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Auto clicker AutoFill is a browser extension available on Google Chrome and Edge as well. It is accessible in different versions. The main function of this auto clicker autofill is to make auto-clicking/auto-filling on any of the websites possible for you.

This autofill tool is available in the Beta version and needs the information beforehand so you can automate the filling process to any website quickly without wasting your time and energy.

This tool is developed with high-level programming using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You have to configure and set up the tool setting right after its installation which is not a big deal at all as we will guide you through the process in this article.

How to Download & Install the Auto Clicker AutoFill Browser Extension?

AutoClicker AutoFill Main Interface

The auto clicker auto fill is readily available online to download to your browser extension table.

  • Click on the button given on this page. You will be redirected to a page where different versions (oldest to newest) are available for different browsers, e.g, Chrome, and Edge.
  • Select the latest version preferably for your browser; Chrome or Edge.
  • A new page will open, from where you can add the extension to your browser. Click on the button.
  • It will ask for your permission, to enable or accept it. And the extension will be installed successfully.

Once the extension is installed, you need to proceed further with the configuration setup to make it useful according to your needs and requirements.

Setting Up the Page

AutoClicker AutoFill Configuration

The auto clicker autofill has a little tricky interface, especially for those who hardly know the programming. But the phenomena will be covered in the later upcoming stages. When you open the interface of this tool, you will encounter many different options. Scroll down to find different options that can help you to proceed further. To make your proceedings easier and more convenient, you can see the examples that can guide you further about the usage of this tool. There are related Docx and blogs as well as the guiding material one can use to learn about the software to use it efficiently.

The software can be set up easily by the process of configuration. The below data can help you with your configuration on different sites. Still, you can contact the site by clicking on the create button. Create your query regarding any website that isn’t allowing you to configure you properly.

Configuring on the Test Page

AutoClicker AutoFill Batch

We have come up with a test page configuration for you for the sake of practice. Among the resources available in the extension such as a blog and docs, there is another option with the name of the test. Click on it to configure your tool on the test page. In the boxes given below, you have to write the word you want to auto-fill repeatedly. Say you write “Hello World” and save it.

You can configure it here in two forms that basically form but are filled in different ways for various purposes. The fillings are mainly done in another dialogue box opened in the side box. The configuration is done in the iFrame and the ex-pat. Let’s check out both of them.

Configuring the iFrame

AutoClicker AutoFill Action

The iframe is basically a page containing a little information that says the name, email, and message. You can see the little blocks at the bottom of the expath. The iframe you will see is actually for that site. You have to click on the setting option on the top right corner of the page. A pop-up will appear. Enable the iframe from this option. There will be a repeat option. Click on that option to tell the tool the repetition of your auto click and the time interval for the repetition process is also added. Suppose you add 10 within a retry limit of 1 second and refresh the page. You will see that your chosen word Hello World is filled throughout the expath.

It usually fills the main service page rather than the iframe because people see the main page first. You can also reverse your order of filling to check out what will happen on the test page. The test page configuration is exactly like your main web pages.

Skipping the iFrame

AutoClicker AutoFill Use On WebPage for Auto Filling

You can also skip this iframe option directly by skipping the retry option. Go to the pop-up by clicking on the setting option again. On the bottom, you will find three options. When you click on the skip the iframe option, the site will not retry for you another time if it doesn’t find the relevant data for you. Click on this option by typing 1 in the retry block. On refreshing the page, you will see there is no activity noted after the first trial.

Similarly, checking the block that says Refresh will refresh your page once you are unable to find the exact page. Refresh the page and you will see that only a single course of activity is noted on the right side of the site. The option will refresh that specific site for you if you don’t find it all at once.

You can check the notification options in the settings to minimize the error in the log. Because these notifications will warn you against any step that is taken wrong. To configure it without any difficulty, the newbies can find enough guidance from these notifications.

You can create configurations for each site and page. The auto clicker auto-fill provides you with the ease to fill in the given details to the relevant boxes of your page to make your life a bit easy and save much of your efforts. The people dealing with the web pages are better aware of it.


1. Is auto clicker auto-fill compatible with docs?

It has a docs extension as well. This is another separate extension in the autofill option. That helps you with the auto-filling of your docs automatically.

2. Is auto clicker auto-fill virus-free?

This tool is completely virus-free, you are not going to note any bugs even. This software takes very low storage in the extension bar and thus keeps your device protected.

3. Is it safe to use?

It is completely safe to use. You can use it as the application is not illegal. It doesn’t ban your id or anything. You can use it free of fear.

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