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Auto Clicker Mac 1.0 – Free Download

Auto Clicker Mac 1.0

In the technological era that we live in, clicking has become an essential part of our lives. From playing fast shooting games to doing work, every work today requires repetitive clicking. To ease the tasks of repetitive clicking, auto clickers like auto clicker 1.0 for Mac are very useful. If you’re here to know more about auto clicker mac by aspoyscribe, you’re at the right place.

Auto Clicker 1.0 for Mac

Auto clicker 1.0 for mac is an auto clicker that allows you to click as many times as needed. This tool allows you to simulate right and left mouse button clicks. You can point the cursor wherever you want the clicks to be generated, and press the start button or the physical mouse button to start clicking as you have configured it. With a very simple and attractive user interface, this tool is very simple and easy to use and offers a rapid response. You can set a hotkey for single or double-clicking.

Features of Auto Clicker 1.0 For Mac

Auto Clicker 1.0 for Mac

The unique features of auto clicker 1.0 for Mac make it stand out from its competitors. Some unique features are listed below.

  1. Simple and easy to operate
  2. Attractive and interactive GUI
  3. Quick and instant responses
  4. Set unlimited number of clicks
  5. Delay start
  6. Set click interval to slow or fast
  7. Automates right or left clicks
  8. Stop auto clicks after a set time
  9. Efficient and fast operation
  10. Set single or double clicks

How to Download and Install Auto Clicker 1.0 For Mac

Auto clicker 1.0 free download is a simple and easy process. You can easily download this auto clicker for your mac from here. If you want to install this auto clicker to your mac device, follow the simple steps below.

  1. First, click on the Mac auto clicker 1.0 free download button to download it to your device. Once you click, the download to your device will start.
  2. After the download is complete, open it from the downloads section or where it is downloaded on your Mac.
  3. The setup process will start when you double-click the executable file. Follow the steps for installation.
  4. When the installation is complete, you should be able to see and then run the auto clicker program on your Mac.


Auto clicker 1.0 for Mac has two versions. The latest version is 1.1 that was released on 1st Nov 2021. The older version is version 1.0 that was released on 8th Nov 2012.


Is it illegal to use auto clickers?

If you’d like to use an auto clicker, make sure to use it only within the safe limits. If you use it too much, you might get banned.

Does Mac have an auto clicker?

Even if the Mac doesn’t have an in-built auto clicker or you don’t want to set it up, there are several auto clickers that you can use with your Mac devices to automate clicking tasks. You can choose from this list of best mac auto clickers.

How can I get an auto clicker on my Mac?

You can download an auto clicker for Mac from the store. Once downloaded, you can double-click to launch the application. Then just adjust the settings and automate your clicks.

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