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Auto Macro Recorder – For Windows-100% Free Download

Auto Macro Recorder

An auto macro recorder is an incredible mouse and keyboard automation computer software tool that enhances any of your work experience by providing you with the automation and a pace for your task. This recorder by the means of the macros enables you to automate any function performed by you at your device that includes repetition of mouse clicking and keyboard key pressing. Similarly, the macros are also an awesome and useful tool for gamers to have fast clicking or repetitive clicks to achieve a high score in the game.

The macro recorder is one of the best auto-clicking tools for windows that provides the services of recording your mouse clicks and keyboard taps on your device. This recorder records the number of clicks more efficiently and fastly with approximately a 100% accuracy rate. You can record your mouse clicks, hotkeys, keyboard keys, or what else you want to record, no matter at what higher rate the actions are performed, this tool has the inbuilt ability to extract the exact number of clicks, and record the process and repeat it.

Let’s begin with the downloading and the installation phenomena; the very first beginning.

How to Download/Install the Auto Macro Recorder?

Auto macro clicker download is an easy process. The amazing thing about this tool is that it is free to install, having a limited free trial. Despite having many pro features, the tool is available free to use for some time for you, so you could test its functions and features to decide whether you should buy it or not when the trial period ends. You can easily download and install this tool via these steps.

  • Downloading Steps
    • Find the download button on this page. Click on the button and the tool file will be downloaded to your computer.
    • Find the downloaded folder on your computer, unzip it and open the folder.
    • There will be an executable or setup file in the folder.
    • Run the setup file and follow the installation instructions as follows.
  • Installation Steps
    • The shortcut will appear on the desktop right after the installation is completed.
    • You can start recording the clicks or the hotkeys right after the installation.

How to Record the Clicks with the Auto Macro Recorder?

Auto Macro Recorder Click on Record

The auto macro recorder is one of the easiest and best auto clicker tools that provide you leniency and efficiency in your recordings. You can simply open the tool from your desktop window. There is a recorder button on the top left corner. You can start your recording from this button. This tab has the start and stops buttons as well, and the amazing feature is that you can go and record all kinds of clicks and processes on your device.

Generating the Hotkeys to Record Via Macros?

Another method of recording your clicks and other proceedings that you are doing on your device is to generate start/stop hotkeys. Auto hotkey macro recorder helps you to start your recording when you click that specific key. It will aid in a manner that you can access the auto macro recorder tool without opening the tab of that software again and again. Simply click that start/stop key to start your recordings.Auto Macro Recorder - Add Action, Mouse Action

To proceed further with these steps, you must go to the File option on the top left corner of this tool’s interface. Then click on the hotkey option. It will lead you to open a performa you have to fill that will ask about the start/stop keys, and the intervals, etc. you have to fill that form and you can start your recording as soon as you click that specific hotkey.

Auto Macro Recorder - Script Command

Adding The Macro Tool To The Taskbar

This is one of the effective methods of counting your clicks and moves by adding this macro tool to your taskbar. For this go to your device setting, and scroll down. Click on the apps to appear on the taskbar option. Tap on this option. Scroll down the list of apps to find the macro tool. Enable the toggle, and your macro tool is now available in the taskbar of your device.

Whenever you feel any need to operate this tool, you can simply click open it from the taskbar. Click on the macro-option on the taskbar to start your recordings and press escape to release all the settings.

Features of The Auto Macro Recorder

This auto macro recorder torrent can help you in various ways. It has multiple features to help you throughout your recording journey.

  • This tool has the built-in playback option that allows you to play all your settings back you have already made a setup. It is like a memorable feature that preserves your efforts.Auto Macro Recorder - Features
  • You can delete the previous settings and generate the new one.
  • The time interval and the speed of the recording and clicking can be customized.
  • This software is completely free and virus protected. Also, it takes very little storage.
  • It is efficient even when played in the background.
Free Trial Software
Language English
File Size 2.74 MB
Category tools
Operating Systems Windows
What’s in the tool:
Macro Recorder is the most powerful yet easy-to-use Mouse and Keyboard automation tool. It can control your mouse and keyboard automatically

Games Including The Auto Macro Recorder

There is a series of games that include this auto macro recorder tool function. Like Minecraft, you need to click repeatedly to break down the hurdles that come your way. If you want to check out your progress or even want to automate that clicking phenomenon, you can use the auto macro recorder for this. By using any of the above methods, you can click and record automatically.
Similarly, this tool is valid to be used for some other clicking games like PUBG, cookie clicker, and so on.


Q1. Is Auto macro recorder a safe tool?

The auto macro recorder is completely safe. It is protected against any kind of virus, and also it takes very little storage. It doesn’t harm your phone anyways.

Q2. Are all the versions macro-free?

All versions of the macro are free to use. People ask about the jitbit. This tool is also completely free.

Q3. Can I trust using jitbit macros?

It is also the free version of the macro recorder with all the pro features. You can completely trust the jitbit macros, and use them for various purposes.

Q4. Can I record an auto hotkey script?

Yes, you can easily record an auto hotkey script using the macro recorder. Macros are literally awesome in generating and recording the hotkeys. You have to fill in the desired hotkey description and you are good to go.

Q5. Are macros good for beginners?

Macros provide you with an easy interface that can be used by everyone. From beginners to pros everyone can easily use the macros for recording ad clicking purposes.

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