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How Many Clicks Per Second Can Minecraft Register?

MInecraft registers clicks

The new generation has developed a special aptitude for video games. In this era of technological advancements, playing an online video game with your friends from all around the world is preferred over playing outside. Many online video games have gained success through their story modes and playing options. The one thing that is common in most video games is the use of the mouse and the important part clicking the mouse plays in winning the game. The one game that has become very popular among gamers is Minecraft. 

Minecraft involves the quick clicking of the mouse for building things or fighting with enemies. How quickly an enemy is killed or how quickly and efficiently the player mines in Minecraft depends on the speed of the person clicking the mouse. The speed at which a person clicks the mouse is also known as CPS (clicks per second). CPS is a quality feature often compared among gamers. The person with higher CPS is considered a better gamer for various reasons.

Now, since clicking and CPS are important features for Minecraft gamers as well, Minecraft does register clicks per second of the player. It does it mainly for players to be aware of their speed and to calculate which players are more efficient.

Clicks Per Second a Minecraft Can Register

Minecraft Clicking

Normally, Minecraft can register a maximum of up to 2 clicks per second. But, obviously, there are players who can click more than that. With the more common playing of video games, on average a player can click 5 to 6 clicks per second and some better players can click even up to 11 or 12 clicks per second. But these players are at a loss when checking their speed at Minecraft because no matter how many clicks if they can click more than 2 times then it will be recorded as only 2 clicks per second. A user who has slow clicks per second cannot give max hit to other players. Low clicks per second can be 1 to 3 cps. A user with a higher number of clicks usually couldn’t aim accurately because the way they click quickly made their aim jittery and they lost clicks made in haste.

Some researches also show that clicking so quickly is actually not beneficial to the players. So, there is no need to click so quickly, because these clicks are mostly in vain. Users who exercise regularly could overcome the problem, but it cannot be eradicated because hands always shake when we are trying to get the most out of it.

Playing Minecraft

Moreover, the difference between the clicking speed of players is also affected by the type of mouse a player uses. There is a difference between the clicking of a regular mouse and that of a gaming mouse, which is also the reason why a gaming mouse is more expensive than a regular one.


Clicking a mouse at efficient speed is important for any game and considering this Minecraft does register the CPS of its players although they need it to be more efficient.

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