How to Get Infinite Cookies in the Cookie Clicker?

How to get infinite cookies in cookie clicker

Getting the infinite cookies while playing the cookie clicker can be a plus point for gamers. There are many cheating methods to get unlimited cookies in no time. Getting the cookies by only clicking can be a very time taking phenomenon. But with some smart work and digital techniques, it can be an easy task for you. It is essential to know the game properly before going into such a phenomenon or technique. 

What is a Cookie Clicker?

Cookie Clicker

Most of you who have a basic understanding of this game must have known about this game. Being more elaborative in its description, this game is about collecting cookies at a higher level which can be millions and billions. These cookies you collect can be helpful to you for gathering treasures and unlocking different versions of the game and multiple other benefits within the game. You collect the cookies by clicking continuously on the cookie. That requires much of your effort. Just imagine clicking once to get a single cookie which means you have to click infinite times for collecting unlimited cookies.

But there is good news for you that you can collect infinite cookies within seconds. This can be done with the help of the following cheating techniques.

Gathering the Infinite Cookies Within the Game

There are multiple ways to collect unlimited cookies while you are playing your cookie clicker game. Even the interface provides you easy access to unlimited cookies. We, in this article, are going to explain a few of these methods that can help you collect your cookies in the cookie clicker.

Infinite Cookies

Method 1- Applying the Command

This technique can collect unlimited cookies by applying the commands and some basic programming knowledge within a second or even less time.

  • Open the interface of the cookie-clicker game within your PC.
  • Click the control+shift+I command and on the right side, the coded part of the relevant page will appear. You need to add a simple code to let the infinite cookie collection happen.
  • At the bottom of this part, you will see an option “Console” with a text box. In this text box click to type the following line as Game. Earn(write any number in the bracket multiple times and then close the bracket). The number you write in the bracket will define the number of cookies you want. In the case of infinite cookies, you can hold press any number for a very long time. You would press 8 or 9 digits continuously and then close the bracket.
  • Hit enter button, and you will see a sudden rise in the increase of your cookies in your game.

An infinite level of cookies will be added to your cookie collector within less time.

Method 2 – Using the Automatic Clicker

The automatic clickers are designed to provide you with an opportunity to click unlimited times while playing any game or performing any task. Multiple types of automatic clickers can boost your tasks. The mouse clickers, auto clickers for Mac and Android, OP auto clicker, and many other such auto clickers can provide you the leniency to click automatically to perform any task.

How to Use the Auto Clickers for Gathering the Cookies in the Cookie Clicker?

Initially, the process seems very long, but you can go once you download and install an appropriate application. You must pick the application that is compatible with your PC. If you have a Mac, you must search for an auto clicker suitable for the Mac, and the same is for Android. Additionally, the mouse and keyboards’ auto clickers also provide different features. Select the appropriate one.

  • Go to your search browser and select an appropriate auto clicker.
  • Click to download the relevant auto clicker. In the downloads, install the auto clicker from the WINRAR link.
  • The shortcut will appear on the desktop. Tap on this application to open the given auto clicker. There will be a dialogue box asking you for the commands.
  • Type the times of the clicks you want for your games that can exceed infinity or the time until you stop the clicks.
  • You can enter any hotkey to command the clicks to start clicking. And the clicking will stop when you press the command button again. So you can control the auto-clicking when you reach the infinite level of cookies.

The plus point of using the auto clicker is that you can apply the auto-clicking to any other game. And once you install the application, the only effort is to give any command or use any hotkey to the interface of the auto clicker. And the clicking process can be straightforward.

What You Must Know Before Using any Cheating Techniques?

If you have reached an excellent level in your game, you can lose your game by applying such a technique. Be sure to save your previous game while trying this strategy or playing for fun. If you are in some competition and don’t want to lose your last game, you can save the game using the following steps.

  • Click on the options button in the left corner of the game. There will be multiple options in front of you.
  • Click on the export game option, and the game will be saved.

If you want to reload the previous game, click on the export game to open.


1. Can I get blocked on the game for using the code?

Absolutely not. The unlimited technique is entirely safe for c/ookie clickers.

2. Are cookie clickers free of cost?

You don’t have to pay anything for using the cookies clickers in your web browsers. Not even the automatic clicker will charge anything to you.

3. Is it safe to use automatic clickers?

The automatic clickers have external storage, and they are entirely virus protected. They are completely safe to use.

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