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AutoClicker AI
Version 1
License Free
Language English
File Size 962.5 KB
Developer mousetool
Service Automation
Operating Systems Windows
What’s in the tool:
Auto Clicker is not only about mimicking the clicks for gaming, but it’s also about performing more complicated actions for specific programs.

The introduction of auto-clicking tools has revolutionized the gaming world. They have not only made gaming easy but also have made it easy to perform complicated tasks without any difficulty or problem. There are a lot of clicking tools and software available for the users. AutoclickerAI is one of the most powerful tools. This software is designed to make the work convenient for people and now they can complete their tasks within minutes without tiring their muscles and fingers. You can also download this software for enjoyment and fun in luxury time to play games as well. This auto clicker helps the user in fulfilling the online job on chrome. It is used in typing surfing conditions such as on broadcast sites.

The Benefit of AutoclickerAI

After installing this software on your PC you can feel free to manage different tasks at one time. You can set this application on work for clicking at the specific location and can do other work as well. This software is free from viruses and is safe for use.

If you want to enjoy the fastest clicking per second then this auto clicker is the best choice for you.
This auto clicker serves the users as a keyboard and mouse auto clicker. It allows setting general and visual commands in it for their ease. Then it works according to the given command.
Now you can record several points within seconds.

How Does it Work?

 The working of this auto clicker is 100% safe, free, and easy. You can install from the google play store app by clicking on the free download option.

  • After downloading the app, now open the settings of the auto clicker.
  • First of all, set the type of clicking such as single, double, mouse, or keyboard clicking, and also the side of the mouse as left or right for clicking
  • Now set the time interval between clicks and repetition time as well
  • Point out the location of clicking via cursor
  • After putting in all the commands not click on the start button to start the operation
  • You can install this auto clicker for all types of windows, including Windows 7, and 10 operating systems, and also for Mac.
  • It is applicable for different types of games such as Roblox and Minecraft. You can earn more and more points through it by clicking on your target.

AutoClicker.AI for MAC

You can use this auto clicker for the MAC for automatic clicking by setting the pattern for clicking. You can control the functioning of the Mac in various ways via it. You can also set hotkeys for configuration.


1. What is the main function of

This auto clicker is specifically designed for handling different tasks on chrome and scoring high in shooting and all other such games.

2. Is this auto clicker free?

Yes, this software is free of cost, and it doesn’t demand additional charges, trial fees, or any other such cost for installing or further performance.

3. How is this auto clicker safe to use?

This auto clicker is legit, free from virus and malware data. So you can use it without any worry.

4. Is this auto clicker applicable for Mac?

Yes, this auto clicker shows the best compatibility for Mac and all types of windows.

5. How is the auto clicker used by software developers and programmers?

The programmers and developers use the auto clicker for bugs in developing software.

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