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GS (Golden Soft) Auto Clicker – Download Free Latest Version

GS auto clicker is the most trending among gamers and programmers. If you also want to use it and before that want to know what is GS auto clicker is in detail then you are at the right place.

It is the most popular tool for mouse automation. The use of this tool will make you free from mouse clicking. Your mouse will start automatically clicking at your desired location. The GS auto clicker will give your fingers rest while working or playing games. This software is used by many computer professionals and gamers.

The compatibility of the GS auto clicker for windows shows that it is portable software. It runs easily on windows 7, windows 10, windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 7, windows 98, Windows XP, Vista, and 64-bit systems. Despite such wide compatibility, the GS auto clicker for MAC is not functional. The MAC users will have to use some other tool in place of it such as Murgaa’s Auto Clicker for Mac.

GS Auto Clicker Download

You can download the GS auto clicker free and easily. You don’t have to face complications such as lags and crashes of websites. For downloading this software, click on the button on this page. Once, the file is downloaded, you can unzip it and start using the tool. The downloading will not take much time as the program is not heavy.

How To Use This Software?

Those who want to use this software to make their task easy should know how to use of GS auto clicker. The following steps will tell you its use of it.

  • In the window of GS auto clicker, click on the open menu. Click on the options menu a drop-down will appear. You will see the clicking option in the menu of the drop-down. On tapping the clicking option a sub-menu will appear. In the submenu, you have to click on the options menu.Options-> Clicking -> Option GS Auto Clicker
  • Then you will provide the option of mouse button and type of click. Select the desired type of mouse button and type of click.Clicking Option GS Auto Clicker
  • Below the option in the submenu, you will see the repeat option. Click on the repeat option. When you click on the repeat option you can select the number of clicks and repeat mode.Options-> Clicking -> Repeat GS Auto Clicker
  • When you want to start the auto-clicking option, click on the F8 hotkey.Press F8 To Click GS Auto Clicker

Methods Of Automating The Numerous Clicks

The method of automation with more than one click is present below:

  • Click on the recording option in the options tab.Options-> Recording -> Multiple Clicks GS Auto Clicker
  • A sub-menu will appear.
  • Here you have to click the multiple clicks option
  • Tick mark the box against the option of record and replay multiple clicks.Record and replay Multiple clicks GS Auto Clickers
  • Click the pick point option for selecting the place you want to click.Pick Point GS Auto Clicker
  • Set the number of clicks and then click on the ok button
  • Use the hotkey to start the tool.Press F8 To Click GS Auto Clicker

Features Of The GS Auto Clicker

The GS auto clicker has multiple features. It provides the user with both types of clicking; single and double. It displays the sequence of events with mouse clicks. It provides the milliseconds to hour range in the interval of the mouse click. You can select the right, left, and middle buttons. It records your click pattern and also provides you with the option of changing the hotkeys. The size of the tool is less than 1 MB. The tool requires fewer system requirements than it runs on an old PC. It runs easily on the 512 MB RAM and 1MB free HDD. The GS auto clicker has a simple, old-fashioned, and clean interface. It only comprises the option of Help.

Benefits Of The GS Auto Clicker

There are numerous benefits of using the GS auto clicker:

1. Protect from wear and tear

The use of this software protects your mouse from getting fragile. You will not need to pay a lot of care and expense as this software reduces the use of the mouse from frequent physical clicking.

2. Save time

The time that any computer professional is spent while doing repetitive work is saved by using this software.

3. Easy Installation

The installation of this software is effortless and speedy. While during its installation you will see no malware or virus with it. There are some other system applications that you will need while installing. No need to worry it’s still an easy process.

4. No Extra Downloads

When you download GS auto clicker no accompanied tools or software is downloaded with it.

5. Un-troublesome software

This is straightforward and uncomplicated software for use. Anyone can use it easily without any difficulties.

6. Light tool for PC

The tool size is small hence it is light on Pc and utilizes less CPU usage.

7. Efficient tool

This tool has proved to be an efficient and fast tool for many users as it speedily automates the clicking of the mouse.

Use Of The GS Auto Clicker


The purpose of this automated click tool is multi-dimensional. This tool has proved effective in Minecraft and Roblox where you do the constructive task from the grass-root level. This tool is very effective in the genre of the idlers games. The reason is, that such types of games require many pattering on the specific characters again and again.

Versions of GS auto clicker

The GS auto clicker’s older version is 3.1.2 which was launched on 23 May 2013. The latest version in which information is present on some sites is 3.1.4 but this version has not been announced officially yet.

General Information
Version freeware
Category Automation
Language English
License: Free
Size: 846.92 kb
Operating System
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista (both 32-bit and 64-bit)
Golden Soft Inc
Memory (RAM)
512 MB Needed
What’s in the tool:
GS Auto Clicker is the best automatic clicking software for gamers that want to save both time and energy.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How to use a GS auto clicker?
Download the program and install it. Set the settings such as the number of clicks, type of clicks and type of mouse button, etc., and then use it. The process of changing the setting is very easy as it is simply designed software.
Q2. What to fix your GS auto clicker when it stops working?
If the GS auto clicker stops working then there are multiple ways by which you can fix the problem. You can restart your computer. Most of the time problems are solved by restarting. The second way is to run the program as an administrator. The third method is updating the tool. The last method is you should first uninstall the tool then install it again.
Q3. How to install GS Auto clicker?
The installation of the GS auto clicker required a setup wizard for changing the installation path. The installation is done in a very short period.
Q4. How to make the GS auto clicker hold mouse?
1. Start the auto clicker program on the screen.
2. Click on the options button of the program
3. Now select another option named clicking
4. In this option, select another option type of click
5. Here you will select the options hold down for the mouse.
Q5. How to auto-click using GS auto clicker?
1. Double click the icon of the auto clicker on the screen.
2. When it opens, go to the options tab.
3. Set the cursor of the mouse where you want frequent and continuous clicking.
4. After that, select a different option to set the setting of automatic clicking according to your need.
5. Click on the hotkey to start the working of the tool.
Q6. How to make the GS auto clicker click fastest?
It is done by two easy steps: In the menu, go to the clicking option. There are three options on the menu. The overall setting of the program is present in the options tab of the menu. In this option, there is another option repeat. Click on it to open another window. In this window, you will set the time interval between the clicks and write a greater number in the number of click options. You can achieve the fastest click in this way.
Q7. Name the latest version of the GS auto clicker?
The latest version of the GS auto clicker is 3.1.2.
Q8. Is this tool dangerous for your system?
The GS auto clicker is safe to download, install and use. This program wants access to your computer before downloading but it is not harmful and malicious.
Q9. What do you know by a sequence of events in the GS auto clicker?
It is defined as a group of clicks that are recorded which auto clickers do.
Q10. Can I record the multiple clicks?
Yes, you can. Before start, the process, click on the click point option which is present on the main window of the tool. Select the location of the cursor where you want to click. You can also select multiple points on the screen.

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