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Best Auto Clickers For MAC 2023 | 100% Free Download

Best Auto Clickers for Mac

In this technological era, our lives have greatly become dependent on the use of smartphone devices like phones, computers, and laptops. Whether it is gaming or work, one cannot use these devices without having to click their mouse or tap on the screen repeatedly for performing different tasks.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have incredible finger power to perform all the necessary clicking tasks, so your fingers don’t get tired? Is that possible? Yes, we bring you the auto clicker!

An auto clicker for mac is software designed to simulate mouse clicks like an actual mouse. While gamers often use this software to avoid the tedious task of repeated clicking in games, it is also used to generate auto clicks on various web pages and in different programs.

With so many Mac auto clickers out there, how are you supposed to know which is the best for your needs and requirements? To help you in your hunt for the best one, we have assembled a list of the best auto clickers for mac.

List of Top 11 Best Auto Clickers in 2023

1. is a very useful tool for performing automated clicks on your Mac device’s screen. This tool is used to imitate real mouse clicks to improve performance and scores in different idle games like shooting and Minecraft games. may also be used for performing complicated actions where repetitive clicking is required. You can adjust the time interval between the clicks for fast or slow clicking. To make this advanced auto clicker for mac even faster, you can reduce the interval between the click sessions. Hence, this auto clicker offers a high-speed CPS. Designed as a special tool for auto-clicking in games, this tool allows users to speed up their clicking in their favorite games. hence works as a perfect mouse and keyboard auto clicker that automates different tasks on your behalf.

Features of

  • High-speed auto-clicking
  • Suitable for almost all types of games
  • Supports single, double, and triple clicks
  • Uses X and Y coordinate calculator
  • Select and configure a hotkey
  • Decide mouse button for configuration


  • Hotkeys are adjustable
  • Uses only a few CPU resources
  • Supports very fast clicking
  • Online platform available for support
  • A simple and easy-to-use user interface
  • View recordings with the record and playback function
  • Virus-free and safe operation
  • Can be used in all clicking games


  • Does not support an auto-start feature. You are required to click the start button or the hotkey to start auto clicks.

Download & Pricing is a free auto clicker for Mac. It provides a safe and virus-free platform. It also does not have any ads.

2. Auto Clicker for Mac

Auto clicker for mac murgaa is a software developed for simple and easy mouse clicking. The program comes under the name of Mouse click automation utility but once you download it and install it, it will show as “Auto clicker” on your Mac device. This program can automate both the right and left mouse button clicks. One unique feature of this auto clicker tool is that it allows several different ways for starting and stopping the auto mouse clicking. You can choose from these options based on your convenience.

Auto clicker for mac is compatible with macOS version 10.5 and later. The auto clicker website is fairly simple to use. Users can download and install the software easily on their Mac devices. Guidelines for installation are also given on the website. Automation may be triggered by using toggle or keyboard mode. You can simulate left or right auto mouse clicks with this tool.


  • Simulate left or right mouse clicks
  • Multiple methods to start and stop clicks
  • Free trial available
  • Compatible with macOS 10.5 and later


  • Straightforward, and easy to use user interface
  • Users can choose the method to start and stop clicks
  • Try out this tool for free
  • Easy downloading and installation
  • Installation guidelines are available on the website


  • Fewer options for configuration

Download & Pricing

Auto clicker for Mac has a free trial version that you can use to try out this tool. If you are satisfied with the tool, you can then unlock Murgaa auto clicker trial limitations by paying 6.54 USD for 6 months of use on your Mac device.

3. MouseClicker

Auto mouse clicker is a tool that will automate your mouse clicks at certain set points. It helps to automate your mouse clicks so you can complete your tasks quicker and faster. MouseClicker will automate your mouse clicks at the given locations for multiple games and apps. Fast auto clicker for mac tool that uses several options for customization.

This tool is also suited for beginners who have no experience in auto-clicking. Because this auto clicker is easy to download, install, and use, beginners can easily operate this automation tool. Just record the coordinates or click points where you need your clicks, and just let this software do its job.

Auto mouse clicker software allows users to set the time interval between clicking. This interval can be set in milliseconds, seconds, minutes, or hours.  It also supports the option of single or double clicks using the right or left mouse buttons. You can also set the keyboard keys (hotkeys) for starting and stopping the clicking.

Features of MouseClicker

  • Set the click interval
  • Supports single and double clicks
  • Supports use of hotkeys
  • Visual indicator present
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Record the X and Y coordinates
  • Simulate the right or left mouse buttons
  • Allows click automation for a series of coordinates


  • Set precision points with X and Y coordinates
  • Suitable for beginners, no expertise required
  • Users can automate a series of coordinates
  • Multiple clicks can be automated
  • The hotkey can be set to easily start and stop clicking


  • Advanced features are not supported

Download & Pricing

MouseClicker is free for downloading and use.

4. iMouseTrick

iMouseTrick is a special software designed to automate as many clicks as users want. This new auto clicker for mac allows users to set the click count, as many as infinity. Users can also set the time interval between the clicks. It also supports the setting of a countdown before starting the clicks. With this, you can set the time before the clicks start. The iMouseTrick window can be hidden when needed and clicks can be paused by moving the mouse to the window.

iMouseTrick is a very basic and simple auto-clicking tool, but it offers most of the features that a regular auto clicker needs. Those who are new to auto-clicking and don’t have much knowledge about it can use this auto clicker with ease. This auto clicker uses a very simple user interface. It takes just a few seconds to customize your click setting and start. Moreover, regardless of its simplicity, this auto clicker can work with most, if not all, programs. iMouseTrick is hence a perfect auto clicker for playing games on Mac devices.

Features of iMouseTrick

  • Set click number as high as infinity
  • Customize the delay between clicks
  • Supports click start countdown
  • The window can be hidden
  • Simple user interface
  • Works with most programs


  • Simple and easy operation
  • You can customize the number of clicks, and set click delay
  • Delay before clicks can also be set
  • Great tool for gaming on Mac devices
  • Simple operation makes it suitable for everyone


  • Not suited outside gaming
  • Does not support advanced features

Download & Pricing

iMouseTrick is a free tool. It can be downloaded and used for free.

5. MAC Auto Clicker 1.1

Mac auto clicker is a very easy-to-use yet powerful auto mouse clicker for mac that supports advanced features, allowing gamers to give their hands a rest. This safe auto clicker for mac is used to click at the present mouse location several times. This auto clicker has many amazing features, one of which is that it supports plenty of ways to start and stop auto clicks. You can choose whatever way you want to start and stop the clicks. The time interval between the clicks can also be adjusted according to your needs. This interval can be set in milliseconds or seconds.

Diverse features like time interval configuration, delay start, and custom clicks are supported. Moreover, you can also configure the time interval and the clicking speed. You can choose between slow or fast speed, and even choose a custom time. Mac auto clicker gives the option to choose between single (individual) clicks and double clicks, in addition to the left or right mouse click. The click counter feature is also present to count the number of clicks, which is helpful when you choose the setting to stop clicks after a certain number of clicks.

Features of MAC Auto Clicker 1.1

  • Records your automated mouse clicks
  • Supports single and double clicks
  • Supports several customization options like the number of clicks, speed, and delay start.
  • Automated clicks can be made at multiple positions
  • Supports right and left clicks


  • Compatible with most MacOS versions
  • Supports several options for customization
  • Offers multiple ways to start and stop auto clicks
  • Keeps a check of the click count times
  • You can set the desired number and speed of the clicks
  • Mac auto clicker can simulate left and right clicks


  • No potential cons

Download & Pricing

Mac auto clicker is a free auto clicking software for Mac users.

6. Auto Mouse Click Murgaa

Murgaa auto mouse clicker for mac is a small-sized mac automation utility. Mac auto mouse click helps automate various tasks ranging from running a script to playing games that need repetitive clicking. This automation utility allows users to set a pattern of keystrokes and clicks that is later performed by the computer. The program is very simple to understand and use, hence is suitable for everyone. Simulating right and left clicks on your Mac device, it offers multiple ways for taking control.

You just need to create a file with the required mouse strokes, clicks, and other customizations and then store it. When you need it, just open the file and launch. Mac auto mouse click allows you to set several configurations at the setup stage to determine exactly how you want your clicks to be made. This auto clicker also supports hotkeys for starting and stopping the clicks, and you can set the designated place for clicking as well.

Features of Auto Mouse Click MurGaa

  • Simulates right and left clicks
  • Support several ways to control clicks
  • Several configuration options
  • Set up hotkeys
  • Designate specific areas for clicking
  • Compatible with Mac OS X and up


  • Provide guidance through a video tutorial
  • No need for programming knowledge to use this tool
  • Simple scripting
  • Free trial
  • Offers great flexibility


  • Limited usage

Download & Pricing

Mac auto mouse click is not a free application but there is a trial period to check the usability of the app before you purchase it. The payment for using this tool is USD 9.87 for up to 6 months on a single Mac device after the free trial period.

7. DwellClick

Dwell click is one of the fastest auto clickers for mac and it’s loved because of its amazing features. Some of the smart features include right-click, double click, and auto drag. One thing that sets this tool apart from the rest is its compatibility with almost every input device such as a standard trackpad or mouse, joysticks, magic mouse or graphics tablets, hence covering almost every pointing device.

Dwell click is a great auto-clicking tool that works well with both trackpad and mouse. It works equally well with a magic mouse and multi-touch trackpad. With the auto-drag feature, dragging becomes fluent. After setting the point for clicking, the F1 key can be pressed to start the clicking. The cursor can be dragged anywhere during the process as well. So, Dwell click is a lightweight yet professional program that works well with Mac devices with OS X10.9 and later.

Features of DwellClick

  • Works with trackpad and mouse
  • Auto drag feature
  • Compatible with macOS X10.9 or above
  • Full hands-free function
  • Multi-touch support
  • Supports single and double clicks
  • Unlimited repetitive clicking


  • Requires less storage
  • Can save about 1000 clicks in each session
  • Supports advanced features, and is a professional program
  • Effortless resizing of DwellClick window


  • Requires programming knowledge to operate as it is an advanced program

Download & Pricing

Dwell click is not a free auto clicker, but it does support a free trial. After the free trial, the cost of this auto clicker is $9.99.

8. Auto-Clicker (Auto Clicker Mac 1.0)

Auto Clicker 1.0 for Mac

Auto clicker Mac 1.0 is a safe and free auto clicker for Mac that allows you to click as many times as you want. It stimulates the right and the left mouse button. The auto clicker app clicks at the current position of the cursor. The clicking can be started either by pressing the middle mouse click or the start button. One of the best things about this auto clicker is that it supports different options to start and stop the clicking. It is designed with a strong programming system that keeps this system running for quite a long time.

Settings like choosing the time between clicks give you complete control over how you want your clicks to be customized. This auto clicker mac 1.0 is an easy-to-use tool, yet there is no compromise on the power. Mac Auto clicker 1.0 supports several unique features that save your time and give your hands a break.

Features of Auto-Clicker (Auto Clicker Mac 1.0)

  • Quick operation
  • Runs on macro
  • Set the click speed, time interval, and click number
  • Straightforward user interface
  • Set interval before and between clicks
  • Supports left and right clicks
  • Set time for stopping automated clicks


  • Attractive, intuitive user graphical user interface
  • Quick response
  • Supports customization of clicks


  • Expensive

Download & Pricing

Auto-clicker is not free software. Nevertheless, it does support a trial version that you can try before purchasing this software.

9. MAC Random Mouse Clicker

Mac random mouse clicker is an advanced and sophisticated automation tool that automates right, left, and middle mouse button clicking. Apart from automating these buttons, users are free to hold the buttons as long as they want. This is yet another tool for Mac offered by Murgaa software. This freeware is designed to simulate mouse clicks on Mac devices. This auto clicker uses a very simple user interface. You can easily start and stop the auto clicks by using the hotkeys. More so, the hotkeys can be customized and assigned as per the need of the user. All the click customizations that are made like the click count, keyboard shortcuts for starting and stopping clicks, and the time delay, are all saved automatically.

This software goes by the name of “random auto clicker” and will have the same name when downloaded. Once the download is complete, this software will be merged into the system tool. Random mouse clicker is a lightweight software that is trusted by many users.

Features of MAC Random Mouse Clicker

  • Advanced and sophisticated tool
  • Automated left, middle, and right mouse clicks
  • Hold mouse buttons as long as needed
  • Set fixed or random delay between clicks
  • Assign keyboard shortcuts
  • Customizations are automatically saved


  • Suited for first-time and advanced users
  • Supports hotkey customization
  • Occupy less space on disk
  • Trusted software


  • Doesn’t have advanced features as other competitors

Download & Pricing

Mac random auto clicker is not a free utility. You can, nevertheless, try it for free. The cost is USD 5.99 after the trial period for 6 months from the payment date.

10. Fast Mouse Clicker for MAC

Fast mouse clicker for Mac is another software developed by Murgaa which is designed to function as a Mac mouse clicker, clicking anywhere on the device’s screen. This Mac mouse clicker will simulate left mouse clicks where the mouse cursor is located. Using the keyboard shortcut or a button press on the software, you can easily start and stop the mouse clicks.

Fast mouse clickers for Mac can click on multiple locations on the screen and simulate unlimited individual clicks based on predefined manual click design. With this software, you can easily open menus, access apps, and select items, and more. All you have to do is press the custom button. The fast mouse clicker for Mac allows users to set the click delay in milliseconds. If you want a faster click, lower the delay between the clicks. The number of mouse clicks you need can also be specified. Once these clicks are complete, the clicking will stop. More so, the keyboard shortcut can also be used when the screen is minimized.

Features of Fast Mouse Clicker for MAC

  • Simulate mouse clicks anywhere on the screen
  • Left mouse clicks are simulated
  • Clicks at the mouse cursor location
  • Start or stop clicks by keyboard shortcut or pressing software button
  • Small screen
  • Drag the software screen where needed


  • A good graphical user interface
  • Supports keyboard shortcut for easy clicking
  • You can customize click delays, speed, and number
  • Supports unlimited individual clicks
  • It is a trusted software


  • Limited functionality

Download & Pricing

Fast mouse clicker for mac is not free software but you can try the free trial version. If you want to use it after the trial period ends, you will have to pay USD 6.54 for 6 months after the payment date for 1 Mac device.

11. iClickMac

iClickMac is a great software for auto-clicking on Mac which can easily be downloaded from the Mac store. This auto clicker is a very straightforward tool, free from any sort of complexity. You can set the parameters for generating mouse clicks, set shortcuts for use, and record the clicks options. The number of clicks can be adjusted and then recreated by this software.

When you download the app, a small window will open up. You can then set the time and click start. Drag the cursor to where you want the automated clicks. And then press the start button. iClickMac is a very user-friendly and simple software that is 100% safe as it doesn’t contain any harmful malware or viruses. This app supports different multiple features like a recording shortcut, automatic push clicks, setting multiple CPS, and a type shortcut. More so, iClickMac is credited for its user-friendly, simple operation, and lightweight. The user-friendly, simple interface makes it suitable for everyone. This auto-clicking tool is compatible with Mac OS X.

Features of iClickMac

  • Supports the option of pushing click automatically
  • Supports type and record shortcut
  • Allows several CPS to be set
  • Lightweight size, 117KB
  • Works on Macro
  • Compatible with Mac OS X


  • Works with every website
  • Doesn’t occupy much space on your device
  • Virus-free software
  • User-friendly and simple user interface


  • Time delay cannot be set in milliseconds
  • Clicks only 20 times. After this, the process will have to start all over again.

Download & Pricing

iClickMac is a free auto-clicking tool.

What is an Auto Clicker for MAC?

Auto clicker for Mac is a program designed to automate the task of repetitive clicks by replicating real mouse clicks. This is often used as a hack by gamers in playing their favorite games online. These auto clickers allow Mac automation by using the clicks that have been recorded earlier as the input. This allows you to click different things several times using either a single click or more pre-set clicks on your part so that you don’t have to click repeatedly.  Autokey clicker for mac is, hence, a program that automates mouse clicking for various games and apps. For users who have to perform several clicking tasks, auto clicks for Mac are a great option. This software is fairly simple to use and all you have to do is to press the designated hotkey on your Mac device to start auto-clicking. That’s all! You see how easy your clicking becomes with auto clickers.

Uses Of an Auto Clicker for MAC

As mentioned earlier, a free auto clicker for mac is often used by gamers for playing their favorite games. While an auto clicker is often used for this purpose, it isn’t the only purpose an auto clicker has. An auto clicker for Mac can be used for several other purposes as well like the ones mentioned below.

1. Playing games on Mac

The most common use of a Mac auto clicker is in gaming where gamers use this software to generate automated mouse clicks in their games to get a better score. While it may seem as being unfair and unethical, people can simply use it for fun. Mac auto clickers can be used to play different games like Roblox or Minecraft. Everyone else uses it for gaming, so why can’t you?

2. File Organization in Mac

Auto clickers for Mac are very useful tools that help save time and energy by taking on some repetitive and cumbersome tasks like the organization of files. With a mac auto clicker, you can easily manage and organize your files on Mac.

3. Creative Applications on Mac

Many creative applications on Mac have photo and video editing apps that offer unique features, but they aren’t always easy to find and use. An auto clicker can be very useful in adding the effects that you want with automated clicks. While it may seem a little hard at the start, you will learn to use it with time. Using a Mac auto clicker, you can make any piece of artwork in less time.

4. Data Entry Tasks on Mac

A good auto clicker for mac allows you to automate all the data entry tasks as well as marketing functions with just a few clicks. All you have to do is manually record one string and leave the application to repeat it as many times as needed.

How Does an Auto Clicker for MAC Function?

An auto clicker for mac offers several options for customization. This can range from shortcuts and hotkeys to the position and number of clicks needed. Auto clicker for mac with hotkey usually offers plenty of common functions that are described below.

  • Single-click: With this function, an auto clicker makes click after click
  • Double click: The auto clicker can perform double click sessions
  • Custom click number: You can set your desired number of clicks which will repeat after the delay.
  • Speed of clicking: The speed of clicking can be set based on how quickly you want your clicks to be generated. You can set it to fast or slow speed according to your need. The click speed can be set in seconds or milliseconds.
  • Delay start: With this function, you can add a delay to the start seconds when the hotkey is pressed.
  • Stop clicks when needed: You can set the number of clicks after which you want the clicking to stop.
  • The interval between clicks: Once you have set a group of clicks, you can then assign the interval between them.
  • Click location: This function of an auto clicker for mac allows users to set the desired location for clicking.

Benefits of Auto Clicker for MAC?

Auto clicker for Mac is a very useful software that offers several advantages to the users. Below are the benefits of the Mac auto clicker.

1. Free to Use

You can find many auto clicker for mac free, and that serves as a great benefit because you don’t have to pay anything to use this software.

2. Easily Downloadable

You can easily download auto mouse click for mac from the web. There is no complex process required. Just open the auto clicker you like from the web and download it to your mac device.

3. Versatility

One of the major benefits of a Mac auto clicker is that it is a versatile software that can be used for multiple purposes including social media, gaming, website, data entry, and texting, etc.

4. Customizable Features

Auto clickers for mac support the option of customization like setting the click rate, number of clicks, and the time duration.

5. Simple and Easy to Use

Mac auto clickers are very simple and easy to use and do not require any complex processes. Because of its simplicity of use, this software is suitable for all first-time users.

6. Saving your Scripts

With Mac auto clicker you can manually save your scripts to use them later. Each click is saved in a file.

Free vs. Paid Auto Clickers

A free auto clicker is a software program that enables a user to automate repetitive mouse clicking. It is usually used to make repetitive clicking easier, faster, and more accurate. A user can select certain areas of the screen and set the software to automatically click on those areas. In addition to the free auto-clicker features, a paid auto-clicker is a more advanced software program that allows users to automate repetitive tasks such as filling out forms, entering data, or clicking on links or buttons.

Deciding whether to buy an auto-clicker or use a free one can be tough. After all, why spend money on something that you can get for free? However, there are some key differences between free and paid auto-clickers that may make the decision easier.

For starters, free auto clickers typically have far fewer features than their paid counterparts. This means that you may not be able to customize the clicker to suit your specific needs. On the other hand, paid auto clickers typically offer more features than free auto clickers, such as the ability to schedule clicks, customize the interval between clicks, or create macros.

Additionally, free auto clickers are often less reliable than paid clickers, meaning that they may unexpectedly stop working or produce inaccurate results. Paid auto-clickers tend to be more reliable, with fewer bugs and glitches.

Finally, free auto clickers typically do not come with customer support, so if you encounter any problems, you will be on your own. Contrarily, paid auto-clickers often come with customer support, so if you encounter any problems, you can get help from a real person, and they’re updated more frequently as well. For these reasons, paid auto clickers are generally considered to be a better option for users who need to automate repetitive tasks.

While a free auto clicker may be sufficient for some users, others may find that the investment in a paid clicker is well worth it. If you’re serious about using an auto-clicker, then a paid version is usually the best way to go.

Free Auto Clicker Paid Auto Clicker
Fewer Features, Options and Customization More Features and Advanced
Less Reliable and Accurate More Reliable and Accurate
May not Save the Data and History Usually Save the Data and History
No Customer Support Come With Customer Support
Updated Less Frequently Updated More Frequently

Autoclicker for Mac Download, Installation, Setup, and How to Use

If you are new to using this, follow these few easy steps given below to download the auto clicker program for mac, install and set it up on your device. Once downloaded, installed you can use it with ease.

  1. Open the web and search for Mac auto clicker free download.
  2. There are several auto clickers for Mac available. Choose the one you want to use.
  3. After selecting your auto clicker, click on the download button.
  4. This will download the application to your mac device.
  5. Go to downloads and install the application. Follow the simple step-by-step installation guide that follows.
  6. Once the app is installed on your Mac device, run it by clicking on the auto clicker icon.
  7. The mac auto clicker window will pop up. This will show several customization options like the keyboard shortcut key, number of clicks, and click delay. Set the keyboard shortcut key that you want to use for starting and stopping the clicks.
  8. Then choose the number of clicks you want to automate.
  9. Next, set the time interval between the clicks. This time interval can be set in minutes, seconds, or milliseconds.
  10. Then set the background color. You can choose the color of your choice.
  11. Next, choose your speed of clicking. You can set your auto clicker to generate slow or fast clicks based on your need.
  12. Once you have completed the customizations, click the save settings option.
  13. Set the place where you want your clicks to be generated.
  14. After that, you are all done. Just press your keyboard shortcut key to get started. You can start and stop auto-clicking whenever you want using this key.

Most Mac auto clickers will also support hotkeys that you can click to start and stop clicking even when the auto clicker window is hidden.

Are MAC Auto Clickers illegal?

Many people use auto clickers to generate automatic clicks for their tedious repetitive clicking tasks. Using an auto clicker is not illegal because there are no laws proved to be against it. Nevertheless, it can be against the rules of some games because it gives an unfair advantage to the user. While it is not illegal, it is still unethical, and in some cases, you might be banned for using an auto clicker for a game or app. So, it is best to use Mac auto clickers within certain limits, so there is a low risk of your account being banned.

How Much Does MAC Auto Clicker Software/Tool Cost?

Two categories of Mac auto clickers exist in terms of pricing. One is freemium and the other, premium. Some Mac auto clickers are free for users while others have some varied charges. The maximum cost for a user license is around $50. Some Mac auto clickers also offer a free version, with some additional charges for the premium version, or added features.

Which MAC Auto Clicker Tool Should I Use?

After deeply searching in the world of auto clickers, we have concluded that two auto clickers for Mac from our list have stood out from the others. Auto clickers for Mac Murgaa and DwellClick are two of the best auto clickers for Mac because of the advanced features that they offer. Both are very easy-to-use auto clickers that support the best features that an auto clicker software can have. From the ease of installation to convenient use and handling, these auto clickers have been the favorite choice of most gamers. While both these auto clickers aren’t free for use, they have a free trial version that you can try before making a purchase. The diverse and amazing features supported by these auto clickers make them our favorite. For the price that you have to pay, you get enough advanced features to make your auto-clicking experience worthwhile! Trust us and try these auto clickers now.


Searching for a good auto clicker for Mac is not an easy job. It may take a lot of your time and energy. If you are in search of a good auto clicker for Mac to play your favorite games on Mac, or to perform any other task that requires repetitive clicking, there are several options out there that you can choose from. With plenty of auto clickers out there, do you think all of them are the same? No, we believe not all auto clickers are the same. And that’s why we have enlisted some of our favorite ones above, each having its unique set of features.

We sincerely hope that you were able to find the auto clicker for Mac that you were in search of from the long list above. If you haven’t been able to find one yet, maybe give these auto clickers a shot, and see which one meets all, if not most of your needs.

And if you are someone who doesn’t want to use an auto clicker because you find it unethical, just give it a shot for the sake of fun. We’re sure you would enjoy seeing how automation really works! There’s no harm in giving it a try, right?

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