How to Save Pictures on a Chromebook Without Right-Click?

How to save pictures on a chromebook without right click

We know that a Chromebook is a device that runs the Chrome operating system, and most of its software is available in the cloud. With all these interesting features, the main thing that confuses the users is the absence of right-click button on the touchpad. So, how to save pictures on a Chromebook without right-clicking? It is a most frequently asked question by those Chromebook users who find it difficult to save images without a right-click button on their device.

Moreover, It is an everyday thing that when we scroll through social media apps, we want to save images that we like the most. Normally, computers have a mouse, and laptops have a right-click button on their touchpad. It allows users to save pictures by clicking on the photo and holding down the right button. However, now most modern laptops don’t have this feature like Chromebook.

Although you can use a mouse to solve the issue, it sometimes becomes non-functional and creates a problem for the user. Luckily, the newer operating system of Chromebook has an easier way to save images without using right-click. Here is a complete guideline about saving images without right-clicking on Chromebook.

Methods to Save Pictures on a Chromebook Without Right-Click

Chromebook comes with a touchpad, and it’s tricky yet quite easy to save the picture by using the touchpad. Follow any of these methods to save the images.

Method 1

  • First, find the picture you want to save from Google or any other website.
  • Now tap on the touchpad with two fingers. It will act as an alternative to right-clicking.
  • When you tap with your fingers, a right-click menu will open on the screen of the Chromebook.
  • Tap on the save image option.

Save Image on Chromebook

  • Choose the right file where you want to save the image
  • On the right corner of the screen, the option for image save is available to click on it, which will keep your image in the selected folder of your Chromebook, and will save your image in the selected folder of your Chromebook.

Method 2

With this method, you can save your favourite image in a Chromebook by using a combination of keys and a touchpad.

  • Open the image first.
  • Next, press the alt button and tap with a single finger on the touchpad to open the menu on the Chromebook screen.

Tap with single finger on touchpad of chromebook

  • Click the save image option and select the destination folder of the image. 
  • In the end, hit the ok to confirm. 

Method to See the Saved Image on Chromebook

Now, if you want to see images that you have saved on your Chromebook, then:

  • The device will save your image in internal memory, so click on show in a folder to see that image.

Show Image in Chromebook

  • To open the downloaded picture at that time, click on the image. You can also copy the image to a different folder or move it to Google Drive through a touchpad.

Downloads of Chromebook

  • If you have closed the preview window, you can find images from a folder of files where you have saved the image. Suppose your photo is held in the ‘downloads’ folder, then open this folder directly from the menu app by tapping your finger on the touchpad. It will open your image in the specified folder.

So, if you are facing this issue, then pick a suitable method from the given solutions to resolve it. With these methods, you can easily save your favourite pictures without any restrictions.

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