How to Keep a Computer Awake Without Moving the Mouse?

Keep Computer Awake

When you leave your computer or laptop untouched, it goes to sleep. This usually happens when you are giving a presentation or busy with something else. It frustrates you as you must touch the mouse or keyboard key after some interval to prevent it from sleeping or log in again to make it active. These IT devices have an in-built system that activates after a long time of inactivity to save the device’s power.

Techniques to Keep Computer Screen Alive

There are different ways by which you can prevent the screen lights from getting dull and then gradually prevent the whole system from sleeping. Here we shall discuss other techniques and tools that can be easily utilized in making the computer awake without moving the mouse or keyboard.

1. By Changing the Settings of Power in the System

If you don’t want to download or install the tools, then changing the system power setting will help you keep your device awake. Any window users follow these steps to bring change to their setting.

  • For changing the power settings of your computer, go to the control panel. 

Changing Settings of Power in System - Step 1

  • Click on the option of system and security and then on the power icon.

Changing Settings of Power in System - Step 2

Changing Settings of Power in System - Step 3

  • Click on the change plan setting option for changing the display of the system.

Changing Settings of Power in System - Step 4

  • You can change the display of your system by turning it off. Here you will be provided with two options either select never or select time frame. Select the time frame of the computer displays either when it is on battery or logged in. 
  • You will see another option, Put the computer to sleep which determines how long the computer stays on before it goes to sleep. You can set a time period or also select the never an option. By selecting never your computer always remains awake in the absence of work.

Changing Settings of Power in System - Step 5

  • Then select the save button.

2. Use of Different Tools

The use of tools and software is an alternative option for those users who can’t or don’t want to change their system settings. Following is the list of all those tools whose utilization can prevent your screen off without any physical activity.

– Caffeine

This tool stimulates during inactivity and presses the F15 key after every 59 seconds to prevent the screen from going into power-saving mode. This virtual key is only recognized by the window as it is not present on the keyboard and it doesn’t interrupt your work. This tool works in the background and you can also enable or disable it by double-clicking on its icon.

– Auto Mouse Mover

You can also use an auto clicker tool to prevent your screen from getting off when you don’t use the system. The working of this tool is based on the automatic clicking and movement of the cursor on the screen at different time intervals and it supports all versions of the operating system. The tool has proven very beneficial for software professionals as their privacy is maintained and they don’t have to log in repeatedly. Users of Windows 7,8,10 & 11 can download it for free and use it easily for unlimited periods of time.

– Mouse Jiggler

Mouse Jiggler

This tool keeps the screen alive by the automatic movement of your cursor on the screen. If you leave the system for a few hours to go to work or for a break, enable this mouse jiggler app. You wouldn’t have to bring any change in the system setting for the smooth working of this app. You can enable the Zen jiggle option if this tool is causing a hindrance in your work.

– Insomnia

This tool controls your desktop by preventing the screen from turning off until you shut off your device. When you use this tool your system does not sleep as it disables the sleeping mode of the system. You will find this tool running in the background of the system and you can close it when you want it. The use of insomnia has proven beneficial for the server machines that always need to be online.

– Don’t Sleep

Don’t sleep works on the same principle that you used to change the Laptop and computer settings to keep them awake. The tool is quite different from others on the basis of its working as it employs a passive direction of working. When the computer goes to sleep or the screensaver is about to come it sends information to your operating system that there is important work to do which keeps the screen on. This tool is light, easy to use, and gives you commands on the operating system functions such as shut down, hibernate, turn off and restart.


Computer and laptop devices conserve power by setting the screen saver when there is no activity. When the system hibernates, you have to enter the password again to log in or make the computer awake by touching the mouse and keyboard. We concluded that it is easy to use any of the tools mentioned above and methods to prevent the system from sleeping without doing much.

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