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Auto Clicker by Shocker – Download for Windows

Auto Clicker by Shocker

Monotonous and repetitive clicking can get boring and unnecessarily time-consuming. However, there exists a simple solution; the auto clickers, that you can avail and save your time and effort for other more important tasks. Auto clicker by Shocker is one such clicking tool that you can use to automate mouse clicks for the left, middle, or right mouse buttons. Its latest version also includes the option to set the auto clicker to pause for ‘X milliseconds’, i.e. for a random time interval at any point in the duration of the automatic clicking.

Features of Shocker Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker by Shocker Tool Interface

You can configure the tool’s settings as per your requirements.

You get to choose the mouse button(left, right, middle) to be automated, the time interval between clicks (that determines the click speed), and the number of automatic clicks after which the tool should stop generating clicks.

Alternatively, you can stop the automatic clicking at any time you wish by pressing the hotkey.

You can also set shortcuts and can define the specific location where you want the clicks to be delivered. All the settings are available in a single window, which despite making it look a little cluttered, makes configuration very simple.

This tool is super easy to understand and use, practical, and totally free of cost. If you are looking for the best auto clickers, do consider this tool in your options because it has a lot to offer at no price at all to automate the mouse clicking on your Windows computer.

How to Install, Configure and Use Shocker Auto Clicker

You can easily find the auto clicker by Shocker free download online, if not, we have the downloadable setup file for you (see the download button,) after which the installation process is super smooth. Follow the steps below to install the shocker auto clicker and relieve yourself of the boring task of repetitive clicking.

  1. Download auto clicker by Shocker from the button on this page and install the application on your Windows computer, which is pretty straightforward, just follow the installation steps.
  2. Once installed, double-click on the icon to run and use the program.
  3. This will open a window from where you can customize the settings according to your demands. You can select between left, middle, or right mouse buttons to automate. This can also be set at double or single clicks. What’s more, is that you can also freeze the mouse pointer on a location and set the number of clicks you want or the amount of time you want the clicking to continue.
  4. If you want the automatic clicking to stop for an interval during the process, you can choose the ‘group interval’ setting with which you can stop the clicking for a certain time interval. You may also select the ‘random autostop’ delay setting that pauses clicking for a random interval between clicks. This is really helpful when you don’t want to be caught for your auto-clicking in different games, programs, and applications.
  5. You can set either the time delay after which you want the clicking to stop or the number of clicks after which you want the clicking to stop. Alternatively, you can let the auto clicker click when the mouse cursor hasn’t moved for a certain amount of time.
  6. Additionally, you can configure shortcut keys for making it easier. The hotkey can be set to start or stop the clicking. The default hotkey is F9 but you can change this if it doesn’t suit you.
  7. If you want to keep the auto clicker window hidden, you can select to keep it visible or hidden until the clicking is over.

Where can the Auto Clicker by Shocker be Used?

This tool is lightweight and includes all the necessary features so you can easily use it for a number of purposes; whether it is data you wish to enter by clicking the same keys repeatedly, or it is a game you wish to ace.

In online games like Roblox, you can use the auto clicker for tasks like mining, fighting, or fishing and improve your scores. Other idle games like Minecraft can also use auto clickers because many of the tasks require you to repetitively click the same key or the same pattern of keys.

In a nutshell, Auto clicker by shocker is one of the best auto clickers for Windows operating systems and can be used for any purpose where you need to click repetitively.


Q1. Can the auto clicker by shocker be customized according to one’s requirements?

Yes, this auto clicker offers many customization options for users to ensure that they can adjust the settings according to their demands. Its interface allows users to configure the settings easily, whether they are professionals or novices.

Q2. Is the Shocker auto clicker easy to use?

Yes, indeed it is a very simple tool to use. You can configure all settings from a single window where all the settings are present collectively.

Q3. Is it illegal to use auto clickers for gaming?

No, there are no rules against auto clickers for tasks that require repetitive and continuous clicking. However, some programs, especially competitive games, probably do not permit the use of such third-party software. If the use of such programs is detected in games that do not allow their use, your account can get banned. But, if the game does not have such terms and conditions, you can use the auto clicker without any hassle, but still, you should use the tool within safe limits.

Q4. Are all auto clickers free of cost like the auto clicker by Shocker?

While most tools are available free for download and use, some with more advanced features are not free to use. Mostly, they offer a trial period after which you can get a license and unlock new features (if any), and continue using the tool by paying a small amount.

Q5. How can I find a good auto clicker for online gaming?

Auto clicker by Shocker is a good choice for gamers who want a tool to take over the task of repetitive clicking. It offers all the necessary features and the degree of optimization one would require. Other such tools are also easily available online.

Q6. Is auto clicker use allowed in Roblox Fruits?

No, the game does not allow users to use auto clickers and if detected, it can get your account banned. However, if undetected, you can use it to improve your scores.

Q7. How fast can an auto clicker click?

The speed at which the auto clicker clicks depends on the time interval between clicks you set for it. The shorter the time interval you set, the faster will be the click speed. Some auto clickers let you set the time interval at zero and this gives you the fastest click speed possible for the clicker.

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