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Easy Auto Clicker (E Auto Clicker) | Free Download

Easy Auto Clicker

Mouse clicking games are very entertaining and fun to play but can be time-consuming at the same time. Other than the time, they also require great strength, stamina, and speed. This tends to drain most gamers. Repetitive clicking is no easy task. Don’t worry. Auto clickers are a great alternative to generate automated clicks. One of the most widely used auto clickers that you can find is the E auto clicker. If you’re here to discover more about this tool, let’s get started.

Easy Auto Clicker


Easy auto clicker, also known as E auto clicker and it is the best auto clicker tool for Windows. This small application is a great tool to simulate mouse clicks and then execute them on your part. Automated mouse clicks are essential when you want to take a head start in any video game that requires you to click repetitively. All you have to do is to select a position on your device’s screen with this E auto clicker app. This app generates right and left mouse clicks and allows users to set the time delay between the clicks. You can also set how the number of clicks you want to get executed. It is very easy to set the click location and time delay. Moreover, it can be set up easily.

Features of E Auto Clicker

E auto clicker is the best auto clicker for playing games because of the diverse, unique features that it supports. Here are some features unique to this auto clicker.

1. Hotkey To Start And Stop Auto Clicks

This app supports hotkeys that you can use to start or stop mouse clicks quickly and easily. It allows you to set the hotkeys of your choice.

2. Simple And Intuitive Graphical User Interface

The easy auto clicker has a very simple graphical user interface that delivers features and information easily. The intuitiveness and simplicity make it suitable for all users.

3. In-Built Program To Test The App

If you wish to test the application you can use the in-built program. There is no need to download any other app to test the functionalities of this tool.

4. Adjust The Number And Time Delay Between Clicks

E auto clicker allows you to customize your clicks as per your choice. You can set the time delay between clicks to adjust the speed, and adjust the number of clicks you want to get automated.

5. Choose Between Right Or Left Mouse Clicks

This auto clicker allows you to choose between the right or left mouse clicks as per your choice.

6. Safe Application For Use

The E auto clicker app is a legitimate and safe app that simulates mouse clicks. It does not exploit or hack anything on your device.

7. Allows Non-Stop Mouse Clicks

This auto-clicking tool allows you to automate as many clicks as you want, regardless of the number. You can therefore simulate non-stop mouse clicking.

8. Free And Open Source

This app is free and open-source that does not require any payment. Just download it to your device and enjoy automated clicks.

9. Low Space

The easy auto clicker is a very small auto-clicking tool that does not take much space on your PC.

10. Schedule Clicks And Sits Back

Easy auto clicker is a legitimate and safe app that allows you to schedule your mouse clicks on the PC. Just schedule your mouse clicks, and sit back and relax while this auto clicker does your work. All you have to do is decide the number of clicks, time delay, and where you want your clicks, and let the auto clicker do its job.

Version 1
Category Automation
Language English
License: Free
Size: 468 KB
Operating System Windows
Developer EAUC
What’s in the tool:
E Auto Clicker is a free utility program that lets you plan simulated mouse clicks


E auto clicker free download has three versions. The latest version is version 2.0, and the previous two versions include versions 1.0 and 1.1.

How To Download And Install E Auto Clicker For Minecraft

Best auto clicker free download can easily be set on your device. This app can be downloaded from several sources. You can download it from here. To download, just visit the website and click the download button. Once your download is completed, it will go to your device downloads. Open the file from there and install it to your PC by following the instructions given. Once it is installed, you can use the app to automate your repetitive clicking tasks.

Where Is The E Auto Clicker Used?

E auto clicker is used for multiple purposes like any other auto clicker. It can be used to play idle games, automate data entry tasks, and test software. You can play your favorite idle PC games with this easy auto clicker including ones like Roblox and Minecraft.


Is The Easy Auto Clicker Safe?

Yes, the easy auto clicker is a very safe auto-clicking tool that can be used to automate mouse clicks on your PC. It is a legitimate application that does not exploit or hack anything on your device. This is a safe and free app that can easily be downloaded from different sources.

Does E Auto Clicker Work On Roblox?

Yes, E auto clicker is a simple and easy auto-clicking tool that can work for most games including Roblox. If you want to play games on Roblox, you can use this E auto clicker tool.

Does E Auto Clicker Work On Minecraft?

Yes. E auto clicker can also work with Minecraft and generate automated mouse clicks. Minecraft requires repetitive clicking and the E auto clicker can be used to easily automate multiple mouse clicks on your PC.

Is E Auto Clicker Available For Free Download?

Absolutely. E auto clicker is a free auto-clicking tool that can download from different sources including the official site. You don’t have to pay anything to use this tool. It is free for download on your devices.

Is the E Auto Clicker Tool a Virus?

No, the E auto clicker tool is not a virus. It is a safe and legitimate auto-clicking tool that can securely be downloaded on your device. This tool does not contain any virus, so you can download it without worrying about safety.

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