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Auto Clicker Typer 1.0 for Windows & Roblox

Auto Clicker Typer 1.0

There is lots of work that makes us bored and irritated. The people who do work like clicking in offices are getting frustrated by doing the same job again and again. In that case, automation of work makes you a smart worker. The auto clicker typer provides the solution to your problem. It makes your work easy and quick. The work is completed in time and it results in enhancing your productivity.

What is an Auto Clicker Typer?

The auto clicker typer is the best auto clicker software that is used for automation. This piece of software records every click of yours and typing. The software is most trending among the programmers and gamers as it serves as both auto clicker and auto typer. Any type of work that you have done on your computer is recorded with this software. The auto clicker typer replays the daily work which you do on your computer. This software is a piece of wonder that has brought a revolution in the workplace. You can download the Auto Clicker Typer tool from below.

Features of Auto Clicker Typer

This software has a bundle of features that makes it user-friendly. Following are some of the striking features:

1. Recording

It provides the feature of recording, which makes it further useful. You can access any task again or start from the point where you left. In this way, you can also determine the flaws or mistakes in your work.

2. Free Auto Clicker Software

The auto clicker downloads easily on Windows without the association of any ads or malware. The auto clicker typer free downloads as is compatible on any device and runs without any stoppage. The free software makes its access easy for anyone.

3. Auto Script Function

This feature of the auto clicker typer gives you complete control over the program. You can set hotkeys for your different scripts up to the range often. You can run your favorite script any time, doing any task by simply pressing the hotkey.

4. Bi-Functional

The software provides two functions. It not only makes your clicks automate but also your keystroke. This piece of software serves as an auto typer and clicker on a single platform.

Version 1
Category Automation
Language English
License: Free
Size: 368 KB
Operating System Windows
Developer A Software Plus
What’s in the tool:
Auto Clicker Typer is a tool that allows you to program a series of repetitive clicks and button strikes.

How To Proceed With The Auto Clicker Typer?Auto Clicker Typer Tool

If you want to use it to automate your work, then you must know the procedure of using it. Following are some of the points that will help you in understanding the method of using it.

Start from the interface, if you want to record your work then click on the record button in the top left corner. This recording will help you to record your mouse clicks. The recording is not limited to the clicks only but you can also record the dynamic location of your cursor. For this, you have to go to the option of record cursor movement which is present at the top right corner. You will have to click the box present at its side. When the recording of your task is completed then click on the stop button.

1. Display of the Recorded Script

The script that you record will appear in the box. For this, you have to click on the play button and can see it again and again.

2. Loop Script

The script that you will enter can also make a loop. All you have to do is by checking the loop and entering the value of it.

3. Save and Clear

While using, when you want to save the task, simply click on the save button present below named as save list. When you do not want to save your task click on the clear list button present at the top, your all work will be deleted.

4. Open List Option

The open list option is present at the bottom of the interface of the software. By clicking on this button, you can access your previous already saved work.

5. Settings For Personalized Action

This feature is present on this software that makes your clicks customized. In this option, you can change the time between your actions. You will enter the time in the box next to the delay button option. This option is operational even when you will complete your task or record your script. Change in the script can be done at any time during its use.

6. Hotkeys

The hotkeys are used to perform different functions while using this software.  All you have to do is just press the button on your keyboard. These keys make your every action quicker and accurate. The use of hotkeys depends upon the users. If you don’t want to use it, then deactivate the hotkeys and close it.

Pros & Cons of Using this Software:

The lighter and darker side is associated with everything that we use or present in our life. Similarly, the use of software also has some positive and negative aspects. The auto clicker tool is most trending and popular as it has more positive features.

Advantages Disadvantages
It saves your time and prevents the repetition of work. It has a simple basic interface. There is no stylish appearance.
The software has multiple customized options that make your work easy and quicker. There is no prominent option that how can we stop the recording without clicking the mouse.
The software is lightweight requires less energy consumption It is not easy to do all your desktop work with the help of this software.
The program is functional even without the internet. This striking feature increases its demands among the users.
The software can be operated by anyone as it requires no computer knowledge.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Is Auto Clicker Typer Safe For Use?

Yes, this auto clicker is completely safe for use.

Q2. Is Auto Clicker Typer Free To Download?

The auto clicker typer is a free piece of software. It downloads free on any device or system.

Q3. What Are The Versions Of Auto Typer And Clicker?

This auto clicker typer has two versions with different features. One is 1.2v and the other 2.0v. They were released on 24 February 2014 and 9 December 2014 respectively.

Q4. Can Auto Clicker Software Delete Or Remove From The System?

Yes, you can delete it.  Visits add/remove program function in the windows control panel to remove it from the system.

Q5. What Is The Difference Between Auto Clicker And Auto Type 2 in 1?

They are the same and they will help you whenever you are doing any repetitive task such as mouse clicking or typing.

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