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How To Use OP Auto Clicker 3.0?

Auto Clicker in general, is software that enables you to click automatically without having to exert your fingers by clicking manually. In games and for testing of software where rapid and sometimes constant clicking is required, this software can be brought to use. 

Auto clickers have enhanced gaming experiences for many and made lives easier. However, not all auto clickers are free, some also come as paid applications for users. Op Auto Clicker 3.0 is one such example.  

OP Auto Clicker 3.0. 

Op auto clicker, a free auto clicker has 3 versions available in the market. The first one is Op auto clicker version 2.0, the next is Op auto clicker version 2.1, and the latest is Op auto clicker 3.0. It is available for Windows users. It is equipped with a number of features such as deciding whether your clicking is specific to a point or if it follows your cursor, single, double, and triple-clicking, customizing your hotkey, automatic saving, user interface without ads, and much more. It is safe to use I.e., free from malware. 

Latest Features For OP Auto Clicker 3.0. 

It offers two separate modes for auto-clicking. In tasks such as rapid shooting/firing, in games, you can select the fixed spot clicking. In this case, your cursor will click at your selected location, constantly, whereas another way you can use this feature is to allow clicking on spots where your cursor moves. 

Choose which mouse button to use for auto clicking, left or right. Other than what has been mentioned above, you can decide the number of clicks for your task, set a number, or make infinite clicking. You can choose your own hotkey that will enable or disable your auto clicker. 

Using The OP Auto Clicker 3.0: Step-To-Step Guide. 

These are the following steps you should follow to download and use the Op auto clicker. 

  1. You will find the  “Op Auto Clicker 3.0” download button on this page. Press it so that your software download begins. After you are done downloading it press the install button so that it appears on your device after installation and run the application.  
  2. The auto clicker has now been installed and is ready to be customized as per your demands. The next step is setting your application. Here you can decide the interval for each click, mouse button to be used for auto-clicking, choose the number of times the clicks are repeated, the position of your cursor, your hotkey settings, recording and playing back options, and starting by using your F6 key.Start (F6) OP Auto Clicker 3.0
  3. Using this auto clicker is easy and comfortable. Firstly, you will set your time interval, which is the time between each individual automated click. It can range from hours to milliseconds. The click interval setting can be observed in the image given above.
  4. Next, choose the button which is convenient for your auto clicks. The right, the left, or your middle mouse button. This will be used for beginning your automatic mouse actions. 
  5. For each click, you can select how many times your cursor will click. I.e., from allowing it to click once each time, twice, or thrice. Single, double, or triple-clicking. 
  6. If you choose to use your cursor continuously and do not intend to set a limit to it, then you may choose to select the “Repeat Until Stopped” button. You can also pick the exact location where you intend to use the auto clicker by choosing the x and y coordinates and pointing out the location. Or you can choose the current location option for clicking where you move your cursor. 
  7. The F6 key is the hotkey, by default. This will start or stop your automatic clicker. You can also change this hotkey if you will and choose any key from your keyboard to execute the same action as your default hotkey. 

Op Auto Clicker is Safe & Secure. 

Op auto clicker is the best auto clicker and has been found to be secure after its testing by running it through multiple scans done by Mc Afee and Avast. It was found to be free from malware and any kind of spyware.

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