How to Right-Click Without a Mouse?

Right Click without Mouse

In the days before the mouse, there was a time when computers relied solely on their keyboard. Nevertheless, even with all of the advances made in modern technology, a lot of people still prefer a mouse to use a trackpad or touch screen for various reasons. One popular concern is the simple fact that many people don’t know how to use a computer without a mouse.

The mouse has become an important input device. For those of us who use a mouse as part of our daily work or for leisure, depending on the person, we all understand the importance and need of a mouse. For those who do not have access to a mouse, it can be difficult to fully function on a computer. There are many reasons for not using a mouse such as lack of mobility of limbs for using a mouse or any operational malfunctioning of the mouse.

In case you never want to use the mouse or your mouse is out of order, luckily, there are ways to work around this and some may even find more efficient clicking methods. The most efficient way is the use of navigation keys on the keyboard. Now you don’t need to stop your work, you can move other tricks for making your work efficient and accurate without a mouse.

Right-Clicking without a Mouse

To find the perfect device for someone who has either had an injury or just wants a different feel for their computer, it is important to have a list of possible devices that they can use. Three different types of devices can be used: a touch screen, a tablet, and a speech-enabled mouse. Each one of these devices can offer a great experience for someone who is looking for something different from the traditional desktop computer.

How to Right-Click without a Mouse on Mac?

If you are using a Mac laptop then you can use a touchpad that is the most easiest and reliable way. Macs have a variety of keyboard shortcuts that make using a mouse unnecessary. While the specific keystroke combinations differ between Mac OS X and other operating systems, there are still options to help you right-click without a mouse on a Mac. On macOS, you can turn on the accessibility features from the setting to get control over mouse keys.

  • For this, open the Apple menu button and select system preferences.
  • Choose pointer control from the accessibility option.
  • And click on an alternative control method.

Alternate Control Methods-Mouse Keys Options

  • After turning it on, you can easily use keys on the keyboard for right-clicking.
  • Then for the right-click, hold the “ctrl” key on the keyboard and then press numeric 5 and if your keyboard doesn’t have a numeric key then you can use the ctrl+ Fn keys+ letter “I” on the keyboard for right-click. Most of the keyboards don’t have numeric keys so through alternative keys you can easily operate your system.

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How to Right-Click without a Mouse on Windows 10?

Control Methods

Windows 10 is designed to be touch-friendly, which can be very frustrating since most of our desktops are not touch-enabled. Luckily, there are several keyboards shortcuts that make it possible to complete any task without a mouse! It is not much tough to tackle window 10- without a mouse. You can use the context menu key present between the right ctrl and window keys. If your keyboard has no context menu key then you can right-click through a ctrl key. Right-clicking on windows 10- without a mouse can be done by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, and then tapping the left button.

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