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iMouseTrick – Free Auto Clicker for MAC – Free Download


iMouseTrick for MAC is a specially designed program that enables its users to click rapidly and continuously, as per their requirement, with amazing features such as the number of clicks and the amount of time interval between clicks and the interval before the iMouseTrick starts working or clicking. It can be used for efficient and intense gaming where the gamer needs to constantly click a button rapidly to succeed.

It’s beneficial in a number of ways, mainly allowing the user to relax and watch rather than exerting the energy to click constantly while there are many other keys to cater to, during gaming.

iMouseTrick for MAC is amongst the best auto clicker available on the internet, enabling the user to gain control over the keys in a more efficient and productive way. This Mac auto clicker can also be used for data entry and for software testing. It is likely to often work alongside other working applications/programs running at the same time and act as though the mouse is being constantly clicked.

Available Version:

iMouseTrick currently has only one available version, i.e. the iMouseTrick 1.1.

Download and Use iMouseTrick Auto Clicker for Mac?

We have the iMouseTrick free download available to you. Just click on the download button on this page, and the software tool will be downloaded to your Mac device.

After your application has been downloaded, click to open it. A window will open showing different clicking settings that you need to set to make the tool useful for your tasks.

Working of iMouseTrick

imousetrick 1.1

There are different settings to use the iMouseTrick auto clicker tool. You can choose the number of clicks you want, the interval to be set between each consecutive click, and the countdown before the clicking starts. All the time settings can be done in milliseconds and seconds.

On the tool window, you will find the “start button” which will initiate the clicks once it has been clicked upon. Alongside the start button, you also have a stop button to stop the auto clicker from clicking.

Once you have turned on the application that you want to use the auto clicker on and observed the buttons available on your iMouseTrick free for MAC users, you can set the number of clicks you want and decide the amount of interval you seek between clicks. Remember to set the countdown before the beginning of your auto-clicking so that it ensures the proper working of your application.

It also provides you with the option of pausing the application once it is in use, checkmark the option “Pause the mouse when mouse is over it” button. And lastly, while using this Mac auto clicker during the games, you can also hide the iMouseTrick window while your application is running.

Version 1.1
License Free
Language English
File Size 488 KB
Developer Beecubu
Category Tools
Operating Systems Mac OS X
What’s in the tool:
iMouseTrick is a special program that allows users to click as many times and as quickly as they want

Where to Use iMouseTrick 1.1?

iMouseTrick is a popular auto-clicking tool for Mac users that can be used for multiple purposes. It will make your task easy with a “single-click”. Here are a few ways in which you can use it:

1. Gaming

An auto clicker can be used for enhancing the gaming experience. It enables the user to click as many times as required by allowing him/her to set the number of clicks. In games such as Minecraft and Roblox, an auto clicker is a very handy tool. In shooting games, where hitting an opponent or target and continuously shooting is key, an auto clicker can prove to be of great use. So, you can use the iMouseTrick while gaming online.

2. Programming & Software Testing

Another important use is when programmers design their software, it can be used for software testing where continuous clicking is needed. The purpose is to check out for bugs in the software to make sure the software runs smoothly, effectively, and as expected.

3. Data Entry

iMouseTrick auto clicker is also useful and serviceable for data entry jobs. It can be used to perform multiple clicks in a number of cells, as per the requirements of the user. A keyboard auto clicker can also be put to use if require constantly clicking similar data.

4. Refreshing Web Page(s)

iMouseTrick can reload and refresh web pages automatically. Sometimes while on wait for an important email, the user needs to constantly refresh the page. The auto clicker can be brought to use here as well by feeding the input for clicking.

Final Words for iMouseTrick

All in all, iMouseTrick for MAC is available free for you to automate clicking tasks. This Mac auto clicker will make your life easy and stress-free by granting you a grip over mouse clicking and will make your tasks easier for you. iMouseTrick for mac download is readily available here and doesn’t require any painstaking work or payment to be downloaded. Gaming and software programming has never been easier with this tool.


Is It Safe To Use iMouseTrick For MAC?

The iMouseTrick file and associated URLs have been scanned in 50 countries of the world and no possible threats have been detected so far. So, it’s user and device-friendly and perfectly safe for you to download and use on your Mac.

Is iMouseTrick A Virus?

iMouseTrick is not a virus rather software that enables you to click as per your need and desire. It also features interval control and can be used for making your tasks more manageable and effortless by allowing you to auto-click.

Is iMouseTrick Free To Use?

Yes, iMouseTrick is a free and safe to use application and doesn’t require any payments during or after installation. It provides you free and safe use of the application as long as you want.

Does iMouseTrick Support A Hotkey?

A hotkey is usually used for starting and stopping clicks and also provides other advanced options. iMouseTrick, however, doesn’t support a hotkey. It has buttons to start and stop the auto-clicking.

Does iMouseTrick For MAC Have Any Drawbacks?

iMouseTrick for MAC, as the name says, is only for Mac and its users. So, it can not be used on other operating systems such as Windows and Linux. However, you can always find an auto-clicking software or tool for your device or operating system.

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