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Auto Clicker for Cookie Clicker Game

The Cookie Clicker game is what is termed as an incremental game or idle game. Incremental games involve the player doing basic actions like clicking, which then help them move up in the game.

In the Cookie Clicker game, players will start by clicking on a giant cookie that earns them one more cookie that falls down into a glass of milk at the bottom of the page. Initially, each manual click produces one click. 15 cookies set off the stream of upgrades that become available with the increasing cookie count. With 15 cookies, you can buy a Cursor that automatically clicks every 10 seconds. At this point, you can essentially leave the game playing on your computer.

Further on, at 100 cookies, you can buy a grandma who bakes your cookies faster than any of your Cursor upgrades. Other player assets that improve your cookie-making capabilities include factories, farms, banks, mines, and temples.

The price of each asset increases by 15% on every upgrade, giving players a higher and higher goal to reach. Some upgrades like being born again after Ascension take the player to square one in that level, making the game neverending.

The Cookie Clicker game was uploaded as a free prototype on the web. Its simple coding has allowed the emergence of cheats in its dedicated fanbase.

Why Do Players Need Cookie Auto Clicker for The Game?

Although you can instantly get a large number of cookies and upgrades by editing the webpage’s code with cheats, Cookie Clicker players agree that goes against the spirit of the game. Cookie Clicker game lures players into playing addictively by giving them a feeling of productivity, watching their cookie numbers go up, and their cookie empire expands.

Increasing your clicking speed is a different matter altogether. Since the game also awards an auto cookie clicker as an upgrade, players feel it just to use the modern method cookie clicker cheat that is the auto clicker software.

How to Execute An Autoclicker Script in Cookie Clicker Game?

Cookie Clicker

Scripts are lines of a sequence of instructions that can be carried out by software. Scripts are a popular tool in gamer circles where they are used to exploit the game and get advantages to help players win.

Players can find a significant number of cheat scripts online, which they can add to the code of their game. Here’s how you can execute an auto cookie clicker script into the Cookie Clicker game:

1. Choose The Right Script Executor

There are many different script executors available online that can execute gaming scripts in Cookie Clicker games. Online reviews make it easy to research and find the best script for you.

While looking for a script executor, look for these features:

  • fast reading speed/ quick injection
  • user-friendly UI
  • safe, virus-free download
  • reliable with minimal bugs, crashes, and freezes
  • free download

Krnl, JJSploit, and Sentinel are some good free script executors. JJSploit is very good for users of all levels, while Sentinel is a direct download with no installation required.
SynapseX is a paid script executor program that is the most popular software in the gaming community.

2. Disable Your Antivirus

Before downloading your script executor, your PC’s antivirus needs to be disabled. This software is identified as harmful viruses and malware by antivirus programs.

This is why it is crucial to find a virus-free script executor that will not be a threat to your computer or the security of your personal data.

3. Download Your Chosen Script Executor

Download the script executor you decided upon. Complete the installation process by following the instructions given by the program.

4. Run The Script Executor Program

Open and run the script executor on your PC while having the Cookie Clicker game open in your default web browser.

5. Input A Cookie Autoclicker Script And Press Execute

In your script executor program, enter a script from the ones provided in the proceeding section. You can use the Copy and Paste function for this purpose.

Click the Hit/Execute Button to begin running the script.

The Best Auto Clicker Scripts for The Cookie Clicker Game

Here are three great scripts that you can copy and paste into your script executor to run an auto clicker on the game:

Script 1

Follow these steps:

  1. visit
  2. open console
  3. paste this code and press enter and enjoy!
    // Code
    setInterval(function(){document.getElementById(‘bigCookie’).click();}, 1000);

Script 2

  1. Paste this file into your developer console (press F12, then click console)
  2. Type autoClick(interval); – in which interval is the number of milliseconds between each click or:
    Type setCookies(amount); – in which amount is the number of cookies you want
    *//********* COOKIE CLICKER CHEAT ***********/
    /** COOKIE CLICKER: **//**
    * Clicks the cookie in the cookie clicker automatically every millisecond (100 times per second)
    * Cookie Clicker auto click
    * Paste this code into the console and watch the cookie crumble
    function autoClick(interval) {
    window.setInterval(function() {
    var button = document.getElementById(“bigCookie”);;
    }, interval);
    * Sets the cookie count to the count provided
    function setCookies(amount) {
    Game.cookies = amount;

Script 3

Follow these steps:
* Auto Cookie Clicker
* Auto click cookies and golden cookies in the Cookie Clicker
* game can be found here:

* How to in Chrome:
* Open your browser and go to
* pressCTRL + SHIFT + J to open the developer console. Copy and paste the
* code between the “Auto Clicker” tags and press enter, and the auto clicker will begin clicking.

* Auto Cookie Clicker
* Auto click cookies and golden cookies in the Cookie Clicker
* game found here:

* How to in Chrome:
* Open the browers and navigate to
* then pressCTRL + SHIFT + J to open the developer console. Copy and paste the
* code between the “Auto Clicker” tags and press enter and the auto clicker will begin clicking. To stop
* the auto clicker, simply close your browers tab or refresh the page.

/* ******************** Auto Clicker ******************** */

function clickId(id) {
var element = document.getElementById(id);
if(element !== undefined) {
doEvent(element, “click”);
window.setTimeout(clickId, 25, id);

function doEvent(element, type) {
trigger = document.createEvent(‘HTMLEvents’);
trigger.initEvent(type, true, true);

window.setTimeout(clickId, 25, “bigCookie”);
window.setTimeout(clickId, 25, “goldenCookie”);

/* ****************** End Auto Clicker ****************** */


How to Stop Auto Clicker Script?

You can stop the Auto Clicker in the Cookie Clicker game in three ways:

  1. Open your auto clicker program and press the hotkey to stop the Auto Clicker from clicking in the Cookie Clicker game. The default hotkey is usually F9, but this can be altered to the user’s preference.
  2. Access your browser console and enter the following code:
  3. Refresh the webpage of the Cookie Clicker game website after saving your progress. This will automatically cease the autoclicker script from running.

Best Auto Clickers for Cookie Clicker Game

Best Auto Clickers for Cookie Clicker

1. GS Auto Clicker

The GS Auto Clicker is the most straightforward autoclicker tool. It can carry out your basic repetitive tasks by automatically simulating mouse clicks on your computer.

This auto clicker software is excellent for the Cookie Clicker game as it is very light and minimal software. This allows it to run very smoothly, and bugs and crashes are not a regular occurrence.

Moreover, it is entirely safe to download with no risk of viruses or data theft.

2. OP Auto Clicker

This auto clicker comes with several diverse functions. You can choose to click at a predecided location on your screen or set the auto clicker to perform its function wherever you take the cursor.

The OP Auto Clicker allows users to select the time interval between the clicks and the number of clicks with an option for infinite clicks. The software offers opportunities for single, double, and triple-clicking too.

3. Free Mouse Clicker

A free mouse clicker is software that allows you to set a point on the screen to simulate clicks repeatedly. You can pick between left clicks or right clicks and single or double clicks. The program is high-speed and runs smoothly.

It is a great asset for gamers and other people who need to do repetitive tasks like data entry.

4. Murgee Auto Clicker

Murgee Auto Clicker allows a wide range of intervals between simulated mouse clicks. You can set the interval in milliseconds, seconds, or minutes. The clicker also has the ability to record macro scripts, which is an added bonus.

How to Use Auto Clicker in Cookie Clicker Game?

Cookie Clicker

You can use this Cookie Clicker guide to use an auto-clicker to play the Cookie Clicker game:

  1. Download any good autoclicker program. The four programs mentioned above are good choices.
  2. Install the autoclicker software you downloaded.
  3. If applicable, choose the number of clicks in the autoclicker.
  4. Choose the time interval between any two clicks.
  5. Choose the click type between right-clicking or left-click and single, double, or triple clicks.
  6. Choose the hotkey to start/stop the autoclicker.
  7. Set the location of the click by dragging your cursor on the screen or specifying by location coordinates.
  8. Minimize the clicker, take your web browser to the Cookie Clicker game website and press the hotkey.

Using this handy guide, you can play the Cookie Clicker game consistently and feel the satisfaction of watching your cookies get baked at an exponentially increasing rate.

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