How to Drag and Drop on Chromebook

How to Drag and Drop on Chromebook

We have many operating systems and devices today; the diversity is fascinating. Operating systems have similarities and differences in one way or the other. Where similarities help us use different operating systems easily, sometimes, the differences, even the minor ones, can be really tricky. So it can be hard to know about the functionality of a new OS when you shift from one to another.

Unsurprisingly, users who switch to Chromebook OS often have difficulty understanding how it works. If you’re new to using Chromebook and don’t know how to drag and drop with Chromebook, click on the device, we are here to help you.

How is the Drag and Drop Feature Useful in Chromebook

Sometimes, dragging and dropping can be a more straightforward way out instead of copying and pasting a text. Let’s say you’re on a browser and wish to search a particular keyword. Instead of copying and pasting the word into the search bar, you can easily drag the keyword and drop it on your Chromebook browser. Moreover, drag and drop is also helpful for moving and uploading multiple files and folders from one location to another. For example, uploading images and documents to the email. In a nutshell, the drag and drop feature makes everyday internet tasks much simpler!

Chromebook; How to Drag and Drop Using Touchpad

Drag and Drop on Chromebook

The Chromebook has all the essential and latest features and functions you find on other popular OS to complete your work. So is the drag and drop feature. You can right-click on Chromebook and drag and drop with the touchpad. Follow these simple steps.

  • Open your Chromebook and open whichever app you want to use.
  • You now have to Left Click on Chromebook for that specific item you wish to move and hold the left click.
  • Using another finger, move the item.
  • Take the item to the new location and drop it by releasing your fingers.

If the method above doesn’t work or you don’t want to use this one, an alternative one also exists. Alternatively, try the “click and pop” method described below.

  • Open Chromebook and open your desired app.
  • Now tap or click the item you need to move.
  • Next, click or tap the target location where you want to move the item to drop it there.

How To Drag and Drop on Chromebook Using a Mouse

Above, we covered the drag and drop method on Chromebook using the touchpad. You can also use a mouse for this purpose. The steps are straightforward, as enlisted below.

  1. Attach an external mouse to your Chromebook.
  2. Hold whichever item you want to drag as soon as the mouse starts working.
  3. While pressing the button, drag the item to the desired location and then release the button. Your mouse will drop your item to the new site.

Enabling Drag and Drop in Chromebook

Sometimes, the drag and drop feature of Chromebook doesn’t work because the settings aren’t enabled. Follow these steps to enable the drag and drop feature on Chromebook.

  • Open your Chromebook and search “Drag-and-Drop” in the search bar.
  • From the resulting window, enable the feature.
  • Make sure to relaunch Chrome to apply the changed settings.


Chromebook comes loaded with many exciting features like auto Clicker for Chromebook. One such impressive feature is drag and drop. This feature allows you to move your files without copying and pasting them. We hope the information above helps you understand how drag and drop works on your Chromebook. It’s your turn to try it out.

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