How to Right Click on a Chromebook? | Step by Step Guide

How to Right Click on a Chromebook

You might be wondering how to right-click on the Chromebook or even if it exists and how does it work? Read this article carefully to learn step by step guide on how to enable right click on a Chromebook.

Chromebooks have a single place to do right and left clicks, i.e., touchpad, but it can be confusing, especially if you’re new to using Chromebook. So if you are planning to connect your device with a wired or Bluetooth mouse just to make the right clicks, leave this thought because once you update the required settings, you can do right click on a Chromebook without a mouse.

How to Right Click on Chromebook Using TouchPad?

Like the other laptops, Chromebook has a touchpad but without any right and left buttons. However, you can use the tap-to-click option that is enabled by default, but if it isn’t, you have to do it manually. Once you allow it, you can do the right-click on your Chromebook by simply tapping on the pad with two fingers. Also, there is a chance that the lower part of the touchpad gets pressed to right-click.

Enable the Settings to Right Click on a Chromebook Without a Mouse

To enable the tap-to-click settings on your Chromebook, follow this step-by-step guide.

  • Go to the settings present at the lower right corner. 
  • Next, click on the gear icon; it leads you to the window settings.
  • Scroll it a little and click on the advance options.
  • Here, go to the “manage accessibility features.” 

Manage Accessibility Features

  • Tap on the open mouse and touchpad device setting, present under the mouse and touchpad settings.

Device Touchpad Settings

  • Here you have to enable the tap-to-click feature.

Enable Click Feature

  • Now you’ve enabled the settings to make clicks using your trackpad.

How to Check the Availability of Tapping Features?

To check the availability of right-clicking, you can do it by following any of these ways.

  • Collectively tap two fingers on the touchpad to right-click.
  • Secondly, to do right click on a Chromebook using the keyboard, press the alt key located on the left side of the space key. And then tap with a single finger on the touchpad.

Once these features work, you can open any file or the options by tapping with double fingers or following the second option, depending on your convenience.

How to Save Pictures on a Chromebook Without Right-Click?

As the tap-to-click option is enabled you can save pictures on Chromebook without a right click, put the cursor on the picture and click by using two fingers on the touchpad. It will show a list of options, place the cursor on the save image option and click again with two fingers. Your picture will be downloaded.

Other Chromebook Gestures

1. See Open Windows

To check all open browsers at a time, instead of clicking or scrolling along with windows, just swipe three fingers upward.

2. Open Another Link

To open a new link instantly in Chromebook, tap three fingers on the link.

3. Move Between Window Pages

When you have to deal with multiple pages simultaneously, tapping on each page to open it is a time-consuming process. By using gestures, you can do it with ease. Use two fingers to swipe left and right on the touchpad to scroll along with open pages.

4. Move Between Tabs

Use three fingers to scroll along with the tabs and swipe left and right.


Use these right-click options and many other gestures on the Chromebook for convenient use without using any mouse or input device. With a Chromebook, it is easy to move around the files and pages. Try a Chromebook and explore more about its features.

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