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Best Auto Clickers For Roblox Free Download | PC, Script, Android, and IOS (No Ban)

Best Auto Clickers for Roblox

There has always been a passion for gaming in the world, except that it had been once suppressed. As earlier, gaming is also considered a useful activity today but when it comes to e-sports, there are several misunderstandings. As the pandemic came in, people became more and more homebound after which they turned to ways to have fun while enhancing their abilities. Since then, PC and video gaming has become one of the most popular ways to have fun yet being useful.

Assuming you are a gamer yourself or have some level of interest in gaming, you must know about idle games where the user needs to click repeatedly to achieve the desired goal or win the game. If you have ever played or known such a game, you must’ve heard about the auto clicker tools, software, or programs.

An auto clicker is software that is designed to perform the repeated clicking task for gamers or other users. Before we dive into more detail about the auto clicker for Roblox, we are sure you must know a bit, and if you don’t already, we are here to help.

Roblox is a game that is often played by gamers using an auto clicker. Gamers use an auto clicker for the Roblox games to win against their competitors. This platform supports different games along with an immersive world thanks to the global gaming community.

If you are here to find the best auto clickers for Roblox, we assure you we are here to help!

Let’s dive in!

What Is The Roblox Auto Clicker?

What Is The Roblox Auto Clicker

Roblox auto clicker is the software used by gamers to perform auto clicks in-game. Often Roblox games require constant clicking to get a good game score. An auto clicker will help gamers perform these clicks by automation. These auto clickers help the gamers perform fast clicks. Many auto clickers can be used for playing Roblox, hence come to be known as Roblox auto clickers.

Features of Auto Clicker for Roblox Free Download

Features of Auto Clicker for Roblox Free Download

Auto clickers for Roblox have multiple features that stand out and make this software special. Some of the most apparent features are listed below.

  1. Auto clickers for Roblox work very efficiently with 3D games
  2. Set an infinite number of clicks
  3. Ongoing screen visualizations are not disturbed
  4. Easy setting of time interval
  5. Set the clicking mode
  6. Set click count
  7. Set the click location
  8. Open source and 100% free
  9. 100% secure and safe.
  10. Portable
  11. No malware or advertisements
  12. Easy installation

List of Top 15 Best Roblox Auto Clickers in 2023

We just discussed how auto clickers are used for playing games like Roblox. If you are tired of clicking the mouse, again and again, you have the choice of using an auto clicker for Roblox to get a high score and win against your enemy. Before we head on to how auto clickers can be beneficial for playing Roblox, let’s see some of our favorite Roblox auto clickers that you can download with ease and use. Want to see our top selections? Let’s dive in!

1. OP Auto Clicker 3.0

OP Auto Clicker 3.0

Op auto clicker 3.0 is a full-fledged automated auto clicker that supports two different modes of auto-clicking. This OP auto clicker is a great option to customize clicks and get a higher clicking rate. It supports multiple options for customization like customization of the click intervals. Users are also free to set a maximum number or an unlimited number of clicks. For unlimited clicks, users can choose the repeat column option.

OP auto clicker can be set to either follow the current location of the cursor or the dynamic location set. Op auto clicker can easily be used for Roblox because it fulfills the requirement of fast clicking. This OP auto clicker can be used with Windows and Mac so both users can get benefit from this software. This software has an ad-free interface, is safe to use, supports autosave settings, custom settings for a hotkey, and also supports background hotkey. Moreover, the OP auto clicker is perfect for single, double, and triple-clicking.

Features of OP Auto Clicker 3.0

  • Neat and clean user interface
  • Portable
  • No cost
  • Free of viruses, malware, and advertisement
  • Fully functional
  • Less CPU usage
  • Changing of hotkeys
  • Saved settings
  • Single, double, and triple-clicking supported

2. Roblox Auto Clicker

Roblox Auto Clicker

Roblox auto clicker is one of the best auto clickers designed with features to play 3D games like Roblox. It works smoothly and easily. With Roblox auto clicker gamers can easily switch to this software to generate automated clicks where needed. Users can also use this auto clicker to stay online in games and do other tasks alternatively, hence allowing multitasking. Users can also adjust the time between the clicks.

The Roblox auto clicker can also be run in the background with its hotkeys. Users can also control the navigation of this software with ease. Roblox auto clicker is a fully functional auto clicker that has two clicking modes; the dynamic location of the cursor and the pre-specified location. The number of maximum clicks can also be set or may be kept as infinite depending on the user’s preference. This auto clicker works with iOS and Android systems making it suitable for all users. Roblox auto clicker can be used with any 3D online game and automates all the clicking that otherwise can tire the gamer’s fingers.

Features of Roblox Auto Clicker

  • Recorded mouse clicks
  • Quick automatic mouse clicking
  • Click speed may be adjusted
  • Scheduling the clicks
  • Easy to use
  • Simple user interface
  • Portable
  • Open and free source
  • Malware and virus free

3. Forge Auto Clicker

Forge Auto Clicker

Forge auto clicker is a very fast and fully customizable free auto clicker for playing games like Roblox. Being a full-fledged software, it has several automatic clicking modes. With the Forge auto clicker, users can change the cursor position, change the clicking speed, save settings, and also change the hotkey positions.

Forge auto clicker brings brand new features for its users. Forge auto clicker is completely customizable and supports many amazing functions. It is fast, free, and very easy to use. It supports a very user-friendly interface that is regularly updated. This auto clicker supports swift clicks.

The best thing about the forge auto clicker is that it doesn’t have any ads. Moreover, the settings are saved automatically even if the user forgets to save them. Working smoothly and without any ads or viruses, this auto clicker has a small size so it takes less CPU usage and little storage. Hence, the forge auto clicker gives the user an amazing experience of auto clicking for Roblox.

Features of Forge Auto Clicker

  • Simple and easy user interface
  • Convenient use
  • Restore and see multiple options
  • Free usage
  • Free from ads, viruses, and malware
  • Presenting of the clicking limit
  • No special requirement for hardware
  • Setting post-task functions
  • Custom, convenient hotkeys
  • Low memory and CPU usage

4. Free Auto Clicker

Free Auto Clicker

Free mouse auto clicker is a software designed for automated clicking that runs on windows. It is a free auto clicker that is fully functional and free from malware or ads. This auto clicker supports two modes for clicking; the dynamic location of the cursor, or the prespecified location. Users can also set the maximum amount of clicks needed or set it to infinite.

With the free auto clicker, users can automate their mouse clicking and run it in the background as well. This software may be used for multiple purposes like for different applications, websites, or playing games like Roblox. The free auto clicker allows users to adjust the hotkeys, choose between the mouse click buttons, set the number of clicks, and allows single, multiple, and triple-clicking. This auto clicker is an open and free source that has a very simple and clean user interface with no ads or malware. It is also virus-free. The free auto clicker allows users to set the pauses between the clicks and set the time for stopping the clicks along with showing the click count. With the free auto clicker, users can easily automate their mouse clicks and multitask while this auto-clicking occurs in the background.

Features of Free Auto Clicker

  • Hotkeys for starting and stopping clicks
  • Universal usage
  • Exact X and Y coordinate for clicking
  • Schedule time interval
  • Record multiple clicks
  • Best for gaming
  • Safe and easy
  • Free from ads and malware
  • Single, double, and triple clicks
  • Save clicking points
  • Stimulate right or left clicks

5. Fast Mouse Clicker Pro

Fast Mouse Clicker Pro

Fast mouse clicker pro is a great auto clicker tool that automates very quick clicking using either the keyboard keys or the mouse buttons. Users can trigger automated clicks with mouse buttons or keyboard keys. This fast mouse clicker Pro also allows users to position the mouse. This simple software allows users to generate multiple mouse clicks without having to touch the mouse.

This software is free and can easily be downloaded within seconds. There are no special requirements and fast mouse clicker pro is compatible with most of the popular versions of windows. This mouse clicker also doesn’t require many resources for running.

Fast mouse clicker pro offers users a simple, clean, and intuitive user interface. All the required configurations can easily be set when needed. This software allows users to set a speed for clicking, and also stop the clicking after the required amounts of clicks are achieved. Fast mouse clicker pro can click when the trigger key is hit or pressed down. This software also allows gamers to choose the mouse buttons from the right, left buttons, or the mouse wheel. Hence, this fast mouse clicker pro offers a countless number of clicks in a second with ease.

Features of Fast Mouse Clicker Pro

  • Easy installation
  • No special requirements
  • Set the clicking speed
  • Stop at a set amount of clicks
  • Choose between mouse buttons
  • Plays in the background
  • Clicks up to 9999 times in a second
  • Simulates right, middle, or left clicks
  • Triggers with keyboard key or mouse button clicks
  • Free licensed software

6. GS (GoldenSoft) Auto Clicker

Press F8 To Click GS Auto Clicker

GS auto clicker is a great tool to generate automated mouse clicks without using your hand. If you frequently click with the mouse when working or playing, this software can save your time and effort. Just press the specific set hotkey and the GS auto clicker with do all your clicking. Users can also set the record sequences for multiple clicking. GS auto clicker also gives users the option of setting the mouse button for clicks and generate single or double clicks as needed.

GS auto clicker generates all the repetitive mouse clicks and saves your mouse from any unneeded damage. GS auto clicker can be used with ease and users don’t have to worry about crashes and lags because this auto clicker utilizes a quick installation, is easy to use and uses the least system resources. When you have downloaded and installed the auto clicker on your device, just instantly start using it. The interface and menu are very simple and don’t require any sort of technical knowledge or skills. GS auto clicker allows users to set the key sequences that can run with single-clicking. The auto clickers macro function is perfect for purpose of gaming. Users can also set customized hotkeys to save their time, navigate browsers without repeating phrases, and add in their frequently used words. This software does not have any viruses or malware so it is safe for your computer.

Features of GS Auto Clicker

  • Free to use
  • Easy to download
  • Supports one-click automation
  • Supports multiple click sequences
  • No crashes or lags
  • Quick click automation
  • Simple and easy interface
  • Limited functionality

7. Perfect Automation

Perfect Automation Download

Perfect automation is a friendly yet powerful auto clicker that allows users to automate many tasks from gaming to other work. This auto clicker comes with a scheduler, a script recorded, a mouse, and a keyboard recorder. These features enable users to get their tasks done more efficiently. It features an absolute set of automation tools with the ability to record and then play the keyboard and mouse options.

Perfect automation does not need to be installed for different applications. All these modules given above are combined into one program. You will just have one icon in the taskbar or the system tray even when you’re using all of the software’s components. This software is supported by all windows editions ahead of windows 2000. The installer of the application is as light as only 1MB. Set the installer, download it, and then follow the instructions for the installation process. The setup wizard supports several languages including German, French, English, Spanish, and Russian. The interface is easily accessible and has simple, large buttons that are easy to access.  Perfect automation is a free application for users to download and enjoy. With this auto clicker, users can have all their tasks completed with automated clicking easily.

Features of Perfect Automation

  • Users can edit and create their scripts
  • Record mouse and keyboard actions
  • Users can set the time interval
  • Hotkeys supported
  • Supports a shortcut manager
  • Users are free to schedule tasks
  • Supports four modules

8. Free Mouse Clicker

Free Mouse Clicker 3.8.6

Free mouse clicker is a special auto clicking software designed to automate mouse clicks for users. Users can set the interval for mouse clicking or can choose between single or double clicks. Users can also choose between setting the right or the left mouse button for clicking. The free mouse clicker is very simple to use. Users can also control when to start or stop the free mouse clicker. To start or stop the clicking, users just have to click the button or use the hotkey.

The free mouse clicker is free software that can be downloaded and used by anyone. The users just have to set the cursor to where the clicking has to be done and just wait for the software to generate auto clicks. This auto clicker is a very useful tool for gamers who love playing games like Roblox or Minecraft. Instead of having to perform multiple clicks, gamers can use this auto clicker to generate automated mouse clicks in their game. The free mouse auto clicker uses minimal machine resources. It is the basic software that can easily be used to play different games like Roblox.

Features of Free Mouse Clicker

  • Straightforward interface
  • Select the sequence number
  • Choose the click location
  • The software is free
  • Simple and easy use
  • Start and stop hotkey
  • Supports right/left clicks
  • Supports single or double clicks.

9. Auto Clicker Typer

Auto Clicker Typer Tool

Auto clicker typer is an auto-clicking tool that allows users to generate a series of button strikes and repetitive clicks. This auto clicker supports an auto-script and a record function. Regardless of appearing as a simple auto clicker at the first sight, it supports many diverse functions. The record button of this auto clicker records your mouse clicks and cursor movements.

The recording is saved in the script box. Users can stop clicking whenever they want or loop the script by adding a loop value. All of the functions in this auto clicker typer can easily be performed with the hotkeys. These hotkeys support right, left, single, and double-clicking options.

Auto clicker typer software offers an amazing feature known as auto script keys. Auto clicker typer is a great tool for those users who frequently turn on the same computer programs again and again. This auto clicker is free from viruses and malware and can be used safely. If users want to use this auto clicker typer while they multitask, they can minimize it by sending it to the system tray. In this manner, the hotkeys will stay active even after the window is minimized. Auto clicker typer has a very simple user interface and is easy to download and use. Simply download and enjoy!

Features of Auto Clicker Typer

  • Saves time and effort in repetitive clicking
  • Multiple customization options
  • No internet connection needed
  • Small size
  • Easy interface
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Supports auto script keys
  • Free from malware and virus
  • Set up to 10 hotkeys

10. Murgee Clicker

Murgee Auto Clicker

Murgee auto clicker is an auto clicker tool that is designed to generate left mouse button clicking with the shortcut of the keyboard. With this auto clicker, users can give their fingers the rest that they need. Users can stop/start clicking with just one wide shortcut. The Murgee auto clicker main window gives the option of configuring multiple options. Users may set the interval or delay between the mouse clicking. Murgee auto clicker also allows users to define the click number to be automated.

Murgee auto clicker is one of the most reputed names in the world of auto clickers today. This auto clicker does not have any viruses and is there safe and sound to use. This auto clicker allows the user to set the period between consecutive clicking, hence the tasks can be performed conveniently and effectively. With the Murgee auto clicker users can also set a particular keyboard key for starting and stopping the auto-clicking whenever required. Whether you need an infinite or finite set of mouse clicks, this auto clicker will do it for you. Murgee auto clicker has a simple, intuitive, and easy graphical interface for the best user experience.

Features of Murgee Clicker

  • Restore or save the cursor location
  • Simple and easy interface
  • Change auto clicker background and text color
  • Allows configuration at the set location of the screen
  • Set the delay between mouse click numbers
  • Hide the application with the cross button
  • Start/stop mouse clicking even when the app is hidden
  • Set the audio file to play once clicking is complete
  • Supports several keyboard shortcuts
  • Change the mouse clicking speed
  • Supports mouse clicks; left, right, middle, left button-up, right button-up, right button down and the relative left click of the mouse.

11. Clicker

Clicker 1.0 - Clicker Interface

The clicker is one of the best and most advanced auto-clicker programs that is used by users. This clicker auto clicker is fully programmable with a list of commands that can be created and repeated in multiple cycles. The clicker app supports different features like using remote keyboard and mouse kets, run processes at a set time, and managing the windows state. Auto mouse clicker clicks your mouse buttons at determined intervals. This clicker can be used to generate single or double clicks using the left or right mouse button. The intervals can be set ranging from hours to a maximum of second fractions.

This clicker allows users to set the location where they want the clicks to be performed. Users are free to set a random or specified time for the clicks. This auto clicker runs unobtrusively with the icon of the system tray. It can easily be called again for use. The clicker also stops and starts the hotkeys.

Features of Clicker

  • Fully programmable
  • Invokes single, double right, and, left mouse clicks
  • Invoke the keyboard keys
  • Supports shortcuts for keyboard
  • Supports sound
  • Maybe minimized into the system tray
  • No installation needed
  • No malware or viruses
  • Built-in reminder
  • Very simple interface
  • Extremely fast

12. Automatic Mouse Move and Click Software

Automatic Mouse Move

Automatic mouse moves and click software is a perfect solution for users who want to bring the mouse to a specified location on the screen and perform clicks. It enables users to carry out clicking activities even when the user isn’t present. This software allows multiple actions of the mouse to be set, each with a specific action and location set.

Auto mouse move and a clicker can be used to perform clicking at different set locations. This amazing auto clicker uses a special automation technology that prevents your system from logging off or being inactive when not in use. This auto clicker software allows users to add in their time intervals for clicking. It can be minimized easily when it isn’t required. It has diverse compatibility and works with most Windows versions. Users do not need to install or buy any other hardware or program to use the software. Just download and enjoy. The auto clicker supports three options for each action; single click, double click, or no action. Users are also free to set the seconds of delay needed between the repeats. These actions are saved to a file and loaded from there.

Features of Automatic Mouse Move and Click Software

  • Set the pixel rate
  • The program minimizes when not on screen
  • Works with most Windows versions
  • No need to install or buy other hardware
  • Prevents systems from going to hibernation
  • The software is free
  • Supports multiple mouse clicks
  • Save and load actions from the file

13. Auto Mouse Click

Auto Mouse Click By Murgee
Auto Mouse Click By Murgee

Auto mouse clicker is downloadable software for mouse clicking that generates auto mouse clicks using a defined script. This auto mouse click can generate right and left mouse clicks. It also supports single or double left or right mouse clicks. This auto clicker works by defining the X and the Y coordinates to determine the location for mouse clicking. It saves these scripts for use later. This click script set can later be loaded and run.

Users are free to add as many mouse clicks as they want to automate and then just start the button to generate clicking. This auto mouse clicker allows users to set the exact location for clicking or even set a random place for clicks. This random area can be drawn with the mouse. This auto clicker also supports multiple sequences for these clicks. The software is very light, uses multiple languages, is very fast and simple, and has a full keyboard emulation. Users can generate as many clicks as they want in a sequence using this auto clicker.

Features of Auto Mouse Click

  • Very portable and lightweight
  • Random positioning
  • Random time
  • Very simple user interface
  • Quick and fast operation
  • Supports full keyboard emulation
  • Generate multiple clicks in one place
  • Generate left, right, single, and double mouse clicks
  • Free software
  • No viruses or malware

14. Click-o-Matic 2023

Click-o-Matic Auto Clicker

Click-o-Matic 2023 is a perfect auto clicker that has been updated with new bug fixes, a new look, and many changes to optimize the performance of the application. This auto clicker is one of the most fully functional software that is perfect for playing games like Roblox. The new user interface of this auto clicker supports improved legibility, especially with high-resolution monitors.

Click-o-Matic auto clicker removes the need for constant clicking and increases the clicking speed of users. This auto clicker is simple and easy to use and is super fast and accurate. Users can easily open up a stack in just a matter of a few seconds without the need to lift the finger. You don’t need to be a professional to use the click-o-Matic 2023 auto clicker. That’s the best part! This auto clicker is easy to understand, set, and operate.

Features of Click-o-Matic 2023

  • Accurate and fast
  • Easy understandability and use
  • Click and then hold down button use
  • Schedule time in seconds, hours, minutes, or milliseconds
  • Stop mouse movement when needed
  • Semi-transparency
  • Stays on top of the application
  • Status indicator
  • Perfect use for Roblox
  • Supports double click
  • Supports right, left, and middle mouse button

15. Free Mouse Clicker

Free Mouse Clicker

The free mouse clicker is free software that allows users to perform repeated mouse clicks with ease. While it seems to be simple software, it’s perfectly set for use and is free. Free mouse clicker supports right and left mouse clicks and a single or double mouse click option. Users can also set the interval between the mouse clicks and start or stop the clicking using the hotkeys.

The free mouse clicker is very quick and works with the mouse or keyboard trigger. Just set the position for clicking and you can get as many as 9999 clicks in a second. This mouse clicker can be used to play games like Roblox. This is free software and can be used by anyone. Just download this software and enjoy!

Features of Free Mouse Clicker

  • Simulate middle left, and right mouse clicks
  • Auto-stop after a set number of clicks
  • Clicks as much as 9999 times in a second
  • Set click interval
  • Set single or double clicks
  • Free software
  • Free from ads and viruses
  • Set keyboard hotkeys
  • Compatibility with most Windows versions

How To Use Roblox AutoClicker?

While the Roblox auto clicker has a simple and easy user interface, here are some simple steps to follow to use the Roblox auto clicker for gaming.

  1. Download the Roblox auto clicker from the website using the instructions for downloading.
  2. When you click the download button, the downloading will be started immediately if your internet speed is good.
  3. After downloading the file, install it on your device.
  4. When the installation of the auto clicker is complete, you will see a window open that will show options like cursor position, and click interval, etc.
  5. First, adjust your click interval. This is the auto-clicking speed. It can be set in mins, hours, secs, or milliseconds. For fast clicking, go for milliseconds.
  6. Now you will see the click options. Choose the right or left mouse button for auto-clicking.
  7. After choosing the button, you must decide upon the click type. You may choose between single or double-clicking, as per your need.
  8. Once that is set, select how many times you want the clicks to be repeated. You can choose the “repeat until stop” option if you want unlimited clicks.
  9. After that just open your Roblox game and navigate to the location where you need your clicks. You also have the freedom of setting a record sequence for the automated clicks.
  10. You also have the freedom to choose the position of the cursor. While the default is set, you can change it if you want to click in a specified area.
  11.  You can start the Roblox auto-clicking with the hotkey or manually. The hotkey is F6 by default (for many auto clickers, until it’s mentioned separately), but you can change it if you want to. Just click the F6 button to start clicking. To stop the auto-clicking just click the F6 button again.

Benefits of Using Automatic Clicker for Roblox Game in 2023

The benefits of using a Roblox auto clicker are countless. This custom-designed software offers plenty of benefits to gamers and other users, saving not just their time, but also their efforts used in performing repetitive clicks. The features of auto clicker software are greatly worth being appreciated. Some benefits specific to using an auto clicker for the Roblox games are given below.

1. Get Better Scores

A lot of games are available on Roblox. You can now play these games with an auto clicker to get better scores than ever before. With an auto clicker for Roblox, you can compete better against others and also get a higher score. So, an auto clicker for Roblox benefits users with a high score in gaming.

2. Perform Multitasking

Now, with an auto clicker for Roblox, gamers can easily perform other tasks while clicking is automated in the background. With an auto clicker, gamers no longer have to do the boring part of clicking in the Roblox game because an auto clicker will do this clicking for them.

3. Saves Time

Roblox auto clicker saves the time of the gamer by quickly generating auto clicks in the background. Gamers can use this time to do some other important tasks because they won’t have to do the time-taking task of performing multiple clicks. Hence, an auto clicker for Roblox will save the time of the gamer.

4. Avoiding Arm Injuries

When it comes to games like Roblox, gamers are required to perform multiple clicks that can often damage one’s fingers or arms. With such clicking, gamer’s arms can be injured. This is where an auto clicker for gaming like Roblox comes to the rescue. An auto clicker for Roblox gives the arms the rest that it needs as the task of auto-clicking is taken over by this software. So, by using an auto clicker, gamers can avoid any kind of arm injuries that otherwise could have resulted from multiple clicking in games.


Is an auto clicker for Roblox safe for use?

All the auto clickers for Roblox mentioned in our list are safe for being used with your computer as long as your computer’s anti-virus program does not detect them. These auto clickers don’t normally pose a risk and are safe to use.

Can my auto clicker keep running in the background?

Yes, modern technology allows auto clicker software to run in the background. You can easily work or do other things while the program auto clicks. These software stay as a minimized taskbar icon, hence can be reopened from the taskbar.

How can I turn on the auto clicker on Roblox?

It’s very easy to turn an auto clicker on Roblox. While some auto clickers for Roblox normally have buttons for starting and stopping, other auto clickers do have hotkeys to start and stop auto-clicking. By default, most Roblox auto clickers have the F6 key as the hotkey for starting and stopping the auto clicker.

Is the auto clicker for Roblox free?

Yes, most auto clicker software for Roblox, including our list, are free for users. Users can easily download the file and install it on their devices. There is no need to make any payment to use the Roblox auto clicker since all the auto clickers mentioned on our site are free for use.

What are the benefits of auto-clicking?

Auto clicking with auto clickers is a useful way to save your time and efforts used in clicking. These auto clickers are convenient to use and make it easy for you to perform multitasking. Hence, auto clickers for games like Roblox make multitasking easy, save time, and also save the effort of the user.

Are there any auto clickers for Roblox that I can use?

Yes, there are many different auto clickers for Roblox like the ones we have mentioned above. There are many auto clickers for Roblox available online like an auto clicker, Murgee auto clicker, and OP auto clicker.

Can an auto clicker be detected by Roblox?

No, not really. Roblox cannot detect or ban the auto clicker. But if you want to stay safe it’s best to stay within the limits. Do not make massive clicks per second and stay within the limits. As long as you do so, you are good to go.

How can I install an auto clicker for Roblox?

Auto clickers for Roblox are very easily available. For mobile, they’re found in mobile stores like Google play, or iStore. For PC, laptop or other such devices, you can use the above mentioned tools. You can easily download an auto clicker for Roblox on your mobile or laptop and install it for use.

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