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Fast Mouse Clicker for MAC

Fast Mouse Clicker For MAC

One must admit, making thousands of clicks on your computer is a tedious task. From attacking enemies, exploring maps, to building structures, many games require constant clicking that may waste your time, tire your hands, or get you bored. An auto clicker is a tool designed to help automate multiple operations, tasks, and functions on any device. This software is designed to generate auto clicks for various games, apps, and tasks. It can handle repetitive keyboard and mouse actions, thereby saving your effort and time. If you are tired of performing repetitive clicking actions, an auto clicker is a great choice.

Fast Auto Clicker is a widely used auto clicker for gaming and other clicking tasks.

What Is A Fast Auto Clicker?

Fast Clicker By Murgaa

A fast auto clicker is a software designed to automate repetitive keyboard and mouse tasks. This superfast auto clicker performs multiple clicks at a dynamic or fixed location. This Mac utility simulates your left mouse clicks wherever the cursor of the mouse is pointed. It allows users to set the click number and location for clicking. The duration and interval between clicks can also be set.

Where Is The Best Fast Auto Clicker Used?

The fast auto clicker for MAC can be used for multiple purposes, the most popular of which is gaming. Here are a few uses of the fast auto clicker.

1. Gaming

The most popular use of the fast auto clicker is in gaming. Gamers use this clicker to get a better gaming score and win against their competitors. With this auto clicker, gamers can have more clicks than they can manually, thereby giving them a better gaming score. Shooting or aiming games like Roblox and Minecraft often are played with auto clickers.

2. Tasks That Require Repetitive Clicking

Some tasks require constant clicking like data entry tasks where the same data has to be entered again and again. The fast auto clicker is also used to replicate actions and automate the whole process.

3. Software Testing

The fast auto clicker is also used for testing different UI elements. Manual testing of software is a very tedious task, one that can also get tiring. With this auto clicker, you can easily test your software without any difficulty.

Versions Of Fast Auto Clicker

There are three versions of fast auto clicker that are version 1.0, 15.1, and the latest 17.7.


Several features are unique to this auto clicker, that sets it apart from the rest. Let’s have a closer look at these features.

  • Choose between dynamic of set location
  • The fast auto clicker has a simple and user-friendly interface
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Users can set the number of clicks required.
  • Set the interval between clicks and click duration
  • Users can change the duration and sequence of their actions while using the app.
  • It can be used to perform single or double clicks
  • Lists of actions are created and saved for later use.
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Hotkeys can be assigned
  • Users can also edit, rearrange, or delay mouse clicks using this software.
  • This auto clicker utility is safe to use.
Version 1,0
License Freeware
Language English
File Size 69.63 KB
Developer Murgaa
Automation Tools
Operating Systems Mac
What’s in the tool:
Mac MurGaa Auto Mouse Click is a free trial software published in the Automation Tools list of programs, part of System Utilities.

Benefits Of A Fast Auto Clicker For MAC

Fast auto clicker offers multiple benefits for its users. Some of these benefits are described below.

1. Saves Your Time & Effort

One of the best things about the fast auto clicker for mac is that it helps save your time and effort by taking over the task of repetitive clicking. Instead of having to perform these clicks yourself, this auto clicker will do it for you! This auto clicker can perform those clicks faster, and you won’t have to put in any effort.

2. Is Safe & Reliable

The fast auto clicker is a reliable and safe application that does not have any ads, malware, or viruses that can harm your computer. It is also a trusted choice of many gamers.

3. Easy To Understand & Use

This auto clicker uses a very simple user interface that beginners can use with ease. It has a very small-sized screen that can be moved around with the mouse. With hotkeys, users can easily start and stop their clicking. This software utilizes a very simple and easy intuitive graphical interface, making it easy for everyone to use.

4. Let’s You Play Better Against Your Competitors

Fast auto clicker is a very simple auto-clicking tool that helps users automate their clicking in different games to play better against their competitors. Whether you are a pro gamer or a beginner, you can easily use this auto clicker for the best gaming experience.

5. A Customizable, Fun Experience

The fast auto clicker offers several customizations for the users like setting the click speed, click interval, and the location of clicking. Gamers and users can enjoy this auto clicker because it allows them to manipulate the settings according to their needs.

How To Use Fast Auto Clicker?

Fast auto clicker free download is a very simple process. Just follow the simple instructions given below.

  1. To download the Fast Auto Clicker just click the download button given below.
  2. Once downloaded, the software will open by the name of “fast clicker”.
  3. Set the control parameters. Decide time delay between clicks.
  4. Enter the number of clicks you want to automate. If left to 0, the clicking will continue until you stop it.
  5. If you want to enter a keyboard shortcut to start and stop clicks.
  6. Navigate the mouse to the desired location and press the keyboard shortcut of the start button.
  7. Minimize the fast mouse clicker window and open your application. You can use the shortcut key to start and stop clicks. To exit the software, just click the quit button.

The fast auto clicker is used in multiple idle games like Roblox and Minecraft where constant clicking is required.


Is A Fast Auto Clicker Safe?

Yes, Fast auto clicker is a completely safe software for your device that helps to automate your mouse clicks.

Is Fast Auto Clicker Free?

Yes, the trial version of this software is free. If you like it, you can invest in the paid version to avail maximum benefit.

Can I Get Banned For Using The Fast Auto Clicker?

No, using this auto clicker does not get anyone banned. It’s just a hack used to quicken the clicking process. So, you will not get banned from using it.

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