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How To Activate & Use Built-In Auto Click Holder/ Mouse Click Lock

How To Activate & Use Built-In Auto Click Holder/Mouse Click Lock
How To Activate & Use Built-In Auto Click Holder/Mouse Click Lock

The built-in auto click holder is a feature designed to hold or lock mouse keys to auto click. This feature allows a person to press the mouse button for a specific time without needing it to be pressed manually. As your mouse button is locked automatically, the most tiring task a mouse requires is over.

As this feature is built-in, the only thing you need to do is activate it. Once activated, you need to learn how to use it to result in helping to achieve your tasks with more efficiency by achieving mouse hold.

This article will explain how to activate as well as use the auto click holder. If your work requires holding the mouse button for a long time, you have come to the right place!

What is Click Lock?

The term click lock may sound foreign; however, it is the built-in auto click holder for windows. By activating this function, you will be able to drag your mouse and select different elements without having to manually click the mouse button. Click lock usually lets you click the left mouse button when achieving auto clicker hold down.

How to Activate the Built-in Auto Clicker or Click Lock?

Mouse Properties to Activate the Mouse Click Lock

Activating click lock is a simpler task than many imagine. Click and hold auto clicker can be activated by simply going to settings and making a few changes. Here is how you can activate it;

  • Go to Start On your computer.
  • Search and open the Mouse settings.
  • On the mouse setting page, click on Additional Mouse Options.
  • A pop-up window of Mouse Properties will open.
  • Click the Buttons tab on the pop-up of Mouse Properties.
  • Check the box of Click lock in the buttons option. It will be located at the bottom. 
  • Once you make the changes, Click Apply and then OK
  • Click lock is activated.

How to Use the Built-in Auto Click Holder on Your Computer?

To use Click lock, you can access its settings in the control panel and set it up according to your preference. For example, you can adjust how long you need to hold down a mouse or trackball button before your click is “locked.”

To start using the click lock, just press the mouse button for the time you have set, and once you release it, you will see your mouse is doing click and hold. You can now drag freely and work while the button is being held for you.

To stop or release the auto click holder, press the mouse button again.

Starting with click lock can be a little tricky. It might take a while to get used to, as you may turn it on while not actually intending to if your finger lingers on the button for a little longer. Additionally, a few users also have the issue that click lock only allows automated hold of the left mouse button and not the right button.

Why is An Auto Click Holder Needed?

The use of an auto click holder results in a lot of benefits in daily tasks. Gamers need it to achieve specific results as well as increase their gaming efficiency. Other work requirements also demand an auto clicker holder. Tasks involving dragging and clicking the mouse for an extended period, like graphic designing, require an auto click holder.

Gone are the days when a person would push their limits and work tirelessly. The technologically advanced world asks for better solutions that increase efficiency and save a person’s energy for other tasks.

Using an auto click holder is best if your job requires it. It will prevent muscle sprain and tiredness from continuously holding the mouse button.


How do I activate my auto clicker?

Here is how you can automatically click objects on a Chromebook.

  • Press Alt + Shift + S on your keyboard.
  • Select Settings and go to Advanced.
  • Select the Accessibility option. Then go to Manage Accessibility Features
  • Select Automatically click when the mouse cursor stops under the mouse and touchpad option. 
  • Set your auto-click setting according to your preference.

How do I get my auto clicker to hold click?

To hold a click on your system, you need to turn the Clicklock on. Once it has turned on, press the mouse button for the set time. By doing this, you will be able to click and hold automatically.

How do I get my mouse to click automatically?

To make your mouse auto-click, either you can download a good auto-clicker or use the built-in auto-click holder. For the latter option, you have to activate it, then you can easily make your mouse click automatically.

How do I turn off the auto clicker?

An auto clicker turns off in two ways. Firstly it depends on the settings; you set the time for auto-clicking. Once the count is over, it will stop. Secondly, you can manually turn it off by the hotkey you have designated while configuring the auto clicker.

Final Words

This article provides useful details regarding the built-in auto click holder. You now have a clear insight into the built-in auto clicker holder and how to use the click lock. Many people look to download different auto clickers without testing and playing around with the built-in auto clicker.

You can achieve a lot of auto-clicking tasks with this auto-clicker holder. All you need to do is activate it like mentioned above, customize the settings according to your preferences and start using it immediately. Using an auto clicker has proven to have significant advantages. You will tire less easily and not strain arm muscles as your mouse performs automated clicks.

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