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MacroDroid – Device Automation – Download LATEST Version

Macrodroid Device Automation
Macrodroid Device Automation Download on Google play store

Automation is the key to completing a task in a short time without any exertion. There are several sources by which people automate their tasks on any device and operating system. In the case of android, MacroDroid is the best android automation tool that automates your work on smartphones and tablets. This is the best auto clicker for android that makes your work complete with few taps. This android app helps in the automation of the task, which in turn saves time, battery, and effort for the worker. The MacroDroid makes your work on your phone smarter and quicker.

Features of MacroDroid

This app on your phone will make you a smart worker. With the help of this tool, your work can be completed automatically on your android phones and tablets. The prominent features will help you further in the understanding of this tool. It will make your work easy and uninterrupted.

1. Back-Up Process

The app comes in different backup ways. The first method is import and export. This feature is present at the home screen under the orange tile. By using this feature you can share your macros with other apps and devices that are present in the menu of share.

2. Automatic Backups

This option is obtained by pressing the red tile. It involves two methods: local and cloud. The local backup system helps you to restore the recent configuration that you have done a few times before. The cloud backup is available for pro users in which backups are stored privately at the back end of your app. Your privacy is completely protected and backup is only accessible to you.

There is another option for the backup program which is termed as export macros. By using this feature you can make your backup system automated by using any trigger such as backup after every 24 hours.

3. Dark Mode

The dark mode in your phones will automatically be on at night and off in the morning by this app.

4. Notification Awareness

This app reads notifications automatically without the incorporation of your effort. You don’t have to switch on your phone to see the notifications. The app will read it out loud and thus save the battery of the phone from draining.

5. Flow of Work

It makes your flow of work smooth and streamlined. It will switch on the Wi-Fi when you enter your house and Bluetooth when you enter a car and want to listen to the music while driving.

6. Editing Option

The app provides editing options such as adding and removing the feature and configuration according to your need.

7. Battery Saver

The app is the battery saver as it does multiple tasks that prevent the battery of your device from draining. For example, it notifies your messages by reading aloud; secondly, it dims the light of the screen and switches on and off your Wi-Fi. 

8. Prevent Roaming Costs

The app protects its users from the roaming costs by automatically switching off their data when not in use.

9. Distinct Colorful Option

The options provided with this app have different colors. The presence of different color schemes will help you in the differentiation of message trigger and message sending action.

10. Provision of Safety

The app is also a source of safety for its users. It uses text-to-speech features to convey your messages and other notifications. It also automatically sends messages through email or messages.

11. Reminders

This is one of the most consuming features by most users. This helps in remembering and recalling your various tasks, meetings, and events.

12. Stopwatches

The app also provides its users with the feature of the stopwatch. It helps them in completing their task within a given time frame and is applicable in other life activities.

MacroDroid – Device Automation
Current Version Varies with device
Updated On November 25, 2021
Requires Android Varies with device
Size Varies with device
In-app Products $2.49 – $10.00 per item
Offered By ArloSoft
Developer Visit website
Star Rating on Google Play Store 4.6
Interactive Elements
Users interact, In-app purchases

MacroDroid 使い方 (How to use) 

The app performs the following way to facilitate its users. Some of the basic functions are:

1. Triggers

They are different collections of work, which this app supports to perform, that starts with the specific events that are called triggers. For example, sending and receiving messages, notifying the entrances and exits from location, time display, etc. 

You can select your desired one from the total of 65 triggers to make your macro in a functioning state. These triggers start automatically and you can use them by creating a shortcut on your screen. You can also select it from the customizable sidebar of MacroDroid.

2. Action/Response

The triggers are connected to one or more actions. These actions are defined as the work that triggers performs when they select for a run. The app MacroDroid performs 100 actions such as adjusting volume, starting the timer, sharing your location, sending emails & SMS, reducing the brightness of the screen, etc.

3. Constraints

This option in the app is used to customize your setting. You can make your app functional according to your demand. For example, if you want to run your trigger to work within a limited time or on some fixed date you can apply a constraint on it.  

MacroDroid For Beginners And Experienced Users

The app provides different options to beginners and professionals as per their work demands and the best auto clicker. In the case of beginners, the simple and unique interface provides their users with the wizard. The wizard guides the users through the configuration process of the macros. The users are also provided with the default and customizable setting of templates. You can select the existing and change the templates as well. There is also a by-default forum present, that further helps the users in understanding this app.

For experienced people, it provides the solution of using the different programs such as tasker/locale plugin, system variables, user-selected variables, scripts, and advance routing like IF, THEN, etc. The users can configure up to 5 macros in the open-source free version of this app. The use of the pro version, which demands a small fee for one time, opens up the MacroDroid app wholly. It creates infinite macros for its users. The compatible MacroDroid android auto clicker free download on any device, even in the presence of tasker and locale plugin.

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