto hotkeys are an excellent way to remap your keyboard, allowing you to create different shortcuts to ease your tasks and complete them in less time. Also, these keys let you type those other punctuations that aren’t present on the regular keyboard. You can easily open different programs and documents with the assigned shortcut keys. You get various reminders with this tool, like scanning or updating the system or other such reminders. Auto hotkeys, therefore, will help you automate all your repetitive tasks. 

Uses of Auto Hotkeys

  • Remapping of the keyboard example, shifting from QWERTY to Dvorak, etc.
  • Controlling the cursor of the mouse using a joystick or keyboard.
  • Open documents, programs, and websites using keystrokes. 
  • Automation of repetitive tasks. 
  • Automatic form-filling. 
  • Scheduling tasks like system scan, backup, or reminders. 
  • Adding message boards, e-mail signatures.
  • New punctuations that are not present on the keyboard. 

Auto Hotkey Features

Auto Hotkeys support multiple features to aid you in completing your work quickly. You can use these keys to trigger new commands, and there are several examples, some of which are given. For example, the Ctrl, Alt, and I buttons are pressed together to open the internet browser, and Ctrl and M may open an active window.

AutoHotkey also supports hot strings that replace a particular text as you’re typing it. For example, typing the “btw” string will give the text “by the way,” and typing “%o” gives the “percentage of.” Some scripts may be automatically initiated when starting the computer without needing keyboard interaction.

You can perform complex tasks with the system registry, custom data entry forms, or using Windows API by DLLs functions. Auto hotkey auto clicker is a great tool that you can use to make shortcut keys. Auto hotkeys working will depend on your auto clicker tool.

What is an Auto Clicker Tool?

Auto clicker tools are unique software most commonly used by programmers and gamers for automating repetitive clicking tasks. This amazing tool is designed to replicate the working of a mouse, imitating their original mouse clicks according to your demand. These tools are handy in work like task checking, data entry, etc., and others like gaming.

Most auto clickers are available for free. You can easily download and use them to automate your tasks and games. Moreover, these tools are virus and ad-free and use less CPU space.

Hotkey Auto Clicker Versions

Here are the versions of the Autohotkey fast click tool.

  • V1.1.27.06
  • V1.1.27.07
  • V.
  • V.
  • V.
  • V.
  • V.
  • V1.1.30.03
  • V1.1.31.00
  • V1.1.31.01
  • V1.1.32.00
  • V1.1.33.00
  • V1.1.33.01
  • V1.1.33.02
  • V1.1.33.03
  • V1.1.33.04
  • V1.1.33.05
  • V1.1.33.06
  • V1.1.33.07
  • V1.1.33.08
  • V1.1.33.09
  • V1.1.33.10
  • V1.1.33.11
  • V1.1.34.00
  • V1.1.34.01
  • V1.1.34.02
  • v1.1.34.03

Games Played Using the Auto Hotkey Auto Clicker

There are different games that you can play using the hotkey auto clicker. Here are some of the games.

  1. Forager
  2. Plantera 
  3. Time Clickers 
  4. Cookie Clicker
  5. Realm Grinder 
  6. Adventure Capitalist 
  7. Crusaders of the Lost Idols 
  8. Clicker Heroes 

How to Download and Use Auto Clicker?

Following are the few simple steps you need to follow to download the auto clicker.

  1. First, download and install the auto clicker. 
  2. You can try the OP auto clicker by clicking on the download button.
  3. Open it on your device.
  4. Set the time interval for clicking. This can be set from milliseconds to around hours.
  5. Decide the number of clicks. Select the left or right mouse button for clicking. Choose between single or double clicks. 
  6. Decide the cursor position and press the hotkey to start the auto clicker. 
  7. Press the hotkey again to stop auto clicks. 

Making an Auto Clicker Using Auto Hotkey using the Auto Hotkey

Here is the simple process of making an auto clicker with the auto hotkey using a scripting language.

  • Download the auto hotkey tool to your device.
  • Go to the folder where you saved the file and make it run on startup.
  • Then right-click to move to the next option. 
  • Here a drop-down will open. From here, select “auto hotkey script.”

Making Auto Hotkey Step 1

  • Name this, and then right-click again. From the drop-down menu, select “notepad.”

Making Auto Hotkey Step 2

  • When the notepad opens, paste the script of your hotkey auto clicker. 

Making Auto Hotkey Step 4

  • Now double-click the paste script.

In this manner, the auto clicker will run in the background. The tool icon will appear, showing that the script is running. Press the icon and close it as needed. You can enable or disable the auto clicker with the F9 key.

How to Make Any Key into an Auto Clicker Hotkey?

You can also replace the key in your script with any other using the following method.

  1. Go to your auto clicker and run it. 
  2. Here, click on the option “hotkey setting.” 
  3. Then click the start/stop button. 
  4. Choose the keys to be replaced. In this way, your Autohotkey clicker heroes hotkey settings will be changed. 


1. What can I use Auto Hotkey for?

Auto Hotkey is an open-source scripting language that lets users make different scripts to complete tasks macros, auto-clicking, and form fillers. This tool can be used to customize your keyboard keys.

2. How can I edit the script of clicker heroes Autohotkey?

You can easily edit the script by right-clicking on it. From here, click on the option “edit script.” This allows you to edit the script as needed.

3. Does the Auto Hotkey Auto clicker have a virus?

No, this auto clicker is safe and does not have a virus. You can use it safely without worrying about malware or viruses.

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