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Garyshood Auto Clicker

We all know that performing mouse clicks is a hard job, one that can get very tiring, even when you’re playing your favorite games. Whether it’s data entry, office work, or playing games, you’ll have to click multiple times, and we’ll have to admit it gets quite boring. Is there a solution to this problem? Absolutely! We bring you the amazing auto clicker tools. These are pieces of software designed to perform automatic clicks, as many as needed. One of the many auto clicker options you have is the Garyshood auto clicker! Let’s know more about the tool. 

Features of Garyhood Auto Clicker

Features of Garyshood Auto Clicker

Garryshood auto clicker is a very amazing tool that lets you make automated mouse clicks wherever needed. This full-fledge and virus-free software give gamers the absolute freedom of making as many automated clicks as needed. Designed for Runescape, this auto clicker supports additional features including a calculator and an update button. To use it, just open this auto clicker from the menu and select the speed in seconds or milliseconds. After that click the start button and wait for just 5 seconds. 

Garryshood typer and the auto clicker are in Runescape. This is a free tool that users can use in different games and applications. Written in simple visual basic 6 languages, the auto clicker supports an update button for improvement and a calculator as well. If you want to use the tool without needing to download time and again, save the Garryshood auto clicker on your desktop. 

Here are some of the features of this unique and amazing tool. 

  • Simple and easy to use 
  • User-friendly interface and simple operation 
  • Multiple click points and swipes 
  • The auto clicker has a global timer that can run for a specific period 
  • Supports import/export scripts 
  • Language is simple visual basic 6
  • Supports an update button and calculator

Where to Use the Auto Clicker?

The Garryshood auto clicker is the perfect tool for auto-clicking in various programs like applications and games. Gamers use this auto clicker to make automated clicks in games. Written in the basic visual 6 languages, the Garryshood auto clicker isn’t detected by games or sites, so it can be safely used. Moreover, the update button allows you to get additional features whenever they are released. Users can also use the calculator tool. Being a very simple and easy-to-use program, the tool can be used for games, data entry, office work, and other such applications.

Garyshood Auto Clicker; How to Use

Download the Garryshood auto clicker to your device to start using it. Once downloaded, it will appear in the menu. The clicker and typer programs will both appear in the menu. To start the program, use the hotkeys. The good thing is that this auto clicker supports several hotkeys so you can select the ones you need. When downloaded, the program won’t have to be installed. You can easily delete it if needed by taking it to the recycle bin. Here is a guide for using the auto clicker.

  • Download the tool and open it from your device menu. 

Functioning of Garyshood auto clicker

  • Set the speed of clicking in seconds or milliseconds. 
  • Press the start button and wait for five seconds. 
  • Once the five seconds are complete, the clicker will start running, clicking at the mouse rate you have set as the mouse moves. 
  • Use the button F1 to start clicks and F2 to stop the automatic clicks. 

Garyshood Auto Clicker

The latest version of Garyhoods typer and auto clicker works pretty well with all versions of Windows. This auto clicker is a perfect tool if you want to avoid the tedious task of repetitive clicking, whether it’s games or work.


Whether it’s gaming or work, we require repetitive clicking. It’s natural to get tired of clicking repetitively. Hence, auto clickers come to the rescue as amazing tools that can help you make automated clicks as needed. Garryshood auto clicker is a reliable and simple auto clicker that you can use to automate your daily tasks. The best part is that this tool is free and also supports additional programs. You can update it with the update button to get new features whenever they are available. Try out the tool today!

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