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Blue Stack Auto Clicker | Get Repetitive Clicks

Blue Stack Autoclicker

Auto clickers are excellent tools to help you automate your everyday tasks as well as games. One such functional and valuable tool is the BlueStacks Repetitive tap tool or auto clicker. BlueStacks offer you many shortcuts you can use to improve your gaming experience. You can use this tool to automate your clicks. Sometimes, in your games, you will have to click repetitively at a point. This auto clicker can help your fingers rest. You’ll only have to click a single time to start the process.

Features of BlueStacks Auto Clicker

Features of Blue Stack Autoclicker


BlueStacks auto clicker is a great tool for Windows and Mac users to automate clicking in their games. The tool supports useful features like the long-press, repeated tap, scripting, and macros. With these features, you can enjoy your games to the fullest. Here are the features of the tool.

1. Visual Shortcuts

The repeated tap tool by BlueStacks supports visual shortcuts that you can use to set your custom control scheme. With this, you can easily play your games just as you like them.

2. Repeated Tap

The repeated tap feature allows you to replicate single and multiple key press actions. You must place the repeated tap button wherever needed on the screen and set a key for activation. Using this key, you can make clicks by just pressing one keystroke.

3. Long Press

The latest feature of the tool is the long press. With this feature, you can make several repeated inputs if you press and hold a key. In simple words, you won’t have to push the button to use the tool continuously. Using the repeated tap tool’s long press, you can “lock” the button, so it remains pressed for as long as needed till you free the button. The long-press feature works well if you want continuous input but with maximum control.

4. Macros

Macros are also an exciting feature of the Blue Stack auto clicker. Some tasks can be very tedious, especially if you’re playing games. Here, macros are very helpful. BlueStacks 4.130 build and above allow you to use this feature. With macros, you can record all your actions so they can be played later. By registering your tasks, you won’t have to do the tasks again and again.

5. Scripts

Sometimes, in games or otherwise, you need to do several things repetitively, things other than just clicks as well. This isn’t just boring but also very tiring. The repetitive tap function can work well if you just need clicks, but if you have to perform multiple actions in a game, the BlueStack auto clicker offers the scripting function. A script consists of a set of instructions to inform the computer about what needs to be automated. You can use scripts to get across boring levels. These can be saved for later use.

Benefits of BlueStacks Auto Clicker

Benefits of Blue stack auto clicker

The BlueStacks auto clicker is an amazing tool for people who have to click repetitively whether it’s a game or work. Here are some of the amazing benefits of the tool.

1. Give Your Finger a Rest

The BlueStacks repeated tap tool allows you to give your fingers a rest because the tool does the work for you while you rest. You just need to press the button once and the tool handles everything else for you.

2. Easily Automate Your Games

With the Blue Stacks auto clicker, you can easily automate your games. You don’t need to click manually. The tool does the work for you.

3. Repeated Inputs with Long Press Feature

With the tool’s long-press feature, you don’t need to press the key continuously. This feature locks the button so it stays pressed for as long as you need.

4. Scripts Allow You to Automate Several Tasks

In your games, you might have to perform several tasks. The script function lets you automate different functions. The script can also be saved for later use.

5. Simple and Easy to Use

The tool is very simple to use. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can use the tool with ease.

6. Improve your Clicking Speed

BlueStacks auto clicker also helps you increase your clicking speed in games so you can win them easily.

How to use the BlueStacks Repeated Tap Tool

The Repeated Tap tool is straightforward to use. Follow the set of instructions below.

  • Download and install the tool
  • Search for the button of repeated tap on your screen. It will be with the rest of the shortcuts.
  • Now place this button where you need automatic clicks.
  • Set a hotkey to start automated clicks.
  • Feel free to select any key from your keyboard and then click it.
  • On pressing the key, repeated taps will start.


BlueStacks auto clicker is an excellent tool for playing games that require multiple clicking. This tool can easily automate your games and improve clicking speed. If you want to improve your clicking speed further, find a suitable gaming mouse, sit in a comfortable position, and practice as much as possible. If you haven’t used the BlueStacks repeated tap tool yet, give it a shot!

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