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Auto Clicker Typer 2.0 | Specification, Installation & Usage

Auto Clicker Typer 2.0

Automation makes every task easy to perform. You can automate your work on computers such as in graphic designing, programming, photo editing and also playing games by automating it with the automated tools. The Autoclicker typer is one of the examples of automated tools used for bringing automation to the computer for various purposes. As the name indicates, this tool provides dual automation in the form of mouse clicks and keyboard action. This program configures the auto-clicking process of the mouse and strokes of keyboard buttons.

Specification Auto Clicker Typer 2.0

Auto Clicker typer 2.0

The following striking specification of this tool makes its use beneficial for users in different perspectives such as:

1. Simple Interface

The tool has a simple designed interface that makes it easy for anyone to use. In addition to this, you can install it easily without any hindrance as it is light in weight and takes less space about 2.36 MB on the computer hard drive. The tool also operates in different operating systems such as Windows 10,8 and 7.

2. Record Automated Action

With the help of this feature, it can save your actions of mouse and keyboard and perform it as it is. You can also use the save actions of mouse and keyboard strokes later on. Your automated mouse clicks and keyboard strokes are stored in the AUTOCT file.

3. Automate Mouse and Keyboard Combination

You can use an automated combination of mouse click and keyboard buttons together in one attempt to perform any task.

4. Modification in Repetitive Task’

You can bring change in the save list by rearranging and editing. The hotkeys used for start and stop the action are F9 and F10 respectively and can also be changed.

5. Time Frame and Speed

You can set the speed of clicks and speed between the clicks according to your need. The time frame of automated clicks from beginning to end and between the clicks can also be set as per your need. You can also set the time even in milliseconds.

Where is the Autoclicker Used?

Where is the Autoclicker Used?

The auto clicker typer has multiple uses because of its dual functionalities such as software programmers using it in their projects to record their action and save it as a script. This innovation has proven useful for those who do the same type of job. The gamers used this tool to automate their mouse clicks for example in Minecraft or Roblox etc. It is also used by the users when they want to repeat any specific phrase or they can also generate words, and phrases by typing in any text or word in this tool.

How to Install the Autoclicker?

The auto clicker installation is easy as it does not demand any third-party software for installation. To start the installation:

  • The first download the program setup zipped file and extract the file and open it.
  • A small window of the license agreement will appear. To start the installation click on the agree option.
  • Set the destination of your file with the name on it.
  • Then at the end click on the installation for a successful installation.

How to Use the Autoclicker Typer 2.0?

Using Auto Clicker Typer 2.0

After installation, the use of the auto-clicker is convenient and effortless as you have to perform the below simple steps:

For Automating Mouse Click

  • Set the position of your cursor and the number of clicks. You can go for static or dynamic clicking depending upon your requirements.
  • Your desired setting will be recorded and then you select the hotkey.
  • The hotkey is used to start and stop the function. You can test it and then reset the whole program to start using it.

For Automating the Keyboard Button Strokes

Both processes start with the same steps from opening the software, running it, and selecting the Add option. After that

  • you will go through a different process by selecting one of the two options depending on your requirements.
  • One is the “press the keyboard button’’ option if you want some particular key for repeated clicks. The second option is ‘type text’’ if you want to repeat a certain paragraph.
  • Now type the number in which you want a certain task to repeat. You can also set a time period in which you want your task to repeat and delay time can also be set.
  • Now set the hotkeys for particular start and stop action.
  • Click on the ‘’Save As’’ to save your entered information.


This tool saves your time by making your task automated with the application of its multiple striking features. The tool is reliable and useful as you can complete any tasks or play games efficiently and speedily by it.

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