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Best AutoClickers For Windows 100% Free Download | Automate Clicks on Windows (No Ban)

Best Auto Clicker for Windows

The modern era of technology has become entirely dependent on the use of computers for everyday tasks and entertainment. If you are a gamer, you must be tired of repeatedly clicking the mouse a hundred times when playing a PC game. This can often get very tiresome and boring. Are you tired of clicking constantly in your PC games? We have the perfect solution for you. Windows auto mouse clickers for games are amazing software that generates unlimited clicks and that too, absolutely free

Several games like Roblox and Minecraft often require gamers to have a high clicking speed and to be able to perform such repeated clicking, you need high levels of energy. Auto clickers are a great way to make thousands of clicks without having to waste any energy. Having said that, let’s get to the point. Are you in search of the best auto clicker for windows? Don’t worry. We are here to help. In this article, we will cover everything about auto clickers for windows, from the general features to the best auto clickers that are available for use today. What are we waiting for, let’s get started? 

How Does Windows Auto Clicker Work?How Does Windows Auto Clicker Work

Windows auto mouse clicker uses a very simple operation. They are designed to imitate the clicking action of a mouse. These auto clickers often work with different computer programs. They work as the program runs similar to the working of a physical mouse button.

Other advanced auto clickers perform more complicated and diverse functions. These may be customized for the desired program using memory reading. Online games often work with customized auto clickers. Advanced windows clickers allow users to automate all mouse actions inclusive of simulating the entire keyboard inputs

General Features of Auto Clicker for Windows Free Download

An auto clicker is designed to perform many of the tasks that are normally performed by humans. It generates clicks at much a faster rate than humans can ever do. If you are yet uncertain about the amazing features that an auto clicker offers, we have listed them for you. 

  1. Auto clickers have a low CPU usage
  2. Autosave settings 
  3. Virus and malware-free 
  4. Open and free source 
  5. Users can set the number of clicks 
  6. Clean and convenient user interface 
  7. Click by the following the cursor or click at a specific point
  8. Choose single, double, and/or double clicks 
  9. Set click intervals in seconds, milliseconds, hours, or minutes
  10.  Hotkeys run in the background 

List of Top 15 Best Windows Auto Clickers in 2023

We have compiled a list of the best windows auto clicker. We have reviewed each of the products in detail and also described their features. We are sure that our collection of the best windows auto clickers will be helpful for you in selecting the best one for use.

1. AutoClicker.Ai

Autoclicker AI

AutoClicker.Ai is a very powerful free windows auto clicker that generates auto clicks on a PC or laptop screen. Gamers often use this auto clicker to get improved scores in their favorite idle games like Roblox and Minecraft. Offering several complicated tasks, this auto clicker generates high-speed clicks per second. If you want this to work faster, you can set a small interval time between the clicks.

AutoClicker.Ai is a universal auto clicker that is compatible with multiple operating systems including Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. Being a mouse and keyboard auto clicker can perform hundreds of commands on part of the user. This auto clicker is amongst the best ones that can be used for gaming. It was designed for gamers to get a better experience gaming by increasing the clicking speed beyond normal. 

Users can choose between single, double, and triple-clicking. The auto clicker supports right, left, and middle mouse button clicking, and the click interval can also be set. This software is reliable and free from malware and ads. 

If you want to use AutoClicker.Ai for windows, use the chrome installation browser for performing the tasks like auto clicking for windows games. The chrome extension of can be used to surf new sites and broadcasts, handle data entry tasks, play games, and answer surveys. This tool is, therefore, a great way to play windows games and compete with others. 

Features of AutoClicker.Ai

  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • High-speed CPS 
  • Set interval time 
  • Suitable for playing games 
  • Supports mouse and keyboard clicks 
  • Free for download
  • Virus and malware-free 
  • Ad-free 
  • Press at the screen to set clicking location 
  • Supports single, double, and triple-clicking 

2. GS Auto Clicker

Press F8 To Click GS Auto Clicker

GS auto clicker is a great auto-clicking tool for gamers who want to rid themselves of mouse clicking. This freeware tool is great for gamers who want to save time and energy. Being one of the best auto clickers available in the market, GS auto clicker allows users to record the click sequences on various parts of the PC or laptop screen. Users are free to choose between single or double-clicking. 

With the GS auto clicker, you just have to press one specific hotkey to start and stop the auto clicks. This tool also can be set to click as many times as the user wants. Users can either set a certain number of times they want the clicking to be performed or set the “click until stopped” option. The click interval can be set in minutes, seconds, hours, or milliseconds. 

GS auto clicker supports great compatibility and works perfectly with Windows 7, Windows Vista, and other 64-bit systems. This software has a straightforward user interface that every gamer can operate with ease. One of the best things about this auto clicker is that it supports scheduled software-generated clicks. This means users can set the time interval for the clicking, and also set the number of clicks that they want. GS auto clicker is free software and is specially designed for gaming purposes. With a range of functions and features, the GS auto clicker is a great option for playing windows games. 

Features of GS Auto Clicker

  • Straightforward interface 
  • Simple to use 
  • Free to use 
  • Set single or double clicks 
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Hotkey supported 
  • Set click interval 
  • Record click sequences 
  • Supports customization 

3. PTFB Pro

PTFB Pro Auto Clicker

PTFB is amongst the best auto clickers for gaming because it runs smoothly with almost no interruptions. This software can work with any windows program to generate auto keystrokes and mouse clicks. PTFB Pro is a very sophisticated auto clicker that is a very handy tool for gaming and gives more than just a regular auto clicker. It supports many advanced features like software automation, automated software testing, a macro recorder, and a small footprint. 

This tool sits quietly in the device’s system tray till you have a task to perform, that is when it comes in to take control of the repetitive clicking tasks. 

This auto-clicking software has a great response time and supports a very simple yet intuitive interface. With PTFB pro you can keep all the vitals running and even stop the programs when you want. This auto clicker supports a built-in scheduler along with an external software for scheduling that allows users to run the tasks based on a previously designed schedule. PTFB Pro supports a very simple interface that is easy to operate. 

Features of PTFB Pro

  • Small footprint 
  • Easy and quick operation 
  • Supports software automation 
  • Suitable for professional use 
  • Performs repetitive tasks 
  • Supports 24/7 vital running 
  • Restarts programs when hung
  • Intuitive and simple interface 
  • Record actions 
  • Set time interval 
  • Handy use
  • Supports advanced features 

4. Mouse Clicker

Free Mouse Clicker 3.8.6

Mouse clicker is software that automates clicking anywhere on the laptop or PC screen. If you want to play windows games, or just increase your working speed, a mouse clicker is a perfect tool that will help you automate your mouse clicking at specific set points. This auto clicker is used for different games and applications where there is a need for repetitive clicking. With this auto clicker, users can automate clicks at specific points for extended periods. 

Gamers often use this mouse clicker to record better performances in video games. With several options for customization, this mouse clicker is efficient and fast. Being very easy to set and install, this auto clicker is suitable for everyone, even for starters. Beginners who have no experience of using an auto clicker can operate this mouse clicker with ease. All you have to do is to record the coordinates or click points for auto-clicking once, and then let the auto-clicker generate those clicks for you. 

This auto clicker is a great option for clicking in games because it supports a series of specific coordinates as well. The location for clicking can be set with the X and Y-axis. Mouse clicker is a perfect auto clicker for several idle games like Minecraft, cookie clickers, RuneScape, etc. This program supports the right, left, and middle mouse buttons stimulation. Moreover, this auto clicker comes with a simple hotkey function for easy operation. Mouse clicker supports several platforms including Mac, Windows, and Android. 

Features of Mouse Clicker

  • Automates mouse clicks anywhere 
  • Works great with games 
  • Repeated clicks at specific points for extended periods 
  • Several options for customization
  • Record mouse clicks 
  • Ideal for starters 
  • Fast and efficient 
  • Set series of coordinates 
  • Middle, right, and left mouse clicks 
  • Straightforward interface 
  • Works with Mac, Android, and Windows 

5. Free Auto Clicker

Free Auto Clicker

Free auto clicker is also one of our top choices for auto clickers for windows because it is a robust and powerful software that comes with multiple features. Free auto clicker supports a user-friendly interface making it easier for gamers to set their clicks as per their need. Offering several mouse configuration options for better efficiency, this auto clicker is freeware that anyone can download and use. Moreover, this software can generate right and left mouse clicks. 

To ensure that precise location where the user wants to generate the clicks, the free auto clicker sets the location by determining the X and Y coordinates. This helps users decide the exact location where they want the automated clicks. One other unique feature of this auto clicker is that it supports multiple clicking points and then runs them as one script. Amongst the best features of this auto, the clicker is giving gamers complete control over their gaming experience and allowing them to set the custom click interval time. This auto-clicking tool generates fast mouse clicks that even run in the background for a convenient experience. 

Free auto clicker supports a very simple user interface that is easy to operate. It is free software that is safe to use as it is free from adware. It also works great on all web pages. 

Features of Free Auto Clicker

  • Simple and easy user interface 
  • No ads or malware 
  • Smooth working on web pages 
  • Free updates for a lifetime 
  • 100% safe to use 
  • Schedule and interval 
  • Set X and Y coordinates 
  • Hotkey support 
  • Safe and easy to use 

6. Auto Clicker Typer

Auto Clicker Typer Tool

Auto clicker typer is a great tool that allows users to generate a series of repetitive button strikes and clicks. Regardless of being a very simple software, it supports multiple functions like the auto script and record function. This auto clicker records the clicks and the cursor movements and changes them to a script for your work. To play the script users just need to click the play button and stop it anytime as well. It also allows the loop option by setting a loop value. For those who use their computers for performing repeated tasks, this auto clicker is a convenient choice that takes over the job of repetitive clicking. 

Auto clicker typer also supports the use of simple hotkeys for starting and stopping the clicking action. The hotkey option supports right, left, single, and double-clicking options. One of the unique features of this auto clicker is the auto script keys. This allows users to set up the hotkeys for 10 separate saved scripts. So if you want to use a specific script, just click the hotkey set for the script. 

This auto clicker uses a very simple user interface, making it a perfect choice for starters. No prior knowledge of programming is needed for operation. Auto clicker typer is a small-sized software that doesn’t even require an internet connection. 

Features of Auto Clicker Typer

  • Auto script function offers customization 
  • Small in size
  • No internet required 
  • Perfect for beginners 
  • Supports hotkeys
  • Single and double clicks supported
  • Left and right mouse clicks 
  • Minimizes in the system tray
  • Simple downloading 

7. Perfect Automation Clicker

Perfect Automation Download

Perfect automation clicker is a great auto clicker tool that saves the users time and effort. This auto clicker can be used as a keyboard and mouse recorder, a scheduler, a launcher, or as a powerful script editor. These four applications do not need to be installed separately as they are combined into a single program. You will just have one icon in your taskbar or system tray. This automation tool is available in different languages including German, English, French, and Russian. 

Perfect automation has a small file size and can easily be downloaded by following the instructions. 

You don’t need to be an expert to use perfect automation. It is suited for beginners because no programming is required. At the same time, it is also suitable for advanced users as it supports many advanced features. This auto clicker allows users to set the time interval for clicking and records mouse and keyboard actions. Moreover, it supports a shortcut manager and also allows users to schedule their tasks. All scripts are saved by the program and can be repeated for the set time interval. This software is supported by any windows system from Windows 2000 ahead. The installer is as light as 1MB and the installation process is very simple. With hotkeys support, users can easily automate their repetitive clicking tasks. Perfect automation if a free software that is virus and malware-free, hence is safe to use.

Features of Perfect Automation Clicker

  • Allows users to create and edit scripts
  • Hotkeys supported 
  • Supports task scheduling 
  • Supports shortcut manager
  • Records mouse and keyboard actions 
  • Supports four modules 
  • Allows users to set the time interval 
  • 100% safe download
  • Free from viruses and malware

8. The Fastest Mouse Clicker For Windows

Fastest Mouse Clicker For Windows 

The fastest mouse clicker for windows allows repetitive clicking for the performance of several tasks. It also supports customization using the command-line or the GUI. This tool supports a great click rate allowing as much as 100,000 clicks per second. The right, middle, and left mouse buttons are completely functional and may be used for clicking using the keyboard. Users can also trigger clicking with the arbitrary keyboard. It can also work on PCs with several monitors being connected. 

Supporting amazing configuration options, this program allows users to activate clicking using any mouse or keyboard key. These auto clicks can be stopped after a certain number. The program works perfectly even when it is minimized. The fastest mouse clicker for windows is an open and free source that works uninterrupted without any viruses, ads, or malware. It also supports multiple independent trigger keys for starting and stopping the clicks in the toggle mode. The user interface is very simple, making this software easy to handle and use. 

Features of The Fastest Mouse Clicker For Windows

  • 100,000 clicks per second
  • Supports customization 
  • Supports right, middle, and left mouse clicking and keyboard
  • Supports clicking with arbitrary keyboard 
  • Stops auto clicks when needed
  • Free from viruses and malware 
  • Simple and easy user interface 
  • Supports hotkeys 
  • Works even if minimized 
  • Open and free source 
  • Free from viruses and malware

9. Auto Mouse Click

Auto Mouse Click By Murgee
Auto Mouse Click By Murgee

The auto mouse click is a great auto clicking software that allows users to set right, middle, or left mouse clicks using the configurable shortcut for the keyboard. With this auto clicker users are free to click the mouse button at either a fixed or a variable clicking speed. It supports starting and stopping auto clicks with the global keyboard/single wide system shortcut. Auto mouse clicker can either click at a pre-defined set screen location or set the clicking to the current location of the cursor. Users can configure the time interval or delay between the auto clicks and set the number of clicks (infinite or finite). While it is simple software, it supports many advanced features and has an intuitive yet simple graphical interface. 

This auto clicker allows setting the delay/interval between the mouse clicks in seconds, milliseconds, and minutes. With advanced feature support like the key presser, the macro recorder, the fixed point clicker, and the color clicker, this auto clicker software is one of the best options for gaming. It supports diverse compatibility with different windows versions including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and others. The free trial of this auto clicker offers all the features that you need without any limitations in functionality. 

Features of Auto Mouse Click

  • Supports advanced features
  • Supports click with the right, left, or middle mouse button 
  • Set variable or fixed mouse clicking speed
  • Click at the current or fixed screen location 
  • Users can set intervals between clicks 
  • Users can set the number of clicks 
  • Intuitive and easy user interface
  • Supports free trial 
  • Compatible with most Windows versions

10. Automatic Mouse Move and Click Software

Automatic Mouse Move

Automatic mouse moves and clicks software is a great solution for users who want to generate auto mouse clicks at a specific location on the computer screen. This software allows users to set multiple mouse actions each with its unique action and location. Users can set the mouse position by navigating the cursor to the desired position and pressing the F5 hotkey button to start recording. The X and Y coordinate positions will be displayed. This auto clicker allows three options for each action; single click, double click, or no action. It also allows the setting of the number of the second delays between the repetitions. Moreover, actions can also be saved to a file and then loaded from there. 

This auto-clicking tool uses a straightforward design that brings all the things into a single panel. Auto clicking can be started and stopped using the set hotkeys. Supporting a simple user interface, this is a friendly software that doesn’t use a lot of system resources, hence does not affect the performance of the device. This software is free to download for multiple windows versions including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and others. With Mouse mover and clicker software, users can easily bring the mouse to the desired location and start auto-clicking.  

Features of Automatic Mouse Move and Click Software

  • Simple user interface 
  • Supports hotkeys 
  • Friendly software 
  • Compatible with multiple windows versions 
  • Set multiple mouse click actions
  • Set intervals between clicks 
  • Set single or double clicks 
  • Lightweight software 

11. Clicker

Clicker 1.0 - Clicker Interface

The clicker is a fully programmable auto clicker software that supports single and double mouse clicks with the right or left mouse buttons. The clicker is amongst the most advanced keyboard and mouse automated software that works with multiple operating systems including Microsoft windows. The clicker allows users to choose a different mouse, click, open a website, write text, or turn off or restart the PC at a set time. This auto clicker software is fully programmable and generates a command list that can then be invoked multiple times. This mouse and keyboard auto clicker allow users to automate their clicking tasks with ease. 

The clicker will automatically click the mouse buttons at the predefined intervals. This tool is a very simple utility that can generate single or double mouse clicks with the left or right mouse buttons. The click intervals can range from fractions of a single second to hours. This software runs unobtrusively and stays in the system tray till you call it for use. It also supports hotkeys to start and stop auto-clicking. This auto-clicker is one of the most popular and advanced ones for windows that users can easily use to automate their auto-clicking tasks. 

Features Of Clicker

  • Supports advanced functions 
  • Fully programmable 
  • Create a command list and invoke them as needed 
  • Auto clicks mouse buttons at set intervals 
  • Generate single or double clicks 
  • Right or left button clicks supported
  • Set click interval 
  • Runs unobtrusively 
  • Start and stop with hotkeys 

12. Free Mouse Clicker

Free Mouse Clicker

Free mouse clicker is a great auto-clicking tool for windows. It is a simple and easy-to-use software that lets users automate their clicking tasks. It supports single and double mouse cycling with the right and left mouse buttons. Users can also set auto click breaks for the mouse clicking. Free mouse clicker allows users to set the click interval time and use keyboard keys to start and stop the auto-clicking. Since this auto clicker supports the hotkey button, users can start and stop clicking with the button or the hotkey button. 

The free mouse clicker is very simple and easy to operate so anyone can use it regardless of their expertise. Even though it is a very simple auto clicker, it performs the necessary tasks with efficiency. The best part, it’s easy, simple and free of cost! This mouse clicker is compatible with all Windows versions including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and others. This simple auto clicking software allows users to mouse click from a minimum of 1/100 millisecond up to 100 hours. Free mouse clicker isn’t just easy to operate but is also freeware that can be used by anyone at all. Users can download this simple auto clicker for free. To inform the users that this auto clicker is working the screen displays a red visual indicator at the position where the auto clicker is clicking. Just set the mouse to the desired location for clicking and press the hotkey to get started. 

Features of Free Mouse Clicker

  • Allows clicking a specific spot 
  • Set click interval 
  • Supports single or double clicks 
  • Right or left mouse clicks 
  • Supports auto keys
  • Red visual indicator 
  • Simple and easy to use 
  • Multiple compatibilities with windows versions 
  • Freeware 
  • Perfect for beginners 

13. Auto Clicker by Polar

Auto clicker by polar 2.0

Auto clicker by polar is a free automatic mouse clicker that generates automated mouse clicks at a specified location on the computer screen. Being simple and easy to use, this auto clicker will clicker wherever you want it to! It supports a simple and user-friendly interface that is easy to operate. Moreover, users can set the click interval in milliseconds. Auto clicker by Polar is free for download. This software is very lightweight and does not take much space on your computer. Users can choose whether to click at a fixed spot or click at the cursor location. It allows users the freedom to choose between single, double, and triple clicks. 

Features of Auto Clicker by Polar

  • Single, double, or triple clicks 
  • User-friendly, simple interface 
  • Set click interval
  • Free download
  • Easy to use 
  • Lightweight 

14. Auto Clicker by Shocker

Auto Clicker by Shocker Tool Interface

Auto clicker by Shocker is a great auto clicker that generates single, or double clicks with the middle, left, or right mouse buttons. This auto clicker also supports pausing, cursor freezing, and stopping clicks after a set number allowing users to completely customize their clicks. Auto clicker by shocker supports hotkeys for easy auto-clicking. The default hotkey to start and stop auto-clicking is F9. users are free to set the time interval for the auto clicks. 

Features of Auto Clicker by Shocker

  • Supports single and double clicks
  • Uses middle, left, or right mouse buttons 
  • Fully customizable mouse clicks 
  • Supports hotkeys 
  • Set time interval 

15. E Auto Clicker


E auto clicker is a free auto-clicking software that allows users to generate simulated mouse clicks even when you aren’t there. This software is free for Android and windows. Users can choose between the left and right mouse clicks as well as the time delay between every click. This is a simple application yet is suitable to perform necessary repetitive clicking. Users can choose the hotkeys as per their choice. E auto clicker supports a simple and easy user interface and is very easy to use. 

Features of E Auto Clicker

  • Start and stop hotkeys 
  • Choose hotkeys or buttons 
  • Simple user interface 
  • Choose between left or right clicks 
  • Supports games 
  • Schedule click time delay 

Points To Consider Before Choosing An Auto Clicker

There are plenty of auto clickers out there that you can download and use with ease, but every auto clicker is different and has a unique set of features. Thus, when choosing an auto clicker, it is necessary to look at some pointers that we have listed below. 

  1. The auto clicker must be safe to use
  2. It must be free from malware and viruses 
  3. It must support some advanced features 
  4. The user interface of the auto clicker should be user-friendly 
  5. The auto clicker must support simple installation and setup 
  6. Must be compatible with multiple devices and operating systems 
  7. It should support the hotkey option
  8. The auto clicker must be easy to operate 

How To Use An Auto Clicker For Windows? 

While there are many auto clickers available today, many of them are compatible with windows. You will find many auto clickers for windows on many different browsers. You can choose any of the auto clickers for the windows given above. Auto clickers can easily be downloaded. The process of windows auto clicker download is quite simple. There is also no extensive installation process. Just download, install, set, and use. Follow these simple steps for using an auto clicker for windows.

  1. Open the auto clicker website using any browser. Download the file from the website. 
  2. Once the file is downloaded to your computer, open it from your computer downloads section. 
  3. Click it to open. You will see a small window appear on the PC or laptop screen. Here there will be multiple options like click options, click intervals, and cursor position. Set these according to your choice. 
  4. Next, open the game of software that you want to use this auto clicker with. Bring your cursor to the deserted location. 
  5. When your clicking target is set, just press the start button or hotkey. This will start the auto clicker and your auto clicks will be generated at the target location. If you have selected your location in the X and Y coordinates, just click the hotkey to start). 
  6. To stop the clicking, just press the hotkey again. 

Benefits Of Using Automatic Clicker For Windows Game in 2023

Gamers love using fast clicker windows for gaming because of the plentiful benefits that it offers. They love automating their clicks for gaming whether on PC, laptop, or mobile devices. What benefits do you think are offered by using automatic clickers for Windows games? Here, we have enlisted some of the most important benefits.

1. It Makes Clicking Easy

Using an auto clicker for windows games gives gamers the advantage of automating clicks in their favorite games. Auto clickers are perfect for making clicking easy in idle games that require constant mouse clicking. So, by using an auto clicker for windows games, gamers can simplify their clicking process.

2. Auto Clickers Give Gamers An Edge Over Their Competitors

While it isn’t entirely fair, all gamers make use of auto clickers to automate their clicking in windows games. If every gamer is doing it, why shouldn’t you? When gamers use automatic clickers, it gives them an edge over their competitors and gives them the chance to compete against them. Without automatic clicking, it may be impossible to win against your competitors.

3. Auto Clickers In Gaming Save Time And Effort

Auto clickers are used in windows games to save the effort and time of the gamer. When an auto clicker does the repetitive clicks for the gamers, they don’t have to waste their energies in performing a hundred clicks. This saves the efforts of the gamer. Moreover, auto clickers perform clicks much faster than any human can. Hence, when gamers use auto clickers, they also save time.

4. They Save Gamer’s Fingers From Harm

Constant clicking with fingers can cause harm to your fingers. By using an auto clicker for windows games, you will save your fingers from harm as the clicking is taken over by this software.

5. Simple And Easy To Use

Auto clickers are very simple to download and use. You don’t need to be a professional to understand the working of an auto clicker. All gamers can download the software from auto clicker websites. The process of installation is simple. Auto clickers use a very basic interface, so all gamers can use them easily for playing windows games.


Are there any auto clickers available for windows?

Yes, there are many auto clickers for all versions of Windows including 8, 9, and 10. You can choose the best auto clickers for windows from the different options.

Are auto clickers safe to use?

Auto clickers are safe from viruses and malware and are hence safe to use. They do not cause any harm to your computer.

Is it legal to use auto clickers?

Auto clicks are not illegal to use because there are no laws that state anything against them. Auto clickers can be used except in games where they are banned for use.

Which auto clickers are best for Windows?

With so many auto clickers available in the market, some are better in terms of their usability and features. Some of the best windows auto clickers include OP auto clicker, PTFB Pro, Auto clicker, Murgaa, Auto clicker Pro, and GS auto clicker.

Can I download an auto clicker to my PC?

Yes. auto clicker can easily be downloaded to the PC. Just choose the auto clicker you want and download it from the website. After downloading, install the software and use it for generating auto clicks.

Can these auto clickers work with Mac?

Yes, many auto clickers are available for Mac. These auto clickers are compatible with the Apple operating system. Users can use these auto clickers to perform repetitive clicks to improve their efficiency and productivity.

Is auto clicker for Windows free?

Yes, auto clickers are free software that users can utilize to generate auto clicks. The basic auto clicker software is free, but users can buy the paid versions if they want.

How do I set and use an auto clicker for Windows?

First, download the auto clicker from the website and then install it on your computer. Then select the keyboard key for starting and stopping the clicking. Then just click the key to start auto-clicking.

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