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Automatic Mouse Move And Click Software

Automatic mouse move and click software

Automatic mouse move and click software is an automation tool that is used to point the mouse to a specific location on the screen to perform a specific action. It is the best auto clicker for windows and Roblox. This enables you to perform your clicking actions even when you aren’t using your computer. It allows users to set multiple mouse actions, each with its own unique action and location.  The position of the mouse can be set by navigating the cursor to the desired location on the screen and pressing the F5 button to start screen recording with this software. For the exact location, automatic mouse moves and click software show the exact x and y positions. For every chosen action, the user is given three options; a single click, no action, or double click. You can set the required seconds delay between the click repeats. The clicking actions can be saved to your device and later loaded as needed from the file.

Features Of Automatic Mouse Move And Click Software 

Automatic Mouse Move

There are multiple unique features of this tool that makes it unique, the best auto clickers for windows and separate from other such tools.

  1. Move the cursor to the location to perform a clicking action
  2. Performs action while the user is away
  3. Multiple mouse actions can be set, each with a separate action and location
  4. Press F5 to start recording
  5. Define X and Y screen positions
  6. Three options for each action: a single click, no action, double click
  7. Set number of delays between the repeats
  8. Save and load actions from the file

How To Download and Use? 

Automatic mouse moves and click software is a simple tool that is very easy to use. All you have to do is open the tool once it is downloaded. To download this tool just click the download button given below. The main window will open. You will see options for customizing your clicks. Set the click speed, delay, and a number of clicks as per your need. Once done, just minimize this window and open your game to start automatic clicks.

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