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The employees get fed up with daily routine work at their office. It is very frustrating to do the same task again and again. In the world of games, many games need continuous vigorous clicking to protect you from the enemy.

Every player should need continuous practice for becoming an expert in this type of constant clicking. Many games require speedy clicking such as Adventure Capitalist, Crusaders of the Lost Idols, Realm Grinder, Minecraft PVP, and Roblox, etc.

Programmers and gamers do a hectic job of clicking, and for this, they need something that makes their task easy. The programmers need continuous clicking for testing software and for other purposes. Similarly, other types of computer jobs such as data entry tasks also require repetitive tasks. There is a solution to these problems and that is, the use of an auto clicker tool.

The auto clicker tools make your task easy and fast by generating the recurrent input as per your instruction. There are many online and downloadable free auto clicker tools in which iClick Mac is mostly used.

The iClickMac makes your routine repeated task easy and smooth. This is a useful auto clicker tool and software program. This auto clicker is specifically designed for work in mac computers. This software is compatible with the Mac program. It has proved very beneficial for those who have a busy schedule. The use of this tool makes your work complete in seconds without delay.

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Features of iClickMac

The iClickMac has a bundle of features that makes it beneficial for use. These features make it user-friendly and trending. Following are some of the striking core features of this auto clicker tool:

1. User Friendly

The software has a simple interface that makes its use easy. The auto clicker with its user-friendly design makes it reachable to everyone.

2. Compatibility

The function and design of this tool make it compatible with the MAC OS X. The lightweight software requires Mac OS 10.7 and later with its interrupted working.

3. Create Shortcut

The iClick Mac tool helps you in the typing of shortcuts to make your task easy. You can create any type of shortcuts such as Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+W, Ctrl+A, and Alt+Tab.

4. Interface of Software

The software has been designed with a simple and uncomplicated interface. The simple interface maximizes the interaction between the users and software.

5. Recording

The favorable feature for the users is a recording of the work done. Your work will be recorded so that you can continue from the place you left. The shortcut that you will create is also recorded in it.

6. An Integral Part of Automatic Push Click

There is a time when automatic push click technology is used. This technology is used in the process of email delivery using SMTP, in the making of the instant messaging app, updating the real-time prices of bidding regarding any selling, and updating the match score by sports websites. The auto clicker plays an important role in making this technology functional at every moment and in this type of task.

7. Clicking Frequency

You can set the number of clicks per second according to your demand. The software offers a customizable setting in this perspective.

8. Free of Cost

The software has a free license and you can download it easily from the system tools. The Leluvara Company is the owner of this tool. Being light in weight, the size of the file is 117KB.

9. Safe to Use

The tool is safe to use on any system. There is no virus and malware downloaded while it’s downloading. Many games have an in-built system for detecting the virus in the software. You can also check this software that either is free from viruses or not by using the virus total and malware bytes program.

10. Time-saving

The use of this auto clicker tool saves your time. You can do rest and some other tasks while automation. The automated program created by this tool completes your work in time and makes your work stress-free.

How to Download this Tool?

The process of downloading this tool is easy and handy. The free-to-download and easy-to-use software are easily accessible online. Click on the download button that is given below. The setup of the program will be downloaded.

How to Install the iMac Auto Clicker Tool?

The process of installation is very easy. There is no need to download the extra additional program for its installation. When the setup is downloaded, open the file of setup. Then click on the run option to install this tool. Whenever you need to use this software you will go to the software folder and can also search it in the taskbar.

How to Use the Auto Clicker Tool?

The iClickMac auto clicker tool is ready to use after downloading and installation. You can set the time interval between the clicks and restore this sequence. There is two option of plus and minus present on the tool. With the help of this button, you can increase and decrease the time interval. The value appears on the screen in digital form.


When you will complete your setting on the tool, click on the start button. Set the position of the cursor at the desired place for starting the automation. You can record your clicks as well. You can create a short key for starting and stopping the iClick Mac auto clicker tool.

Version of iClickMac

The 1.0 is the only latest version of the iClick Mac Auto clicker that was launched on 17 January 2016.
This is one of the good tools for Mac users. This auto clicker tool not only works best for gamers but also for other programs. It proves helpful in the execution of different tasks like a different complex program that needs automated clicking support. The use of this technology is increasing to compete with the fastest world.

Nowadays, where every second of the clock brings profits and losses, this tool will help the users to step into a challenging situation.

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