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DwellClick – Clickless Mouse Software for Mac, 100% Free Download

Dwell Click

Are you tired of using your mouse repeatedly at the same point while playing any game on your Mac? Don’t worry, we know it causes pain in fingers, so let’s get rid of this worn to a frazzle. We have come with a new hack for you? Here is one of the best window apps, DwellClick. It allows the user to click its mouse without causing pain in your hands and fingers.

Version 2.2.4
License Free
Language English
File Size 1.9 MB
Pilotmoon Software
Automation Tools
What’s in the tool
DwellClick is an application for Mac OS X which lets your mouse click and drag for you, saving your hands from repetitive clicking motion.
Operating Systems
Macintosh, Mac OS X 10.9, Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.10, Mac OS X 10.8, Mac OS X 10.7

What is the DwellClick-Auto Clicker?


An auto clicker is a tool that allows the mouse to click automatically. It is mostly used in games. After the successful launch of the mouse auto clicker, the software is introduced for the Mac that is termed Dwellclick. It allows the user to click on the Mac at certain points that you choose, just by pointing at them without using fingers. The user needs to point it out, and after that, he doesn’t need to click again and again. You can adjust the speed and repeated points manually, and it does work till you stop it by yourself. One of the amazing things is that you can set left, right and double click for you. It will not only click but also drag for you.

  • It removes the tension of repeated clicking.
  • Allows clicking via movement of the mouse.
  • Speed up the clicking process and is helpful in gaming as you can click a thousand times per second.

How to Download Dwellclick Software?

It is very easy to download pilot moon dwell click software. First to decide which version you want to install.

  • The latest version DwellClick v2.2.4 for macOS was released on 1st April 2016. To download it, click on the following option. Download DwellClick v2.2.4.
  • The oldest versions of this software are DwellClick v2.2.3, released on 25 March 2015, DwellClick v2.1.2 (macOS 10.8, 10.7, 10.6), DwellClick v2.1.2 (macOS 10.6) & DwellClick v1.5 (macOS 10.5).
  • You will first need to download a file from Dwell Clicker.exe and after it, install the file on your Mac.
  • Now complete the installation instructions, and now you will get the Dwell clicker 2- icons for a 30 days trial for free.
  • After a trial, you will have to pay $9.99 at the mac app store for this app.

How Does Pilot Moon Dwell Click Software Work?

Its working is very simple. After downloading, open the setting and then tap on the preferences.

  • First of all, set the delay time that will help your software to know how much to wait after first clicking.
  • Now click on the feedback option and set click sound and drag sound. If you don’t want sound you can turn it off.
  • Choose the display symbol and color and size of the animation
  • Now from pop-up preferences, set placement of pop-up.

Working of DwellClick Auto Clicker

  • Set the keys from the keyboard for single, double, left, and right-click. You will also need to select auto click, quick drag, auto drag, movement distance, and Jitter distance options for proper function according to your requirement. After it presses the Ok button. Now you can use it by moving your cursor to point out the postures.
  • It will give you audio and visual clues according to your preferences.
  • There are many games, such as time clickers, cookie clickers, Roblox, and adventure capitalist that require a lot of clicking to hit the target. You can download this software for all types of clicking games.


1. Why is Dwellclick recommended for MAC?

It allows the Mac users to use Mac more enjoyably with less effort. You can use a Mac just by the movement of your mouse.

2. Is Dwellclick safe to use?

Yes, it is legit. You can also buy a license from the setting menu.

3. Is DwellClick free to download?

It comes with a 30 days trial for free download, and after this, the user has to pay $9.99 to the Mac apple store for its use.

4. How much is Dwellclick free download?

You can use it for a 30 days trial for free.

5. Can I use Dwell’s eye or head movement?

Yes, if you enable keyboard accessibility, you can use dwell via eye or head technology.

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