How to Click Fast – Ways to Improve Your Clicking Speed [ Tested and Tried ]

How to Click Fast

Clicking speed is one of those factors that determine the efficiency of a programmer, gamer, and coder. Although the clicking rate improves with time, if you’re frustrated with your slow clicking speed, there are lots of techniques and methods which you can implement for better clicking speed. Not only do you need to work on your reflexes, but you also need to set up your computer position correctly.

Clicking fast is also something that differentiates a pro gamer from an average gamer. Fast clicking on the mouse helps in gaming competitions to beat enemies, win points and gather rewards. If you’re playing games to kill time, only lighting and hardware functionality matter the most. But if you’re a professional gamer or want to become a pro at certain games, click speed is one of those elements which you need to work on.

Why Does Click Speed Matter?

The first and foremost thing to take into consideration while playing a game is the hardware. Obviously, at the initial stages, you do not give much importance to the quality of gaming devices, your body posture while playing games. But as the stages level up, you start feeling the need of better performing devices that will produce better output to beat the competition. Soon, you start realizing that you really need to work on your clicking speed in order to go through certain levels.

For professional gamers, it is not only the entertainment factor that makes them play a game but the sense to compete and earn money matters the most at the pro stage. When a game is producing any tangible outcome, it obviously becomes important to play it with the best techniques and maximum speed.

So why does click speed matter? Because you have to put your best to win the competition. Various games, such as Minecraft and Shooter games, require aiming at certain targets and continuous target shooting for which the player has to perform multiple clicks. Having exceptional clicking speed helps in achieving targets at multiple levels, so if you think that only double clicking can take you through gaming levels, think again. There are various tools and methods to improve your click speed because a good CPS rate is advantageous over the competitors.

Factors that influence the Mouse Clicking Speed

Your click speed depends upon the number of clicks being performed in a second. While the click-per-second rate is vital for gamers, they can improve it at every stage by practicing certain clicking techniques.

It’s not just the quality of hardware that determines the click speed, but a few other factors influence the clicking speed.

1. Position of Hand

How to Hold a Mouse for Faster Clicking

The hand position plays an important role in your mouse click speed. The way you put your finger on the mouse buttons impacts the force you put onto the mouse. For better hand placement, put pressure on the finger from the tilt position. Try to put your fingers closer to the mouse so you can put the right amount of pressure.

2. Seating Posture

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, the way you sit while clicking affects your CPS the most. If you think winning a game is easy while sitting or lying comfortably on your bed, you need to re-think, as the body posture directly impacts the clicking speed. To grab the mouse correctly, you need to sit correctly first. Your body and shoulders must be erected to deliver the right click speed.

3. The Mouse Grip

Grip on Computer Mouse

This is yet another vital factor that contributes to your click speed because the way you grip your mouse says a lot about your clicking proficiency.

With a mouse grip, it doesn’t mean that you must have to handle your mouse forcefully. But it means that the right kind of pressure at the right points of the mouse is vital to attain maximum performance. A palm grip is enough for the standard-sized mouse, and also it does not stress the player’s arm.

4. Awareness of the Mouse Buttons

The more you are aware of the mouse button, the more chances you get to click fast. A skilled gamer is always aware of when to click the right and left keys and does not mistake these buttons even for once.

How Does Playing Games Improve the Clicking Speed?

This is an admitted fact that playing games have a huge role in improving the clicking speed. There are certain games that convince the player to click faster to score certain rewards. So, the faster you click, the better gaming performance you achieve. A better CPS score gives the player an advantage over others, especially in shooting games where the player with fast clicking speed would be able to beat its competitors.

How to Increase CPS?

There are various methods to increase CPS, out of which some popular ones are mentioned below. Mastering any of these clicking techniques is not an overnight process but requires a lot of practice and a strong will to click faster.

1. By Practicing Clicking Techniques

There are various clicking techniques that a user can practice to improve his clicking speed. The techniques are proven to be effective and have helped users attain high click speed per second.

Jitter Clicking

Jitter Clicking

One of the finest and most effective techniques to improve mouse clicking speed is Jitter Clicking.

In this advanced mouse-clicking method, you click the mouse button at a faster speed by generating controlled hand vibrations which are transmitted directly to your fingertips; resultantly, you achieve higher clicks per second.

How to Learn Jitter Clicking?

Learning how to jitter click is extremely easy because it requires controlled movement of your muscles.

  1. You need to generate rapid vibrations in your hand by learning to shake the forearm muscle.
  2. To produce a maximum Jitter effect, your wrist needs to be stiffed because stiff wrists make it easier to transfer the arm vibrations to the fingertips.
  3. Once your fingers receive the vibration, you can produce numerous clicks within seconds.

While practicing the Jitter technique, make sure that no other part of your arm is touching the mouse since it can result in vibration blockage. In general, the CPS rate with Jitter clicking is 6 CPS, while for professionals, the CPS rate can go up to 12 clicks.

Butterfly Clicking

Butterfly Clicking

The Butterfly clicking technique is easier to understand and can even produce a higher number of clicks. In this technique, you should start clicking while placing your index finger and middle finger on the mouse button. While you click the same button on the mouse alternatively with two fingers, the mouse registers two clicks instead of one.

If you are a professional at Butterfly clicking, you can do up to 25 clicks per second which is exceptional.

Since two fingers are involved in the clicking process of the Butterfly technique, you can get more control over the mouse, hence better chances to click faster.

Drag Clicking

Also known as Fazer taping or Tap clicking, Drag clicking is an excellent mouse clicking technique to achieve a higher number of clicks as compared to its alternatives. Although, drag clicking is not a straightforward process, once you become a pro at it, you can even achieve 100 clicks per few seconds.

How to Learn Drag Clicking?

In this mouse clicking technique, you drag your fingers from the lower part of the mouse to the upper, and when you’re doing it, the mouse registers multiple clicks simultaneously.

To master drag clicking, you need to have a mighty mouse that can tolerate the power of dragging. Also, it is worth mentioning that drag clicking is not only about dragging fingers across the mouse but also flicking the wrist at an angle while softly putting pressure on the mouse button in the downwards direction. Excessive pressure is not favorable in drag clicking, so it is recommended to keenly maintain the pressure onto the surface of the mouse.

2. Using a Mouse Instead of a Trackpad

The number of times a user clicks through a mouse is higher than the clicks made by a laptop’s trackpad. The hand position and the mouse structure are correlated to produce better clicks per second rate.

3. Better Body Positioning

Not just the hands but the entire body positioning determines the clicking performance. Your pointer finger should be placed right on the mouse, and you should be seated straight to produce clicks without making your body feel tired. Also, make sure that your hand is not doing any other task, like scrolling while clicking on the mouse.

4. Choosing the Right Gaming Mouse

The beginner-level gamers do not take into consideration the type of mouse they use for clicking. To score better CPS, you should invest in a gaming mouse because gaming mice are designed to achieve higher clicking speeds than others. A wireless mouse is also a recommended option to speed up your clicking. Some of the preferred mice are Razer, Logitech, Mad Catz, Steel Series, etc.

5. Using Macro

Although it’s not a direct method of improving click speed, it’s more of an automation thing. For higher click speed, you can use Macro, which allows the player to automate repetitive clicks. This is a piece of code that the user can customize according to the number of clicks required in a specific slot of seconds. A macro gets activated by a simple click or key press, so in games where you require repetitive clicks, you can use macros.

In the End

There are different methods and techniques to click faster, but the one thing that matters is how much you practice these techniques. These techniques produce excellent results if practiced regularly, even for beginners; it is always recommended to keep on testing your clicking speed through click speed tests and tools.

Also, do not forget to take mouse click speed checking tests which give a great insight into the clicking speed of the user.

Frequently Asked Questions

What CPS is considered to be good?

A good CPS score is considered to be 3 to 6 clicks in a second which can be attained after regular practice.

Who holds the record for the highest clicks?

Jordan Hum has scored the highest number of clicks i.e., 70 clicks in 5 seconds.

Wired or wireless mouse – which produces better clicks?

A wireless mouse tends to produce better clicks per second.

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