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Clicker Mouse Clicking & Keyboard Typing Tool

The Clicker Mouse Clicking & Keyboard Typing Tool is one of the latest and advanced automation tools for mouse clicking and keyboard typing. This fully programmable tool is highly efficient, and you can execute a list of actions in a single operation. Moreover, the Clicker lets you auto-click the mouse on all three buttons, type the text and do many other tasks on the PC.

For use, you have to set a list of tasks with a time interval of your choice and run a repetitive cycle for selected or unlimited time. With this tool, you can automate your tasks by using an auto keyboard and mouse clicker. Moreover, you can use a hotkey to start or stop the process without any effort.

Exclusive Features

This automation tool has uncountable features that make it one of the best auto clickers.

1. Time Interval

With this tool, you can set the time interval of repetitive cycles. For example, if you want to run a job on clicker 1, you have access to various cycle types like you can run the process with a specific alternative, fix, and random time interval.

2. Automate Shortcut Keys

You can automate the shortcut keys, for example, Shift+Alt, during a process or separately.

3. Run External Applications

When you do an office task, you have to cope with various external applications like MS word, excel sheets, etc., with Clicker, and you can manage all applications that you use to perform a task.

4. Built-in Reminder

If you are willing to reboot your PC or want to login into your account at a specific time. This tool allows you to do all types of tasks at predefined times. Once you set them, it automatically does it on time.

5. Detect Colors

The Clicker is quite an intelligent tool and detects colors precisely. Using this feature, you can tell the auto clicker to click on the color instead of describing the place.

6. No Installation

It is available in a zip file. You have to download the clicker file, unzip it and extract data. After extraction, you can use the tool instantly without any installation process.

You can get a free auto mouse and keyboard clicker without paying anything.

Clicker Interface

Clicker 1.0 - Clicker Interface

To effectively use this valuable tool, you have to understand the purpose of all options present on the interface. To make this step easy, we have a list of all functional keys with their purpose.

  • Here the user can check the list of chosen actions
  • From here, you can monitor the working status
  • Here you can access different features of the tool
  • You can delete the wrong action
  • Button is here to save the defined list of actions
  • Shows the number of selected actions
  • Here you can set the number of repetitions you want for the selected operations
  • Move up the list of desired actions
  • Move down the list of desired actions
  • From here, you can add a new activity to the list
  • This is for duplication of a selected task, and you can duplicate it for an unlimited time
  • You can edit the list of operations from here
  • You have to click here once you define the job to run it
  • Click to save the status of the data
  • Here you can see the timer of the action
  • To remove data
  • Showtime, you have to wait to perform the next task
  • Here you can see the keyboard shortcut (LCtrl+Space) to start and stop the process. If you want to use this shortcut, activate it in the global hook

How To Use

As you are familiar with all keys, now it’s time to learn how to use this tool

  • Open the interface and click on the add operationClick on add operation to capture the key.
  • The interface becomes minimized and proceeds to the desktop.
  • Now you can go to the place where you want to click
  • Choose the location, click the left button and “a” key to mark the area
  • Once you select the mouse location or action, next, you have to choose various options because this tool is fully programmable
  • You can label the operation or skip this stepSet the name of the action
  • Next, select the type of mouse action; if your task doesn’t need any mouse operation, then skip this step.Select the type of mouse action
  • Next, you have to define the repetition type, i.e. alternatively, periodically, or randomlyClicker 1.0 - Type of call
  • You have to select the combination of keys from the given list. However, if you want a specific key combination, you can do this by clicking on the help optionClicker 1.0 - Keyboard
  • If you’re going to play a sound, add it here in the sound file and select from here.Clicker 1.0 - Sound
  • The process tab has many predefined options for external processes like shutdown, restart, quit the program, etc.Clicker 1.0 - Process
  • Set the time interval and speed of the execution of the action in the taskSet the time followed by other
  • Lastly, you have to wait to complete the process, save it and run the program.


With the help of Clicker, you can do multiple repetitive tasks without wasting your time and energy. This tool is not a simple clicking tool, and it has all the advanced options to automate the mouse and keyboard. You can use it in gaming to automate clicks or automate different office tasks like data entry, sending emails and messages. Moreover, you can click download free for windows from here. Overall, it is the best tool you should keep in your list of favorite tools with all its benefits.


Q1. Is Clicker Safe For Use?

This tool has no virus to harm your PC or any spyware to disturb your privacy. Moreover, it has no spam files, and all related data is stored in its own file only because of no installation process.

Q2. Why Is The Clicker Not Working Correctly?

If you are unable to start this tool, then first check that you have Microsoft.Net Framework. If you don’t have this, install this framework for efficient use.

Q3. Can I Send Emails And Messages With This Tool?

Yes, you can send automatic emails and messages in bulk from the keyboard auto clicker. Moreover, you can schedule them, and the tool sends them at your defined time without a chance of error.

Q4. How Many Times Can I Repeat The Task Cycle?

You can repeat it multiple times, and you can set the number. However, you can set it to unlimited clicks and stop the process by clicking the hotkey quickly.

Q5. Can I Schedule The Tasks?

Yes, you can set reminders even a week before. When the time arrives for the assigned task, the tool automatically completes the process.

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