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How to Get an Auto Clicker To Boost Clicking Game?

How to Get an Auto Clicker

The auto clicker has paved the way for gamers to achieve unimaginable scores without their presence. This software automates the clicking of a mouse on software, achieving numerous clicks in seconds. You can generate clicks from the right or left mouse button and double clicks without a single touch.

Auto clickers become very useful in games like Minecraft and click speed testing games or other tasks to improve productivity.

Best Ready to Use Auto Clickers

1. Auto Clicker Pro

Auto Clicker Pro

Auto clicker pro is a ready and easy-to-use auto clicker with advanced features. This auto clicker, in particular, provides the features to click and drag and right-click along with other cutting-edge performances rather than just clicking at the selected place. It can be configured to click as many spots as the user dictates.

Auto clicker pro can automate clicks in games, PowerPoint presentations, and webcams. It can also be used while working for tasks like copying and pasting, clicking on multiple areas of the computer, and right-clicking resulting in increased productivity.

Auto clicker pro is open-source software and is completely free. It can click about 100 times per second and can be downloaded without paying any charges.

2. OP Auto Clicker

OP Autoclicker 3.0

This auto clicker is free and easy to use. It works best for PC and Android devices. Its two modes include giving users a per-selected place to auto-click or where they place their cursor while the user chooses the maximum number of clicks. Along with this, the time interval and which button on the mouse to click can be selected. Depending on instructions, the clicker can automatically make single, double, or triple clicks.

OP auto clicker is free for downloading and using and is used by beginner and advanced level gamers, programmers, and software testers.

3. Murgaa Auto Clicker

Murgaa Auto Clicker for Mac

This auto clicker is a simple auto clicker developed for Mac users. This auto clicker is compatible with the latest Apple operating system and allows users to carry out repetitive tasks to increase efficiency. This auto clicker will enable users to choose the option of automated clicks on the right and the left buttons and has many options for starting and stopping the auto clicker.

Murgaa auto clicker can be downloaded from its website, and users can get some features on a trial version for six months and will have to pay $6.54 once the trial version is over.


Autoclicker AI

If you are looking for an auto clicker compatible with Mac and Windows, this is the one for you. This auto clicker is easy as well as a powerful one to achieve automated click. This auto clicker is at the top for gamers wanting to accomplish numerous clicks. It mainly comes in great use while playing Minecraft, shooting games, and any other games that require rigorous clicking, as this auto clicker helps improve performance, thus achieving better scores. This auto clicker achieves faster clicks by setting little interval time between clicks, thus achieving a high score of clicks per second.

This auto clicker can achieve the task of carrying out visual commands and general instructions given by users. Compatible with Mac, Windows, and mobile devices, install it as this auto clicker is free of any cost.

How to Get Auto Clicker on Windows?

Downloading an auto clicker is just a matter of seconds. This is how you can download and run an auto clicker on Windows.

  1. Download and install the auto clicker by clicking the download button on the given link.
  2. Click on that icon of the auto clicker to run the application.
  3. Choose a key from your keyboard to set as a hotkey to start or stop the auto clicker.
  4. After choosing, click on save the keyboard key. 
  5. Test by clicking the keyboard key set as default to start or stop the automated clicking.
  6. Set the required information, i.e., time interval, number of clicks, location, and press the hotkey to start the process.  

How to Make Your Own Auto Clicker?

Making your auto clicker is also always a good option. People do not make it as they fear it will get too complicated. Following these easy steps will guide you on how to make your own basic auto clicker.

  1. Download AutoHotKey from its website if you do not have it. 
  2. Once it’s downloaded, open Notepad.
  3. Click on file, and then save as; after saving your file in an appropriate location, give it a name and type .ahk after the title. Save the file.
  4. Then type the following code.

Pause on



Sleep, 30


F1:: Pause

  1. Save the file after this.
  2. To run the file, simply double-click on it or click run script from the drop-down menu once you right-click on it. 
  3. When you start a game, press F1 to run the auto clicker and press F1 again to stop the auto clicker.

The Bottom Line

Auto clickers help to achieve multiple clicks in games that will result in setting new records or winning easily. Choose a ready-to-use auto clicker from the variety of options listed above, or make your own auto clicker to set up new high scores every day!


1. Can you get banned by using an auto clicker?

Many games are against using an auto-clicker and may ban you once they find out about its use. However, if you run the tool at random time intervals or set the number of clicks according to the game limit, you can play a safe game without getting banned.

2. Do auto clickers have viruses?

The auto clickers listed above are completely safe and free from any viruses. However, there are many auto clickers with malware. Therefore, it is recommended to pick the tools with a good rating.

3. Can auto clicker run in the background?

Modern auto clickers are programmed in a way that they can work in the background. This way, you can do other important tasks while auto clicker does repetitive ones.

4. Do auto clickers ask for money?

There are a lot of auto clickers available in the markets that are free of cost, while there are many paid auto clickers that need to pay charges to access their advanced features.

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