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How to Right Click on a Mac?

How to Right Click on Mac

Macintosh, abbreviated as MAC, is a series of personal laptops designed and sold by Apple Inc. They have become popular in the growing world of technology. However, they have specific differences from Windows OS. Hence, Windows users who shift over to MAC often have problems understanding its features and using the MAC. One of which is generating the right click on a MacBook.

There are multiple ways to generate that you can use to right-click on a MacBook trackpad or by using some external devices. Also, you can use Mac auto clickers to generate repetitive right-clicks without doing any effort.

Here I will share with you these valuable methods with complete guidelines; you can follow them to perform or generate right-click on MAC.

Methods to Right Click on Mac

Method 1: Clicking Your Trackpad While You Hold the Control Key

Press the Control key located on your MAC keyboard and click the trackpad. This will generate a right-click on your MAC.

For example, if you click the toolbar or on the desktop, the menu windows will open, just like in a standard Windows computer when you right-click your mouse.

Method 2: Tapping Your Trackpad With Two Fingers

Another method for having the right click on MAC is using two of your fingers and tapping them on your trackpad. This will work like your right mouse button.

This isn’t usually the default setting, and hence if this is the way you choose to right-click without a mouse, you can customize your right-click option by changing your options for a secondary click. To set this feature in the settings, follow these steps:

  • Open system preferences by clicking the Apple Icon at the top left corner of your screen.
  • Click on the trackpad option.
  • Select “Click with two fingers” beside secondary click.

Right Clicking on Mac

Method 3: Using a Force Touch Trackpad to Right Click: By Applying Pressure

The haptic feedback in the Force Touch Trackpads will allow you to apply pressure on a specific area of your trackpad and enable you to use the slight force you apply to work as the right-click button. This more resounding click will allow you to access the contextual menu with relatively more options.

Hence, the third method you can use is to apply pressure while you press and hold your trackpad to achieve a right-click on your Force Touch Trackpad.

Method 4: Setting up a Corner of Your Trackpad for Right Touch

You can use the corner of the trackpad as a right-click button. But you have to make changes to it because it is set on the right click with two fingers. For customization, follow these given directions:

  • Open up your system preferences by clicking on the Apple icon located at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Click on the trackpad option.
  • Tap on the secondary click item.

Mac Right Clicking

  • This will allow you to right-click using the right corner of your screen.

Method 5: Assign the Botton Right Corner of the Touchpad

This method is similar to the previous option, but here you will change the position of the right-click button. To customize the right-click location, follow these guidelines.

  • Go to system preferences by clicking on the Apple Icon
  • Open the trackpad option
  • Choose the left bottom corner to generate right-clicks as a secondary click item
  • now you can use the left corner for right-clicking on Mac

Method 6: Right Click by Using Apple Mouse

Right Click on Mac through Apple Mouse

If you find it tough to right-click on the touchpad, you can connect an Apple mouse with it to do a right-click. However, the use of button-less surfaces is also quite challenging. But don’t stress out; you can set the right corner of the mouse as the right button in the preferences portion. The working of the Apple magic mouse is similar to the touchpad. To assign the mouse right corner as a button to generate right clicks, follow these steps:

  • Look for system preferences by clicking on the Apple Icon.
  • Next, click on the mouse option.
  • In the secondary option, you can choose any side to produce the right clicks.

Method 7: Use a Regular Two Button Mouse

Regular Two Button MouseRegular Two Button Mouse

You can right-click on a Mac by using a typical two-button mouse. Yes, there is no technicality to use this mouse. Connect it with your Mac system and click on the right button to get a right-click.

In this manner, you will be able to set your right-click button as per your choice, whether you choose for it to work with a single tap using two of your fingers, choosing to tap on your trackpad in the bottom right corner, clicking ctrl alongside a tap on your screen, use an auto clicker or even by application of force to achieve your desired trackpad response.

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