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Auto Clicker by Polar Free Download for Windows

Auto Clicker by Polar

Are you looking for an efficient auto clicker for Windows that can automate your mouse clicks with zero errors? Then you are on the right spot because Auto Clicker by Polar is what you need. With this tool, you can schedule your mouse clicking tasks in a specific position. Furthermore, Auto Clicker by Polar is specially designed to assist professional gamers in automating their clicking job. Moreover, with all these attractive features, you can download an auto clicker for free.

Auto Clicker by Polar can do repetitive tasks, including fire, running, or kicking in the game or your other office task. Moreover, this is a highly customizable tool that gives you complete control over it so you can get precisely what you want. It allows you to customize clicking speed, time, number of repetitions, and many other functions. 

Why Should You Use Auto Clicker By Polar?

Auto clicker by polar 2.0

In many games, you have to click faster than others to stay ahead. Also, a few applications support fast clicking that helps to complete the task quickly. Unfortunately, gamers have to click fast for hours, and this extensive clicking can be dangerous for muscles. However, the production of the fastest clicks that you require in gaming is not easy or possible in some cases. So here, Auto Clicker by Polar comes in and helps you do your job and lets you do some rest or do other functions. 

Free auto clicker for Windows generates unlimited and precise clicks for you without getting tired. Moreover, this tool is so easy to use and learn that you can use this tool without any assistance. 

Exclusive Features 

1. Automate Tasks

With Auto Clicker by Polar, you can automate any repetitive task. This is easy to use, which makes it a perfect automation tool for every user. You can do a clicking job in games and other applications without any error, making it the best auto clicker.

2. Free to Download

You can get Auto Clicker by Polar download free to enjoy all customizable features. It will do your job while you can spend that time doing other valuable tasks.

3. Static Clicks

If you want to click on a single place on the screen, you can set it anywhere on the screen. In games where you have to click constantly at a single place like to run, here you can automate this tool to get your desired job without any effort. 

4. Follow the Cursor

For data entry, you have to move from one file to another; these features help you repeat tasks like this. You can set the tool, and it will keep doing this for you until you stop it.

5. Mouse Buttons 

You can auto-click any button on the mouse. You have to set the button you want to automate, and it will generate repetitive clicks for you from the assigned button.

6. Time Interval

The time interval between repetition matters; therefore, this tool allows you to set this according to job requirements. For example, Minecraft is a game where you can register a limited number of clicks at a specific time. However, if you register clicks more than the limit, the game system detects cheating in penalties, like blocking your account. So keep you away from any issues; you can set it according to the nature of the task.

7. Number of Clicks

You can set the number of clicks you want, also the number of repetitions. So, for example, if you have to enter data from a list of 1000 entries, you set the number of repetitions, and it stops automatically as the1000 repeats end. 

8. Variety in Clicking Type

You can generate single, double, and triple clicks with this tool. For example, you want to open a file, and here you need a double click option. Similarly, you can set the clicking type according to job requirements.

9. Customizable Hotkey

Hotkey is a must for the convenient use of an auto clicker. This tool has a hotkey with a customization option, and you can assign any key as a hotkey according to your convenience. With the hotkey, you can start and stop the automation process in the background without opening the interface.

If you don’t want to customize it, the default hotkey is F4 which you can use to start and stop the process.

How to Use?

This Auto Clicker by Polar tutorial is so easy to understand because of its user-friendly interface. If you want to use this tool, then follow these easy steps to get your desired job.

1. Set Hotkey

The hotkey is a must to start/stop the task. For this, go to the options, and in the hotkey customization option, but the key that suits you the most. You are free to choose any key on the keyboard.

2. Number of Repeats 

You can set the number of clicks or repeats here. For a simple clicking task, you have to tell the number of clicks, while if you want to run a job with multiple actions, add the number of repeats of the cycles. 

3. Time Interval 

Now add the delay between clicks; this feature also determines the speed of clicks. Choose it according to task nature.

4. Cursor Position

Click on pick the location and guide the cursor to the screen where you want to auto-click. The position is set automatically in X and Y blocks. However, if you are willing to do it directly in the X and Y box, you can add it directly. 

5. Run the Job

It’s time to do some rest, which means clicking the hotkey to start the automation process. Now you are free and can do your other stuff. 


1. Saves Time

When you use an auto clicker, your hands are free, and you can perform another task. In addition, when you click manually, it takes more time than an auto clicker because a polar auto clicker generates maximum clicks that are not possible manually. For example, in Minecraft, you have to break the walls. When you assign this task to a mouse auto clicker, you are free to do whatever you want. 

2. Save Energy

Sometimes, you have to click faster for hours; indeed, it is a tiring process. Irrespective of this, a few tasks are not that valuable, like drawing circles in the game or building a castle, but still, they suck your energy and leave you tired for the actual battle. So, an auto clicker does these tasks for you and saves you energy. But then, you have to set the job and stay ready to conquer the game. 

3. Active Status

You have to stay online to cross a level in online games, or a few jobs require online status to verify. However, you have nothing to do. You can use the auto clicker to do some activity to ensure your active status during that situation. 

4. Improve Gaming Experience

When you click for a more extended period, even for unimportant tasks, this makes you tired. Because of less energy, you cannot perform the way you can. Here comes Auto Clicker by Polar to save you for the fundamental tasks. The use of an auto clicker improves your capacity and keeps you energetic, improving your gaming experience. 

5. Office Tasks

Are you working in an office? Then you surely need to put data from one to another file or fill the form and many similar repetitive tasks. This is a time-consuming process, and if you hire a person, you have to pay him for this, while if you assign it to office staff, you indeed have to compromise on important tasks. Therefore, an auto clicker is a solution to all such issues. It can do this work for hours in minutes, and you can focus on important tasks like planning new promotional projects, etc. 


Q1. Is Auto Clicker by Polar safe?

Yes, this tool is entirely safe from any virus and spyware. Moreover, its advanced features make it safe for use because it is undetectable by game systems. So with this tool, you can enjoy all features without being worried about any risk. 

Q2. What is Auto Clicker by Polar Latest Version?

Auto Clicker by Polar 2.1 is the latest version and is available on the internet.

Q3. Why should I choose Auto Clicker by Polar?

This is a free tool with all the required features that make it the best auto clicker. Moreover, if you are looking for a mouse clicking tool that is easy to understand with efficient working, you should download Auto Clicker by Polar to make your life easy and save time for more valuable tasks. 

Q4. Can I use it in Minecraft?

Yes, it is compatible with Minecraft; also, you can use it for all types of games. Moreover, the time interval features make it safe and undetectable for Minecraft. You have to set the time interval according to the game time limit, and then you can use it for unlimited time without being worried.

Q5. Why does this tool have a customizable hotkey?

Often, tools have default hotkeys that you can’t change, but Auto Clicker by Polar has a customizable hotkey to choose any key that is easy to access for you during the game. With a customizable hotkey, you can do your task more quickly.

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