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Murgaa Auto Clicker for Mac | Best for Mac Users

Murgaa Auto Clicker for Mac

If you are tired of repeated clicking tasks or wish to improve your click speed to perform better on games, an auto clicker is a perfect tool for you. Murgaa Auto Clicker is one such simple-to-understand and useful tool that lets you automate right or left mouse buttons on Mac.

You can even choose to automate a series of clicks by saving the script in the software. Both the installation and use of the auto clicker are very simple.

How to Download & Run This Murgaa Mac Auto Clicker Free

This auto clicker for mac is available on a trial basis free of cost. Downloading and trying is free but if you want to unlock the limitations imposed on the trial, you have to pay USD 6.54 after which you will get up to 6 months of free use on one Mac device. For auto clicker download mac, follow the instructions below:

  1. You can find the link for downloading the auto clicker at the bottom of this page. Click the button to download the file from there to your ‘downloads’ folder, or anyplace else.
  2. Open ‘My Computer’ on your Mac and go to the folder where you saved the auto clicker mac setup file.
  3. Click the right mouse button on the downloaded file in order to open it or run it.
  4. When you do so, a Message Box will appear. It will ask whether you wish to open the application, so select the ‘Open’ to continue the installation.

How to Use Murgaa Free Mac Auto Clicker

When you open the software once it is downloaded, a window pops up where you need to configure the settings as per your requirement to use it.

Murgaa Auto Clicker for Mac

You can change the following settings:

  1. Select the type of clicks (left or right mouse button), the time delay between clicks (Click speed or Clicks per Second), and the number of clicks you want to be delivered in one go.
  2. You can select the shortcut key that will be used for starting and stopping automated clicks. Alternatively, you can use the button that has been assigned by the user Interface.
  3. You can automate multiple mouse clicks in one go. You can save a script for a series of mouse clicks and then use the script saved in the software. To use this feature you can add a series of fixed locations in a script that you can save as a macro file. When using the script, you can also select the number of times that the script will be automatically played once it has been started.
  4. You can also choose to automate clicks with a random time delay by setting the maximum and minimum time interval from the settings menu.

Uses of Auto Mouse Clicker Mac by Murgaa

A free auto clicker mac is the perfect tool for a number of tasks that demand repetitive clicking and good click speeds on Mac. For instance, when playing idle games like Roblox or Minecraft, different activities like fishing, mining, and fighting require you to click the same keys or series of keys repeatedly. You can leave such tasks to the auto clicker for mac.

Similarly, when doing data entry tasks in which you have to write the same information in different cells, you can use the auto clicker to automate a series of clicks. A free mac auto clicker is a wonderful tool when one is looking forward to saving time and effort.

In other tasks where you need to have a high clicking speed, you can automate the clicks with a very short time interval between clicks. This will give you a brilliant clicking speed.


Q1. Is it illegal to use auto clicker mac for games?

No, using auto clickers is not illegal and no action will be taken against you if you do use one. However, there are some programs that do not permit the use of third-party software as a free auto clicker for mac, especially in competitive games. So, before using any auto clicker on your Mac or any device, make sure you’re following the terms and conditions and are within safe limits.

Q2. Can Murgaa mac autoclicker be used for Big Sur macOS?

Yes, the Murgaa auto clicker for mac can be used on macOS Big Sur. Not only this, but this auto clicker for mac is compatible even with Mac Mountain Lion, and X Mavericks OS.

Q3. Is Murgaa mac auto clicker free to install and use?

Yes, this auto clicker is free to download, after which you get a free trial. The free trial works just like the paid version, but for a limited time. You can use the auto clicker free of cost up to 10 times, after which you will have to pay a small amount to get 6 months of utility on one device.

Q4. How can I automate mouse clicks for clicking on the position of the mouse cursor?

The auto clicker involves a setting whereby you can automate clicks at the current position of the mouse cursor. You can also configure other mouse click options like the start/stop shortcut key and the type of mouse click to make auto clicks at different locations.

Q5. How can I automate the auto clicker to click with a random delay between clicks?

You can also automate clicks with a random time interval. To do this, select a minimum and maximum time delay between clicks. When you use this setting, the auto clicker will automate clicks with time delay varying between the maximum and minimum set interval. You will configure this setting along with others including the type of click and the shortcut key to control the automatic clicking.

Q6. What is the maximum click speed that you can achieve with an auto clicker?

How fast the auto clicker clicks depends on the time interval you set. Some auto clickers even allow users to set the time delay to zero, which gives you the fastest click speed. If you select a large time delay, the click speed will be much slower. Your choice of time interval depends on the demand of your task. In competitive games, fast click speeds give you an edge but for data entry, you can also work with relatively slower click speeds.

Free for limited time
Pay $6.54 for 6 Month Usage for 1 Mac
Language English
File Size 69.63 KB
Developer Murgaa
Auto Clicking Automation Tool
Operating System(s)
Apple Operating System
What’s in the tool:
Mac MurGaa Auto Mouse Click is a Simple, Easy and Free to try Mouse Automation Utility for Mac to automate Left or Right Mouse Button Clicking

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