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Free Auto Clicker | Best for Minecraft & Roblox

Free Auto Clicker

Repetitive clicking is, without a doubt, a very tiring and monotonous task. Software that can automate clicks offers the perfect solution. Whether it is a game you are playing or entering data where you need to click the same keys repeatedly, you can benefit greatly from using this auto-clicking tool. It is one of the best free auto clicker tools that you will find online. You can also use this tool to improve your click speed without putting in much effort. Free Auto Clicker is a great choice for this matter. It allows fast mouse clicking in the background of a primary task. You can save a great deal of your time and effort by using this automatic clicker for tasks that need repetitive clicking.

How Does Free Auto Clicker Work?

Installing and operating this auto clicker is super easy. All you need to do is follow the simple steps below and you can make your tasks much easier and more efficient.

Step 1: Free Auto Clicker Download

To download the Free Auto Clicker, you can easily download the tool free of any cost. The installation and setup are also completely free.

Step 2: Configure The Settings

Once the software is installed, you can launch the tool by double-clicking on its icon. Doing so will open a single window from where you can change all the settings to meet your requirements.

  1. Select the mouse button that you want automatically clicked; right or left.Click on Start Button Free Auto Clicker
  2. Select the time delay that you want between two successive clicks. This will determine the speed of automatic clicking. Set the interval to the minimum if you want a fast clicking speed.
  3. Select the number of clicks you want to be delivered automatically in one go. You can also set the limit by setting the time for which you want the tool to keep clicking.Set Time Interval Free Auto Clicker
  4. Select the mouse cursor position you want when the clicking is to begin. To set this position, you can select the X and Y coordinates. If you want to record the X and Y coordinates of the current mouse cursor position, click on the ‘Spacebar’ key.Set X and Y Coordinates Free Auto Clicker
  5. Configure the hotkey. You can use the hotkey to begin and stop the automatic clicking. You may choose to keep the default hotkey or select a key of your choice.
  6. Record a command list to automate the clicking of a series of clicks. If you want to automate multiple clicks instead of just one, use the command list and record the script as a FAC file that you use later.

Step 3: Run The Auto Clicker In The Background

Once you have configured all the important settings, minimize the window and let the software run in the background. You can now open your online game or data entry work. To use the software for automatic clicking, use the hotkeys that you set to start and stop the clicking. You can open the tool again to change settings or to activate another click pattern.

Version 5.3.1
License Freeware
Language English
File Size 2.3 Mb
Developer PCFit Tech
Automation Tools
Operating Systems Windows
What’s in the tool:
Free Auto Clicker is a free download software published in the Automation Tools list of programs, part of System Utilities.

Versions Of The Tool

The latest version 5.3.1 has all the features mentioned above. The license is free of cost and the tool can be used on Windows Operating Systems. The older version 5.2.5 is also available in the market.

Where Can This Auto Clicker Be Used?

This tool is versatile and can be used optimally in a range of tasks. Online games like Roblox have repetitive clicking tasks that you can automate with this Auto Clicker. Different activities like digging, farming, hitting, etc. require you to hit the same mouse key repeatedly and using the free auto clicker for Roblox instead can make your task much easier and more efficient.


How Can Using An Auto Clicker Improve My Efficiency?

If you leave the mundane and monotonous clicking tasks to the auto clicker, you can save valuable time and use it to work on other more important tasks. While the auto clicker does all the clicking in one software, you can perform another task simultaneously.

What Can Free Auto Clickers Be Used For?

Free Auto Clicker is a universal tool that you can use for a number of different tasks including games, dealing with loads of files, clicking on web pages to remain ‘active’, or voting online.

Can Free Auto Clicker Be Used To Automate A Sequence Of Multiple Clicks?

Yes, you can use this tool to record a script for later use. Just press the pattern of clicks that you want while the recording has started and then use the saved file the next time you want to automate the same sequence of clicks.

What Is CPS Rate?

CPS rate refers to the number of Clicks per Second. The higher the CPS rate, the greater your click speed. In an auto clicker, you can alter the CPS rate by adjusting the time interval between clicks. The shorter the interval, the faster the clicking speed, and the higher will be your CPS rate.

How Can AutoClickers Be Used In Online Gaming?

Most online games like Minecraft and Roblox have tasks that require you to keep clicking on the same key or sequence of keys to achieve a certain goal. You can configure the auto clicker to do all such clicking for you instead. Set the click pattern for tasks like mining, woodcutting, finding weapons, fishing, etc., and watch your score increase in no time.

Is Using An Auto Clicker Illegal?

No, there is no explicit law banning the use of auto clickers so this software is legal. However, certain programs like competitive games do not permit the use of third-party software and if caught, the account may get banned.

How Much Does An Auto Clicker Usually Cost?

Most online auto-clicking tools are completely free of cost. These fermium tools are not hard to find at all. However, if you are in search of more complex functioning tools, you can also find Premium tools that typically cost $500 per license.

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