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How to Right-Click With the Apple Magic Mouse

Right Click With Apple Magic Mouse

The introduction of the Apple magic mouse has left everyone in awe. The sleek and smart design of it is unlike any other mouse. They claim that the optimized foot design is perfect for the mouse to glide along with your desk, as well as the multi-touch feature allowing you to swipe through webpages and scroll through documents.

Being wireless and rechargeable, it also has unique features that make it very different from other mice. The simple design does not include any buttons, no cable, and is shorter than others to provide maximum control.

Right-clicking on your computer is an absolute necessity; however, having a lack of buttons on the Apple Magic mouse often leaves people confused on how to use it to do their tasks. This article will answer how to get the right clicks with your Apple magic mouse comfortably.

Why is Right Click Important?

Right-click provides or opens up a new level of interaction that is impossible with a left-click. With a single right-click, you can open up a drop-down having multiple options.

  • File: A file requires you to right-click to open a drop-down menu with a list of options. You can perform different actions, from opening the file in a certain format or application and sharing your file to renaming it or making a duplicate.
  • To Open Drop Down: The main items with a right-click drop-down are desktop icons, web pages, weblinks, and toolbars. You can right-click on these so that a drop-down menu appears, giving you a list of options to be able to do with that item.
  • Desktop: If you right-click on your desktop, a drop-down menu will appear, giving you numerous options like making a new folder, changing your background or organization, along many more options.

How to Right-Click With an Apple Magic Mouse?

The Apple mouse does not have any button to click on. It leaves many people wondering how to right-click. The standard way that Apple OS has designed to right-click is to press and hold the control key and do a single click on the item.

To make a right-click directly from an Apple magic mouse, you need to turn on the option in the mouse settings. These simple steps will allow you to easily achieve the task of enabling the right click for your Apple Magic mouse.

1. Open the Apple menu.
2. Tap on ‘System preferences.’
3. Go to the mouse option.

4. Tap on ‘point & click.’
5. Select the options to click on the right side, located beside the ‘secondary click.’ There is also an option to enable clicks for the left side to set up the mouse according to your preference.

6. Now, to use the right-click, tap on the right side of the mouse.

Right-click is essential while using a computer or laptop. It opens up numerous options for you in the form of a drop-down menu, thus making it important for you to enable it on for the Apple magic mouse.

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