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Clicks Per Minute – Click Speed Test in 60 Second

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Gamers know the importance of a good clicking speed in games because CPS speed can often become the only difference between a win and a loss. A gamer with a good clicking speed may have an advantage over a player who doesn’t. It is that simple!

How can you improve your clicking speed if you don’t know where you currently stand? Well, the click speed test is the perfect tool for the job. With the CPS test, you can see how fast you can click within a specific time frame.

Want to know more about the 1-minute click speed test?

We’re here to help you out!

What is the 1-Minute Click Speed Test?

Many wonders if 60 seconds is enough time to test your clicking speed. It may surprise you, but 60 seconds or one minute is the ideal time to test your clicking speed. However, this time frame is a little challenging because you need to maintain your focus for quite a time.

The 60 seconds click speed test allows you to see the number of clicks you can make in 60 seconds/one minute. The more your click, the higher your CPS score will be.

Taking the test is simple; press the start button and start clicking as fast as possible till the timer runs out.

The most interesting part is that you can share your scores with your friends and not just practice or test your clicking speed but also play it as a game where you compete to set the highest score.

In the mood for a competition? You can challenge your friends in the 1-minute click speed test and see who can make the highest score.

Why Do You Need the 1-Minute CPS Test?

While some believe it serves no particular purpose, the 1-minute CPS test is more than just a game for people who know its value. Primarily, the CPS test is used to check your current CPS score; how many clicks you can make in 1 minute. Yet, gamers also use the 1-minute CPS test as a tool to enhance and improve their clicking and gaming skills. This is true for idle and shooting games, where gamers must click repeatedly at high speed.

The uses of the tool don’t end here. The 1-minute CPS test also serves the purpose of being a great stress releaser. After a tiring day, taking the CPS test can help your mind relax.

How does that work? Research shows that fidgeting with your fingers or hands can relieve unnecessary stress by diverting your attention. The test is an ideal way to squirm and get rid of everyday stresses!

World Record for the 1-Minute CPS Test

While it may also surprise you, a world record for the highest 1-minute CPS score exists! Yes, a world record.

The highest number of clicks in 1 minute is 582 clicks, which, when converted to seconds, equals 9.7 clicks per second. This is a massive score because most people can only make around 4 to 6 clicks in a second.

This record is pretty impressive because when the time frame is longer, it’s easier to get distracted or tired.

Do you have what it takes to beat the world record? Take the test and find out!

Don’t forget to challenge your family and friends.

How to Take the Click Sped Test 1 Minute

The steps are straightforward if you want to take the 1-minute click speed test. You don’t need to do much; follow the guide below.

  1. Above, you’ll see the “start” button. Click on it to start the test/game.
  2. As soon as you click the start button, the timer will begin. You have 1 minute to make the maximum clicks.
  3. Start clicking as soon as the timer starts. Click as fast as you can.
  4. As soon as the timer stops, you’ll see the results on the screen; your CPS score.

If you aren’t satisfied with the score and believe you can do better, you can always retake the test multiple times; there’s no limit to that! Retake the test to achieve a better and higher score.

How to Improve 1-minute Click per Second Speed?

Well, it all starts with practice and motivation. The higher your motivation, the better your chances of improving.

Moreover, practice is always the key. Start your practice with short time frames, such as  30 thirty seconds speed test, and then turn to higher time frames. It’s okay if you’re not too fast at the start; with some practice, you can get there.

The answer also lies in the gaming gear you use. You might want to invest in a good gaming mouse if you want a high CPS score. Gaming mice are designed with additional features to help in gaming. Moreover, don’t forget to keep yourself relaxed and sit comfortably. Take a deep breath before you start. You’ve got this!

Final Words

The 1-minute click per second test is more than just a way to check your clicking speed; gamers love playing it as a game to compete with friends and family. If you are also an enthusiastic gamer, we suggest to try the test yourself; we’re sure you’ll love it!


How many clicks can you make in 1 minute?

It all depends on your skills. The fastest clicker was able to make 582 clicks in 1 minute. If you think you can go higher, take the test yourself. You’ll never know how many clicks you can earn till you try.

What’s the average speed of clicking in minutes?

A person can make around 250 to 400 clicks in a minute. But gamers can often get a score much higher than this.

How can I get a higher CPS score?

If you want to increase your CPS score, you’ll need a good gaming mouse. Moreover, practice is essential. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. You can take the 1-minute CPS test to practice and improve your clicking skills.

Is 10 CPS a good score?

Yes, 10 CPS is exceptionally good because an average person scores 6 CPS. You’re better than most gamers if you reach 8 CPS or higher.

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