How Can We Use Auto Clicker in Runescape?

How Can We Use Auto Clicker in Runescape?

For a long time, gaming has been an essential part of our everyday lives. This interesting game is everyone’s favorite because players are free to do anything they wish. As a player, you can set your own goals, fight monsters, and level up gaming skills.

With so many things to do, it’s obvious that you’ll need to click repetitively. For most players, this can be a tiring task. This is why players also prefer using an auto clicker to play Runescape. What is Runescape and how do you play it? Can you use an auto clicker in the game? Let’s find out.

What is RuneScape and How Do You Play It?

RuneScape was launched in 2001 and is an MMOPRG game that has now become a full-fledged game that most gamers love. With more than 250 million created accounts, this spin-off game has a dedicated fanbase. The game starts with the player on the tutorial island where he/she is given tasks of exploring the Glienor land, completing different quests, boosting skills, solving puzzles, trading with players, and killing monsters on the way. Here are some of the elements of the gameplay.


1. Quests

Much like any other MMOPRG game, quests have a central part in the game. A total of 150 quests are given to paying members. The gamers need to travel to different lands, fight monsters, race, solve puzzles and collect items.

2. Trading

Trading is also a central part of the game. Here you interact with the players, explore worlds, defeat enemies, and complete tasks. Gamers need to trade with others to get the items too.

3. Boss Battles/Combat

The most intense part of the game is the combat mechanics. Players need to fight some fearsome foes and also combat the boss in battles.

4. Training Skills

Moreover, you also have the chance to train your skills in the game. Some of these skills include crafting, cooking, mining, fletching, and many others.

5. Other Activities

Other than these main things, there are multiple other activities in the game as well. Players can socialize and communicate with other players. You can also take part in games and battle other players.

Using Auto Clicker in RuneScape

Use Auto Clicker in Runescape

  • Download an auto clicker on your device and install it. You can choose different auto clickers like GS auto clicker, OP auto clicker, Fast Mouse Clicker, etc.
  • Run the tool and specify the different inputs for clicking.
  • Enter the number of clicks you need, specify the time delay between clicks, set the cursor location, and define the mouse key, left, right, or middle mouse button.
  • After this, define whether you want single or double mouse clicks.
  • Now set the hotkey for auto-clicking in your game.
  • Once the customizations are complete, open Runescape. Open high-level alchemy and set it to items to convert. Just press the hotkey to start auto-clicking. To change position, just drag your cursor. For shooting in your battles, bring the cursor on the enemy and then press the hotkey.

The Verdict

Runescape is a very interesting game, one that will keep you hooked. If you want to play the game without getting tired, use an auto clicker to take over. Above, we have covered the method to use an auto clicker in Runescape.

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