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Auto Clicker Pro

In daily routine, doing the same task repeatedly is very tedious. The people who work in offices are getting frustrated by the same nature of work. The repeated work which is done physically results in the wastage of time and physical energy. In this case, every employee wants some means or strategies that make their task easy and completed in time. The auto clicker Pro provides the solution to this problem. The application of this tool depends upon the type of task which needs automation. 

Auto Clicker Pro

This is the best auto clicker with a specially designed program to perform auto-clicking as per your requirement. This program will provide you with the function of auto-clicking as fast as you want. You can set the time frame for the start of its function of auto clicking. When the software starts working, sit back and relax here so that the program goes on without interruption.

Key Features of The Auto Clicker Pro Tool

OP-Auto-Clicker 2.1

The auto clicker pro tool has various striking key features that make it user-friendly.

1. Free Software

The auto clicker tool for PC and other devices is easy to use with free downloading at any device without any interruption. The license of the software allows everyone to use it on any system. The auto clicker pro downloads free without the association of any malware or virus.

2. Simple Design

The simple design of the auto clicker pro tool makes its use easy and accessible for anyone. The auto clicker pro tool uses less energy than the CPU.

3. Set The Interval Between Click 

In this tool, you can set the period between the clicks. You can set the time between the intervals in multiple options. These are hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds.

4. Set Cursor Location

The tool provides the feature of static and dynamic automation of the cursor. You can set the position of the cursor at the fixed position for automation on your screen. You can also do automation of your cursor at a dynamic position. 

5. Hotkeys Setting

They remain functional in the background. The tool also provided the customized hotkeys setting. You can also change the hotkey setting according to convenience. The process of changing the hotkeys settings are:

  • Open the auto clicker pro
  • Click on the button of hotkey setting
  • Click on the option of start and sop
  • You can change hotkeys by pressing any button on the keyboard. If the hotkey is F6 you can change it to any other key.
  • The modified hotkey will then be your new hotkey.

6. Rate Of Clicking

You can set the rate of click by setting some numbers and also set it to unlimited duration. The rate of click can be changed at any time without any problem.

7. Type Of Clicks

You can also select the type of click for example single, double and triple click for an automation process. 

8. Recording

In this tool, you can record your every action. For this, you have to click on the record button. In this way, you can access your previous task easily at any time.

Version freeware
Category Automation
Language English
License: Free
Size: 864.3 KB
Operating System
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and 64-bit systems
Developer Murgee
What’s in the tool:
An op auto clicker is a tool used to automate your mouse clicks while playing games or operating some repetitive clickable tasks. It comes with fully-fledged functionality, portable and simple but enhanced user interface.

How To Download And Use Auto Clicker Pro

The process of downloading is very simple. The following steps are required to proceed:

  • Get your Auto Clicker Pro downloaded from the button given below.
  • Click on the required option.
  • Then click on the download button
  • Install the tool by clicking on the run button to launch the setup.
  • When software is installed, open it.
  • Now set the time interval which is the period after the click will make.
  • This time range can be selected from milliseconds up to hours. You can set the time interval under the click interval option.
  • When the time interval is set, under the click option, select the mouse button either left or right. 
  • In the next step, select the type of click under the click option section. By clicking on the click type option you can select single, double, or triple-click.
  • In the next step, you will see the option of the cursor position. You can select the cursor position by setting it at a fixed position or select some dynamic position before the start of the automation process.
  • In the section of the click repeat option, there are two categories. Selection of the number of repeats, in which you can choose the number of clicks and another option is, repeat until stopped. 
  • Now select the auto clicker by clicking on the start button or you can also press on the hotkey.
  • When a task is complete, you can again press the stop button or hotkeys.

Application Of Auto Clicker Pro

Different tasks need automation such as software testing, automation in data entry, and gaming.

In the case of software testing, the programmers have to test many UI elements repeatedly to evaluate the functionality of the program. In this case, the special type of auto clicker proves beneficial for them.

In the case of data entry, the auto clicker helps in multiplying the sequence of operations and provides automation. Most of the gamers used an auto clicker for rapid shooting and attacking. Gamers use this tool to accelerate their clicking speed while playing different games such as auto clicker pro for Roblox, Minecraft, and other idle games.

Versions Of Auto Clicker Pro

The auto clicker pro is available in many versions. The new version of auto clicker pro is the advanced form of the previous one. In the new v1.0.0.2, you will be provided with a hotkey changing option. Page is updated in this version with the addition of some new features. In v1.0.0.1, the option of double and triple clicking is present. The right and middle clicking options have also been added.  Your work will be automatically safe including the cursor location.

Games Require An Auto Clicker Pro

The auto clicker makes the gamer expert in playing games. There are several games in which you can become an expert by the use of this auto clicker. These games include Adventure Capitalist, Clicker Heroes, Tap Titans, Egg, Inc., Idle Miner Tycoon.

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