How to Right Click on iPad?

How to Right Click on iPad?

As iPad, OS 13.4 has introduced its trackpad and mouse support, the complete experience of using an iPad is just amazing. The functions of the cursor are simply compatible with that of the iPad and it has been made keeping in view the synchronization with the user interface of iPad OS. Using a mouse or a trackpad with an iPad makes clicking much more fun and simple.

iPadOS is full of contextual menus which can better be used with a mouse or trackpad. There are menus for which you need to click or hold the options and sometimes long presses too. Using right-click for your iPad make clicking faster and you can select among menus easily.

Right-Click in an iPad

For right-clicking on an iPad, all you need to do is to click the finger on the desired option and hold it for almost a second. The right-click feature in an iPad doesn’t exactly work as in a MAC or PC; rather you need to tap on the screen and hold your finger until an option prompts similarly as you do with an email.

Right Click on an iPad

The same option is tried for entering or editing text on an iPad, you need to click on the text and hold it for a second, and the text that is present below your finger will itself be highlighted. You can do anything with that text with the number of options prompted on the screen over the taskbar on text. The options may include copy, look up and select all. You can click any of the given options as per your requirement.

Right-Click in iPad Safari

Using the right-click option in Safari on an iPad is also simple. While using Safari, tap and hold on to the link of the website that you want to select options for. Holding on for a second will pop up a range of options including a new tab, or add to the reading list, etc. You would just need to hold up, and the right-click menu for that specific website will be on the screen.

Adding Text and Email with a Right-Click on an iPad

While composing an email or adding a text on an iPad, you need to tap over the area and hold as you did for all previous options. While clicking and holding over the text, note, and email, a set of options in the form of a taskbar will prompt over the screen having options including copy, select, paste, and insert video or photo and many other options.

You just need to keep tapping and holding to explore more menus and options on an iPad.

Right-Click Using the Mouse on an iPad

Right Click on iPad with Mouse

While you have connected a magic mouse with an iPads to right-click, it is easy to activate.

You can simply select the options from settings and connect your magic mouse with your iPad. Go to the mouse and trackpad option, turn on the secondary click feature, and select right-click among the options.

Doing right-click on an iPad is not a big deal if you are a usual Apple user. We hope that you find this guide helpful enough.

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