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Fast Mouse Clicker Pro

Fast Mouse Clicker Pro

Auto clickers will help you to make your task easy and complete in time. You can do lots of work with the help of auto clicker tools such as auto click images, auto-filling of web forms and auto submission, etc. The invention of this tool has brought revolutions in the working place.

The fast mouse clicker Pro auto clicker tool measures your speed of clicking in the given time frame. In this way, you can check your capability of clicking and further improve it. These tools are easy and full of fun. You will always find these tools beneficial for your task of repetitive clicking. The latest modified version is 100 times faster than all the previous ones.

Attributes Of The Fast Mouse Clicker Pro

1. Open-Source

The fast mouse clicker pro is one of the best auto clickers available for free online. This open-source software is accessible for anyone with its simple interface. This tool has efficient working and is executable on any window without depending on any external extensions or any other thing.

2. Free Downloading

The fast mouse clicker Pro downloads from the official website with each version for free. You will see that all of its versions are present with SHA256 fingerprints so that you can download all versions in their original form.

3. Quick Automation

This tool has been declared as the best fast mouse clicker as it automates the window with extremely fast clicks. The clicking range of this tool is from 1-1000 in window 32. It gives 100000 mouse events per per-second. The free fast mouse clicker online tool will provide the feature of random clicking to their users. 

You can also set the limit of the number of clicks in this tool. In this way, the mouse will stop clicking when it will reach the given number of clicks. You can see in the app that there are different fractional values in the tool such as 0.5 clicks/s is equal to 1 click in 2 seconds.

4. Automatic Saving Of Data 

This is the feature in which when you switch off the working of the tool without clicking on the save option, you will still get your work on the next sitting.

5. Compatibility

The fast mouse click pro tool is designed with such features that it uses less CPU energy and is compatible with multiple systems of windows. The auto clicker free download is downloaded on any device without any Ads and malware.

6. Activation Key Setting

The users can set the setting of activation keys according to their feasibility. The selections of these hotkeys are temporary and can be changed at any time.

7. Applicability

This professional tool provides high-quality support in making your work smooth and uninterrupted. The fast mouse clicker Pro tool is used by different gamers when they need to click very fast to protect themselves from attack or have to attack someone. The auto clicker tool has proven helpful for random and professional gamers in getting their target or command on skills. This tool is widely used in playing following games such as cooking, soda, Roblox, and Minecraft. This is the best auto clicker for Roblox.

How To Operate

The Fastest Mouse Clicker For Windows

You can simply operate this tool by just triggering the single key on the keyboard or mouse button. As a result, you will see millions of clicks every second. You can activate the clicking in two ways depending upon the nature of the task. First, open the source on your web browser. Then set different parameters according to your choice. For example, you can write the time interval between the clicks and the number of clicks. 

There are two types of parameters in this tool. One is that you can change, and the other is you can’t change. The parameter which you can’t change while using the tools are:

1. Clicking Status & Number Of Clicks

The option of clicking status is changed by only two options: idle or clicking. You can’t also change the number of clicks option, as it shows your total number of clicks.

2. Dynamic Parameter

These are the parameters that you can change according to the demand. For example

3. Click Per Second

They are present in the middle of a field that shows the rate of clicks per second. Their range varies from 1 to 100000. 

4. Begin & End Hotkey

These keys are present for starting and stopping the clicking process. 

Stop at

This option is present below the start and ends keys. They show the total number of clicks before the clicking starts. If 0 is present in the box before this option, it means that the click will never stop.

5. Mouse button

This feature is used to select the button for generating the clicks. The same button can’t be used for starting the click. 


This auto clicker tool is available online with its different versions. Each version is available with a bundle of features and fixtures. The versions of the auto clicker tools are given below:

  • Version
  • Version 
  • Version 
  • Version
  • Version
  • Version

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How Many Ways Can You Activate The Clicking?

There are two activation modes in this tool.

Q2. What Are The Two Activation Modes Of This Tool? 

There are two activation modes of this tool:

  • Press
  • Toggle

Q3. What is the Function of Press and Toggle Keys in the Tools?

When you will go for the press activation modes the tool will start clicking as long as you press

In the toggle mode, when you press the start activation key tool will start clicking. When you press the stop activation key, the tool will stop clicking quickly.

Q4. What is Group Clicking? Does this Tool Provide this Type of Clicking?

Group clicking is defined as playing the sequence of recorded events. Yes, the fast mouse click Pro provides the feature of group clicking.

Q5. How can I Run Group Clicking in This Tool?

The group clicking runs with the support of an additional application. You can switch between different applications by clicking on the Run group app. Run a single app button.

Q6. What are the Fractional Frequencies?

They show the rate of clicks in the most precise manner, such as 0.5 shows, 1 click every 2 seconds.

Q7. Does this Program Work When it is Minimized?

Yes, this program remains functional at the back when other programs run on the desktop.

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