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How to Use Auto Clicker for Android Without Root?

Android Auto Clicker without Root

If you’re here to know about how to use an auto clicker for Android without root, we are sure you’re at least aware of what an auto clicker is. But if you’ve ever wondered about how an auto clicker works and how you can use it on your Android device without root, we are here to help you. An Android auto clicker is an amazing automation tool for Android devices that taps automatically on a given point on your device screen. While these automation tools are often used for gaming, they have other purposes in performing tasks that require repetitive clicking. Let’s learn more about using an auto clicker on Android without root.

Steps to Use an Auto Clicker for Android without Root

First, to ensure that an auto clicker works on your Android device, you’ll have to enable the permissions on your app for access. To do that, follow the simple steps given below.

  • Go to Google Play Store on your Android device and download an auto clicker of your choice.
  • There are multiple Android auto clickers that you can choose from.
  • Once you have selected the one you want, download it to your device.
  • Next, on your Android device go to settings.
  • Scroll down and go to accessibility settings
  • And then go to enable permissions. Turn on permissions for the app once the download is complete. (In most cases, today apps are given permissions by your device automatically)

Accessing Android Auto Clicker

Now that you have downloaded the app and granted it the permissions, follow the steps below to use it.

  • Double-click on the auto clicker icon to open in from your device menu.
  • Then the app will open and ask you for customizations for your taps. Here you will select the button for auto taps, set the number of clicks, the delay between clicks, and assign the hotkey to start and stop auto taps.
  • Once you have added the customizations, just close the app.
  • Open the application where you need the auto taps.
  • Bring the pointer to the required location for tapping, and let the auto clicker automate all the tapping for you.

You can use this auto clicker for Android in different games and apps where you have to perform repetitive taps. It makes the work easy for you and lets you do other important things.

Benefits of Using an Auto Clicker for Android

Using Auto Clicker for Android

Using an auto clicker for Android offers you multiple benefits like the ones listed below.

  • It helps to save your time and effort by automating your repetitive taps.
  • Auto clickers for Android are safe apps for android devices that do not put your device at any risk.
  • You can use these auto clickers to play your favorite games or perform tasks that require multiple taps.
  • These auto clickers are mostly free, and you can easily use them on your device by downloading them.
  • Auto clicker software gives you complete control over your tapping. You can start or stop taps as needed, adjust the time, delay, and number of taps.

Now, that you have got an idea about the process of using an android auto clicker and its benefits altogether, you can easily get your desired auto clicker downloaded and make your recurring tasks easy enough. Or, if you are going to get such auto clickers for gaming then enjoy winning multiple gaming levels.

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