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Auto Clicker For iPhone Without Jailbreak

iPhone Auto Clicker Without Jailbreak!!

As we shift to the technological world, we’ve seen how clicking has become an essential part of everyday life. On your iPhone device, you may be performing some task that requires multiple clicking or playing a game where you need to click repetitively. This can, of course, get very tiring when you have to do it repeatedly. iPhone auto clickers are effective tools that automate your clicks in games and other tasks. Most iPhone users need a jailbreak to use an auto clicker, but not always. There are some ways to use iPhone auto clickers without Jailbreak. How does it work, you ask? We’ll help you with the answer!

What are Auto Clickers, and Why do You Need Them?

It would help if you had an auto clicker for multiple purposes like for gaming or work. Whether entering excel data or playing a game, repetitive clicking puts your iPhone at the risk of screen damage. If you tap or press your screen repeatedly, there is a chance that you’ll break it, so an auto clicker is a perfect tool for the job. You need to customize your clicks and record the click position after that. The auto clicker will start clicking without you needing to do anything! Try out iOS auto clickers, and ease your clicking tasks!

What Does it Mean to Jailbreak Your iPhone?

While some iPhone auto clickers do not jailbreak work, others may need you to jailbreak your iPhone. Jailbreaking allows you to access your iPhone’s root operating system, letting you access your phone’s features. This method gives you freedom from precautions or limitations but involves more risk and is also considered illegal. So, this isn’t the best way around.

Auto Clicker for iPhone

Auto Clicker Without Jailbreak; Why do You Need it?

Jailbreak isn’t the best option for iPhone auto clickers because it is considered illegal under the Digital Millenium copyright act. The method is also risky because it can increase the risk of malware, resulting in errors and viruses on your device. After the Jailbreak, you should never change the root password, which could lead to your iPhone being hacked. The thing is that most people don’t know about these risks and therefore use the jailbreak method. It’s better to choose a way around it if you have one. So, here we are with the ways to use an auto clicker without Jailbreak.

You can follow the simple steps below if you want to use an auto clicker on your iPhone without a jailbreak.

  • Go to your iPhone’s settings after opening your phone.
  • From here, visit the section “General.”
  • From here, click accessibility and scroll to the end.
  • Press the shortcut “Accessibility” and then choose “Switch Control.”
  • Go to the Accessibility page again and then scroll up.
  • Go to the control “switch control” and choose “switches.”
  • Select switches and add a new switch.
  • Select the screen and choose “fullscreen.”
  • From here, set to “select the item” and return to the page “switch control.”
  • Visit the recipes and create a new recipe. Here select a name and assign a switch.
  • Choose “Fullscreen” and a “Custom gesture.”
  • Now tap multiple times on the place where you want your automated taps.
  • Select the save button.
  • Now return to the recipe page.
  • Now choose “Launch of the recipe.”
  • Choose the icon you created earlier.

Now that the auto clicker is launched, you need to use it. Follow these steps.

  • Choose the application where you want to use the auto clicker.
  • Press the home button thrice to activate the auto clicker.
  • Tap on the screen, and your auto clicker will start clicking on these places.
  • Press the home button three times again to deactivate the tool.

This auto clicker cannot be left alone to do the job. It works for a short time, and you’ll have to press it again to start it. Hence, it’s not as efficient as you’d want an auto clicker to be. While you can use the jailbreak method, it’ll be unsafe and risky, so you may want to avoid it.

Auto Clicker for iPhone Without Jailbreak

While the method above works without Jailbreak, it’s not the most effective choice because it has certain drawbacks. Another way to use an iPhone auto clicker without Jailbreak is to use the Panda Helper auto clicker. This tool can effectively save time and energy when playing games with repetitive clicking or tapping. Don’t just go for Jailbreak yet! You can use the Panda Helper auto clicker with iPad and iPhone iOS 14 and 15.

How to Use the Panda Auto Clicker?

Panda Auto Clicker

Here are the steps you need to follow to use the Panda auto clicker on your iOS device.

  • From the Apple Store, download the Panda Helper auto clicker.
  • Now, from the Panda Helper, install the apps.

Install Panda Auto Clicker

  • Now open the application.
  • A floating icon will appear. Please wait for it and tap on it when it appears.
  • Next to the Panda Auto clicker, tap on the “Get” option.
  • Now tap the button “+” or “Swipe Gesture.” You can add your target sights or change data as needed.

Use Panda Auto Clicker

  • Decide the target sights for auto-clicking and run the auto clicker.

If you’re a beginner, we suggest you start with the beginner’s guide for the Panda Helper Auto clicker to understand the tool’s working.

With the fantastic features of the Panda Helper Auto clicker, the tool is great for iPhone users who want to use an auto clicker without Jailbreak. Auto tap iPhone no jailbreak also works well for most users.

Final Words

Since auto clickers have become a central part of our everyday lives, we also need them in our iPhone devices. Jailbreaking isn’t the most efficient way to get an auto clicker because it puts your phone at risk and is illegal. Since auto clickers are readily available for other operating systems like Windows and Android, why should iPhone be left behind? So, above, we have covered the simple ways you can use an auto clicker on your iPhone without Jailbreak. Try it out for yourself!

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