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Autoinput Auto Clicker
Autoinput Auto Clicker - Download from Google Playstore

Whether you’re playing games or doing tasks that require repetitive clicks, your fingers must be tired of having to click repetitively. Constant clicking is not an easy task, because it uses a lot of your time, energy, and effort. If you’re looking for a shortcut, you’re at the right place. Android auto clickers are amazing tools designed to help automate all your repetitive clicking tasks. Here, we cover free auto clickers for android AutoInput, which is a great automation tool for Android. Here’s everything you need to know about this tool. 

AutoInput Android AutoClicker

AutoInput auto tapper is one of the best autoclicker for android that does not require any root access. This auto tapper allows you to automate several different functions without needing to touch anywhere on the screen once after initiation. You can easily control this auto tapper with programmable buttons and gestures. One thing that is needed to use this app is the tasker app that must be downloaded on your device. 

So, when you have both apps installed, only then can you use this auto clicker with ease. When both apps are installed, the AutoInput program has to be run as an “accessibility service”. To do this, go to settings and choose accessibility options. After that, you can activate this app’s full version. So, to be able to use AutoInput to its full potential, it is necessary to learn to operate the tasker app which is the modus operandi of this app. 

Moreover, this app does not require your device to be rooted. This condition-based app will trigger all actions according to the preset conditions you have assigned. The paid version of AutoInput is a very robust study tool and offers different automation. The problem, however, is that you need another third-party app to use it. Moreover, the free version does not support all features. You’ll have to buy the paid version to take advantage of all the features of this app.

Features of Android AutoInput 

AutoInput is a unique automation app that has some interesting features that are worth a look at. These features are enlisted below. 

1. No Root Required 

AutoInput is one of the most amazing automation tools for Android that does not require your device to be rooted. It does not require root access, meaning that you don’t need to root your device to use this app.

2. Install Tasker On Your Device 

To use this auto tapper, you need to install another third-party app, the tasker on your device. Once both apps are installed, you will be able to use AutoInput auto tapper for automating functions and tasks on your device. 

3. Both The Apps Support A Trial Version 

Although the Tasker app isn’t entirely free, it does support a trial version that you can try out to test this plugin before you purchase it. Moreover, a trial version is also supported by the AutoInput app, so you can test its use beforehand to see whether you want to get it or not. 

4. Execute Automation On Apps 

AutoInput and Tasker combined can help you execute most, if not all your apps on your Android device. If you’re wondering whether you can automate a particular app with this tool, the answer is probably a yes, because most apps can easily be automated with this tool.

5. React To On-Screen Events 

You can set the tasker app profiles to react to whatever goes on on your device screen like clicking a button or changing the content of an app. AutoInput can therefore help you react to multiple on-screen events.

6. Learn To Use The App  

AutoInput and Tasker apps may be a little hard to learn at the start, but once you get the hang of it, the powerful features are worth praising. While it may seem a little tricky at the start, you’ll learn to use the powerful features of this app shortly. 

7. Powerful App 

Although this app is paid, and a little hard to learn, the powerful features supported by AutoInput make it a worthwhile choice. This powerful app supports many diverse and amazing features that its users praise it for. 

Current Version 2.8.1
Updated On October 14, 2019
Requires Android 4.3 and up
Size 4.7M
In-app Products $1.99 per item
Offered By joaomgcd
Developer Visit website
Star Rating on Google Play Store 3.6


The AutoInput tasker apk download has undergone several updates with the newer versions of the app coming out. Below is a list of all the versions of this app that have developed over time. 

  • 2.0 – 16th June 2016
  • – 26th Dec 2018
  • 2.7.bf3 – 26th Dec 2018
  • 2.8.1b – 5th April 2019
  • 2.8.1- 5th November 2020

How To Download And Install The AutoInput App

AutoInput is a great automation tool that is easily downloaded and installed. The following steps explain the process of download and installation. 

  1. Press the download button to install AutoInput AutoClicker on your device. 
  2. Also, download the Tasker plugin with the same process. You will find this app in the Play Store. 
  3. Once both apps are downloaded, you can adjust your settings and use them to automate all your tapping tasks and functions. 


The AutoInput is the best auto clicker but has several limitations of use with Android. While this tool is compatible with Android versions, it has limitations on Android 6 and lower. On Android 6 and below, you will not be able to simulate clicks inside the web views, meaning that clicks cannot be generated on web pages in web-based apps or browsers. On Android 7 and above, there are no such limitations, so you can click anywhere and everywhere!


If you are tired of tapping repetitively on your Android device, you may just need an Android auto tapper for help. AutoInput is one great option for an auto tapper for Android. Regardless of being paid and a little hard to understand at the start, you will be able to make the best of it once you get the hang of it. This amazing tool is all you need to automate your everyday tasks on your device. If you haven’t tried it yet, make sure to give it a shot!

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