How Many Times Can You Click in a Minute?

How Many Times Can You Click in a Minute

In the technological world today, somewhere in your life, whether it’s gaming or work, you’d need to click your mouse repetitively. If you ask gamers or people who have a lot of clicking work, they will tell how tiring it can get. Auto clickers are a great shortcut that allows you to automate different functions, operations, and tasks on your devices. These excellent clicking tools can be programmed to perform all the repetitive actions that you otherwise perform yourself with your mouse or keyboard. 

What is the Average Clicking Speed for Beginners?

As a beginner, the average clicking speed is usually very low. Beginners, without any tapping skills, can make 2 to 5 clicks in a second. This is very low if you compare it to a professional who is an expert in clicking.

Clicking Speed

What is the Average Clicking Speed?

To test the clicking speed, you need to use a click test tool and click as many times as possible before the timer stops. According to the statistics, the average CPS score is 6.69. People who use a mobile/tablet instead of a desktop may be able to get a better score.

How Fast Can Professionals Click?

A professional can make many more clicks in a minute than an average person because they are trained to make multiple clicks. A professional clicker can make a score as high as 8 to 12 CPS. The highest score was 582 clicks in 1 minute.

Clicking Tools to Improve your Clicking Speed in 1 Minute

Mouse Clicking

Clicking tools are a great innovation that helps gamers check and improve their clicking speed to get a better clicking score. You can make 50,000 clicks per second with them. Auto clickers are amazing tools that take over the clicking task and free your hands from repetitive clicking. These tools can be programmed to make repetitive actions of your keyboard or mouse, thereby giving quicker and faster results.

The best thing about these clicking tools is that they can click much faster than an average human, making you quickly achieve a higher clicking speed.

If you want to improve your clicking speed in 1 minute, these tools are very helpful in making you achieve your goals.


If you want to know how many clicks you can make in 1 minute, it’s never too late to find out. If you think your clicking speed is low, keep practicing until you get there! Practice is the key to your success.


1. What is the best CPS score ever?

As per the data of Google, the world record for the highest CPS was 14.1 CPS. You can always practice and try beating this record.

2. Is 10 CPS a good score?

Yes, 10 CPS is perfect because the average CPS score is around 6 CPS. If you can score above 8 CPS, you are a faster clicker than most players.

3. What can I do to get more clicks in 1 minute?

If you want to achieve a high clicking score, the key is always practice. Get a good gaming mouse, sit comfortably, and practice more by playing idle games.

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