How to Drag Click on any Mouse?

How to Drag Click on Any Mouse?

Rapid mouse clicking is required in different competitive games such as Roblox, Minecraft. The players use various techniques of clicks to remain ahead among other players while playing games. A high click per second is the only best approach by which you can win the game easily.

Professional gamers use techniques such as drag clicking, tap clicking, and Fazer tap or they even use auto clickers for getting high scores and outstanding performance. This article will provide you with the solution to every question related to the technique of drag clicking, its working & purpose?

Drag Clicking

Drag Clicking

The drag clicking is one of the clicking methods in which you drag the finger across the left or right button forcefully to create more clicks within a second with the help of the mouse. The tap clicking is simple as compared to drag clicking. The drag clicking is not only dragging or sliding the finger over the mouse. The drag clicking requires frequent practice and a special mouse for making effective drag clicking.

The drag clicking can be done on the laptop as well. It is done by dragging your fingers across the mouse button from left to right. Create pressure on the mouse to record several clicks. In the drag clicking, you can achieve 23 clicks per second, which will give you benefits in games.

How Can We Perform Drag Clicking?

How to drag click?

Drag clicking is very easy if you understand the principle of drag clicking. The drag clicking works on the law of the friction produced between the mouse button and fingers. When you move the fingers on the mouse button, friction between the fingers and the mouse’s surface drags the mouse down. All types of mice are not capable of doing drag clicking as their switches and buttons will not withstand the clicks. The mouse with durable, strong buttons and a matte finish is suitable for this purpose.

Steps in Drag Clicking

Following are the steps which you will follow for getting excellent mouse drag clicks.

1. Mouse Surface Free from Dust

First, check the mouse’s surface. It should be clean from dust and sweat because they hinder friction production.

2. Drying Hands

Dry your hands before the start of clicking to avoid finger slipping. Apply tape on the button of the mouse, if your fingers are wet due to sweat and are creating less friction on the mouse.

3. Position of Hand

Place your hand in a suitable position promotes more effective drag clicking. It should be placed in such a way that the thumb should be on the left side of the mouse and ring and little finger support from the right side. The index and middle fingers are on the left and right sides of the mouse button. You are ready for rapid drag clicking after placing your hand in a suitable position.

4. The Suitable Angle of the Wrist

The angle of your wrist should be appropriate for achieving drag clicking in the best way and pressing the button in the downward direction.

5. Gentle Click

The gentle clicking is required for the best drag clicks in which your fingers slide in the front part of the mouse.

6. Grinding Noise

If grinding noise is produced while you are doing drag clicks, then it shows, you are doing right-clicking. You will also feel the vibrations under the tip of your finger.

7. Online Tools

For further verification that your drag clicking is working or not, you can also use different tools available online.

Glossy and Matte Mouse

The use of these two types of mouse depends on the condition of your hand. The glossy mouse will work best with dry hands and matte will be suitable for oily hands. So the selection of the right choice of mouse is necessary for better output.

Advantages of Drag Clicking

The benefits of drag clicking are clearly seen in the games and other programs. You can achieve a large number of hits in the games. When you build bridges in games you place each block separately. But with the help of this drag clicking, you can place several pieces at once.

Selection of Mouse for Drag Clicking

Mouse for drag clicking

Apart from the techniques and ways of achieving mouse clicking at a rapid speed, the use of the right mouse is also very important. There are many professional gaming mouse that easily withstands heavy clicking in the form of drag clicking while playing games. The drag clicking can harm your mouse switches and shorten their life. So for this purpose heavy-duty professional mouse are required for this purpose. Some of their names are given below:

Best Tape for Drag Clicking

Following are some of the highly recommended best tapes that you can use while using a mouse. These tapes promote friction while using the mouse for producing the best results in drag clicking. The recommended types are:

Silicone Tape

The use of this tape with a good grip promotes the 2 clicks per second. Silicone tape is expensive as compared to electric tape.

Razer Tape

The use of this tape is also expensive but it also produces a good result in the form of 1.5 to 2 clicks per second.

Electric Tape

The electric tape is one of the best tape options for doing drag clicking as it is affordable with good results. This tape will promote your clicking up to 1.5 CPS.


The drag clicking will help you in making high scores and will improve your performance. Be careful while selecting the mouse as all mice are not able to take the stress of heavy rigorous clicks. Moreover, you can stay updated with us, in order to find out solutions to your every gaming or clicking-related issue.

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