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Did you know the world record for the highest clicks in 10 seconds is 1,051? Isn’t it surprising? But wait, have you ever checked what your CPS is?

There are various tools that are designed efficiently to help you discover your mouse click rate and are extremely popular among hardcore gamers and programmers.

If you want to know your click speed per 10 seconds, these tools can be of great use since these are programmed to give you fast, accurate and efficient results.

If you’re a novice or want to know about click per second score, let us break it down for you.

What is the CPS?

CPS stands for ‘Click per second’ and is popular among those who want to count their mouse clicks in a specific time slot. Not only gamers but software developers, as well as programmers, need to test their click speed for better performance and time efficiency. The mouse manufacturing companies also use such tools to measure the click speed of their clicking products.

The Purpose of the CPS Test

The fundamental purpose behind the CPS test is to test the click speed performance of gamers and developers and to help them improve their click speed against time. The clicking games could be extremely tough when it comes to defeating your opponents through maximum clicks. This is where you need to improve your speed and test it at a certain level.

The CPS test helps you analyze your level of CPS score and motivates you to improve it every time you check your CPS score. There is a plethora of such tools available which provide you with accurate results in a user-friendly interface.

Do’s Before Checking Your CPS Score

  • A stable internet connection to get fast and real-time results.
  • Your mouse needs to be placed in a comfortable and easily accessible place.

How to Check Your CPS Score in 10 Seconds?

Our CPS test tool is free of cost and allows anyone to check their click per second score. It has an accessible and user-friendly user interface and carefully measures the score in 10 seconds.


The timer starts when you first click on the ‘click here’ text at this CPS test tool. The number of times you click until the end of the timer gets added to your score. When the timer ends, you get displayed the total number of clicks you’ve made.

You may restart the test by clicking the ‘Restart Test’ button to improve your CPS score. There is no limit to retaking your test, so you may practice as much as possible to take out the best of your speed.

How is the CPS Score Measured?

It is evident that the more times you click on the mouse, the better score you generate. When the timer terminates, you can find out your final score. CPS gives you a precise ratio of the number of clicks by the number of seconds (selected by the user). For example, if you made 60 clicks in 10 seconds, your CPS score will be 6 CPS.

CPS= number of clicks / the number of seconds.

Must-haves of Our CPS Test Checker

As stated earlier, there are various tools available that test your CPS score efficiently. Our CPS test checker tool owns the specifications which are proven to produce better results.

  • It has an interactive user interface with handy options.
  • The CPS test tool is compatible with any device, including laptops, desktop devices, etc.
  • The tool has unlimited access and no requirement to install any third-party app.
  • It is compatible with every browser with all the functionalities available.
  • It allows you to share your results on social media channels.

Benefits of Click Speed Test Tool

In today’s decade, when things are becoming less manual and more tech-friendly for the ease of users, it is pivotal to have access to such tools which are able to measure the user’s performance accurately. This click speed test tool serves the purpose with its efficiency and rapid result-driven performance.

  • The CPS test tool enhances the mouse clicking speed even after the very first time you test your score.
  • The mouse-clicking techniques can help you strategize your test for better outcomes, eventually pushing you to score better.
  • The CPS test tool helps you become a pro at gaming.
  • Taking the CPS test is a great way to kill time and also effectively helps with stress and anger management.

Tips to Improve Your Click Speed

  • Make use of a mouse instead of a trackpad.
  • Hand-positioning matters a lot, so place your point fingers closer to the mouse.
  • Do not put too much pressure on the mouse since it can affect your click speed. Try clicking lightly.
  • Use the left and right keys accurately.
  • Do not get indulged in scrolling when you are clicking.
  • Keep practicing.


To help you improve the click score faster and more accurately, our CPS test tool is designed with a user-friendly interface. With handy features and fast outcomes, our click speed test tool is loved by many. If you like our CPS test tool, do not forget to recommend it to your friends and also share your test score on your social media handles as well.

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